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  1. The GPS works equally well at night as in the day. The satellites are not orbiting the Earth in a geo-synchronous orbit, so they will move across the sky. For best results, you want the satellites to be positioned all over the sky, not bunched up in one spot. The system works by estimating the distance from you to each satellite, and then computing the intersection of those lines. I'm not sure how to tell what the best time of day is. I just know that certain times will be better than other times because of the movement of the satellites. In my experience, the system will work best on days with no clouds in the sky, in places where there are no trees or buildings around.
  2. I posted a DNF for this cache and within an hour, our reviewer disabled it. I did not know it at the time, but I think this cache was owned by the reviewer, so they got my DNF as an e-mail. When this cache was first placed, it probably was not posted land. The issue is that the land was owned by someone who constructed a new building there recently.
  3. I think anything goes, as long as it will stand up to the weather. If you can't dunk it in a bucket of water, then it will not stand up to the rain.
  4. Why would you send them an e-mail? That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
  5. The first couple of times I tried, I did not have much fun either. The fun part is finding one. Not finding it is... less fun. Especially if the location is an empty parking lot, like one of my first failure to find experiences. At least hiking in a park is a nice place to be while not finding something. I had two big problems. First, I was using a GPS that is designed for driving directions. The coordinates it shows are not precise enough (DD° MM' SS" instead of DD° MM.MMM') so I could get close to the right spot, but not always find it. Also, it does not show you if the GPS signal is weak or strong. Second, I did not know where to look. When I went to that empty parking lot, I was supposed to look inside a lamp post base. That is a common hiding spot, but I did not know that, so I looked all over the bushes and wasted a lot of time. Everybody else could find it easily, because they looked inside the lamp post. If you are totally frustrated, find someone who knows how to find a geocache, and ask them to take you on a trip. There is probably a geocaching group in your area, and if you can find them, one of them will probably be able to help you. It is so much more fun when you FIND the cache you are looking for.
  6. What does being a girl have to do with avoiding 6 inches of water? I would avoid 1 inch of water!
  7. Imagine if this was placed in the middle of a desert...
  8. That would involve modifying Red Box property, so only do it if they give permission. And I expect they will not give permission. Sticking a magnet on the side of the machine would not damage nor modify their property. Although they may cart the machine away to replace or repair it, and your cache would go along with it!
  9. Throwdown? What is that? You are searching for a cache, and suddenly Bobby Flay sneaks up behind you and challenges you?
  10. I listened to it. I think this show is supposed to be amusing, but I find it rather annoying. Out of the 35 minutes, only 5 minutes of actual interesting content is in there. And that content is not even original -- "bring a pen with you," etc. I want my 35 minutes back.
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