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  1. Quote

    Did you ever figure this out?  I made the mistake of buying one and am having all kinds of issues.  I tried doing a PQ and uploaded it to the Garmin GPX folder like I used to with my Colorado which I can't update or put European map.   Only 1 cache out of 58 shows up,  I had even worse issues with geocaching live.

    On 6/27/2021 at 8:21 PM, Geoboater said:

        Thanks for the info and feedback.  Since it was mentioned there may be some GPSr's that are unable to read these characters, I guess I'll come up with another title.  But man, it was going to be perfect! :( It displays correctly on my iPhone, Dell laptop and Android tablet.  After checking my GPSr's I discovered my old unit (Garmin GPSMAP 76CSX) strips the images out of the title and displays only the ASCII characters; other than that, the data is correct.  My new GPSr (Garmin GPSMAP 66i) I haven't yet figured out how to download geocaches after trying several times to follow the manufacturer's instructions :huh: so I don't know what it will do.


  2. On 8/11/2022 at 10:24 PM, Rock Chalk said:


    We've made it clear on the cache page that finders are supposed to make a new visit to a local place they discovered while caching. Inevitably, some people will armchair the cache. It's unfortunate, but we're not going to waste much time trying to catch the very small percentage of people who do that.

    Well that appears to have not aged well.....

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  3. Ouch!

    I guess I should have been more specific.

    I will be flying into New York (JFK), then Frankfurt, Germany (FRA).  On the way back I will be flying out of Budapest, Hungary (BUD) with a layover in Paris, France (CDG)

  4. Getting ready for a bucketlist tour of some countries in Europe.  Due to itineraries and being with a tour group caching will be tricky as is.  Since I have some interesting layovers both on the way and on the way back I was wondering if there are caches in airports that I might be able to find without leaving the airport.  And if so, is there a list of Airport Geocaches any where?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Congrats on the Find and all the new things in your life that transpired during your quest!! :)


    I would have never dreamed the cache was located in a war zone.


    Your new "ride" looks like it needs some work, starting with Armor Plating!

    You are awful brave to be sittin' in it considering you aren't wearing a bullet proof jacket and it appears to be a Bullet Magnet. :D


    Talk about a Rumble Seat! :D

  6. just moved to colorado and im looking for interesting and unique caches


    Welcome to Colorado! :blink:

    Don't know what part of the state you're in but you're in the right place. A lot of interesting and unique cachers were up in Fairplay at the Mountain Mardi Gras and 4x4 Caching Adventure event this weekend when you made your post.

    We found several interesting and unique caches while up there including a new FAVE, Penelope (A Night Cache) so we'll recommend that. :blink:

    The scenery is AWESOME and the wild flowers spectacular up there right now and in another month or so the fall foliage will be worth the trip alone.

    You might also want to check out Geocaching Colorado.

    Sign in and introduce yourself and you will find info on all sorts of interesting and unique caches as well as meet some interesting and unique cachers. :unsure:


    Welcome to CO.

    If you get up to the Ft.Collins/Greeley area, look us up!

  7. If this guy ZAPS micros in BIG pine trees, we'ld like to see him visit Greeley, CO. :rolleyes:

    Our last foray over there ended up being almost nothin' but MIPTs. Tiny micros (more like nanos!) in BIG pine trees with co-ords off by as much as 137'....deliberately. Supposed to use the hint to find the cache. The hint?? BIG Pine Tree. :unsure:

    No joke!!!! On one the co-ords take you 137' away across the street in the middle of 3 BIG pine trees. The hint: One of the two trees closest to a statue. Almost DNFed it, before deciding to check the trees 60' behind the statue across the street. We pulled up to the next cache (Traditional), got to GZ in the open middle of a park, read the description to find out the cache wasn't at posted co-ords it was an "offset cache" use the hint (no numbers, ie. x amount of feet at xxx degrees bearing). Found it 80' away. The next brought us to a small pine tree where a gnat couldn't hide and again after checkin' the hint: BIG pine tree, found it 40' away in a HUGE pine tree. Such was our whole day yesterday........SIGH! :anibad:

  8. what if i pee on the log? it's a natural signature, all kinds of mammals use it to mark (sign) their territory. would that count?




    :(And I thought all those DAMP logs were from leaking containers, not leaking cachers!!!


    Now for sure I won't leave home without my stamper.............and rubber gloves........and Bio-hazard suit! :)

  9. Holy Moly! :D

    Looks like quite the contest!

    Would have got here sooner but our avatar is a pretty fair representation of our computers speed! :(

    Besides, we were busy rippin' open the mail! :)

    Guess what arrived today! :laughing:






    The coin is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! :anibad:


    Sorry folks, it's not for sale or trade. :(


    We will, however be "sharing" it with our Geobuds by way of discovery! :laughing:


    If it is not too late as far as this challenge goes, it is just to close to tell so we will be deciding the ole fashioned way.......

    we're gonna flip a coin! :(

    And the winner is.......................


  10. Lookin' GOOD all!


    For those havin' problems uploading photos:


    What we do is go to one of our trackables pages (you can also do this on a cache page),

    Hit the link to upload a photo and upload it to the page.

    After it uploads, go down to the image link and click on edit. On the page that comes up with the image on it, click (or double click) on the image to open the original.

    Then copy the URL from the browser address bar at the top of the screen and paste that into the box that comes up when you hit insert image on the forum reply.

    Once you've uploaded it to the forum post you can delete it from your trackable/cache page.


    Now let's see some more of those great photos! :lol:

  11. As America celebrates her 234th birthday,

    I invite yankee doodle dandies everywhere to join in a




    * * * * * * *






    * * * * * * *




    "Freedom, Frosting and Fireworks"


    * * * * * * *


    Post a picture of a team member...


    draped in Old Glory,


    wearing a crown,


    holding a Betty Crocker cookbook (left arm),


    holding up a cupcake (right hand),


    with a lit candle and a geocoin in it,


    with fireworks!!!


    * * * * * * *



    Free-For-All Rules:


    This challenge is NOT a "First To Photo" as the first one, but a challenge open to multiple entrants. All the standard rules apply except for Rule #5.


    All listed items, objects and actions are to be taken literally, and must be clearly visible in the photo.

    One photo per Geocaching ID Team, with a deadline of posting by Monday at 12:00pm EDT.

    (That gives entrants time to celebrate, pass out, sleep in, take some Advil, and post their photo the next day with a hangover.)


    For The People, By The People:


    Just like America, the winner will be decided by popular vote! But just like America, a secret cabal of influential individuals (The Yimes) will determine the top three candidates. :D On Super Tuesday (July 6th), I will post the three candidates and open voting in this thread until the polls close at 11:59 EDT, July 6th. The votes will be tallied, and the winner announced! One vote per GC ID, and no sock puppets! (See Rule #1 for eligibility)


    Specific Ridiculousness:


    This challenge is open to everyone, but obviously geared towards us yanks as we celebrate today. Don't worry Denmark, you can play in the next challenge.

    Any crown or tiara will do, but today's theme is obviously to look like the Statue of Liberty.

    You read that right. A Betty Crocker cookbook. Someone in your family has one.

    The more frosting the better, but the candle's gotta be lit, and the coin stuck in the cupcake.

    The key to the fireworks is timing! You've gotta have a thunder-boomer going off in the picture, so your camera buddy better have the flash ready to capture you striking a pose at just the right time!


    The Prize:


    The winner will receive...




    A .999 Silver (One Troy Ounce) 2006 Geocache America! Geocoin




    Trackable and Unactivated!


    * * * * * * *


    My fellow Americans, FLAUNT YOUR FREEDOM!




    * * * * * * *





    ;)We LOVE it!

    We laughed so hard we fell down and broke our crown, and it looks like the only fireworks we'll be seein' tonite is of the lightning variety, but hey, we don't mind! We're all for spreading it around! :D

    We are so lookin' forward to seein' everyone's photos!






    HAPPY CACHIN' TO ALL!!! :blink:

  12. Given the spirit of this contest, I'd like to throw in a belated add-on prize of an FSM coin as well. It goes perfectly with the pirate theme!


    I'll reach out to YY to coordinate delivery to you.





    We get a "a wet noodly snuggling from the Flying Spaghetti Monsterrrrrr!"too!!???


    notworthy.gifnotworthy.gifT'ANK YE, T'ANK YE, T'ANK YE!!!!notworthy.gifnotworthy.gif


    Best of luck, best wishes and HAPPY 4TH to ALL!!!

  13. Blimey! :lol:

    Step aways from t'e 'puter fer a couple o' hours-n-sees what 'velops!


    Shi'er me timbers an' sink me!

    T'at be one fine an' rrr'spectable Letter O' Marquee an' suit'ble fer framin' t' be sure!


    Aye! T'is a beaut an' we be a d'splayin' it proudly in t'e Cap'n's Quarters aboard t'e Dinghy!

    'Twas a grrrand t'ing ye've done an' we feels truly 'onor'd t' be a parts o' it!


    Call me an addlepate, but t'is be one right fine an' fun time.

    We be lookin' aheads t' seein' t'e meddle, I means........mettle, er..............metal, nay.............Medal!

    Yeah, t'ats it!


    On behalf o' me, me buxom beauty-Mrs. rockymtn8iv :grin: , and t'e crew (t'e Shader-n-t'e Mousser, an' a course Paul E. Parrot),


    T'ank ye kindly YemonYime, fer ever't'ing! :lol:


    We be looksin' farwards t' seein' t'e nex' picaroon t' take on ye nex' challenge!


    Now 'ere did I put me grog, times t' cel'brate!




    PS. Does this mean I don't win a trip to anywhere on Eartha?? :lol:

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