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  1. why did the c:geo maps "break" after gc.com move from Google to OSM. If c:geo was using their own method of accessing Google maps, it shouldn't have mattered what gc.com did.

    Yes, that seems reasonable. I never used c:geo so I don't really know that much.


    My understanding is that it uses the HTML from the geocaching website to get its data, and when the site gets updated, the HTML can be changed in ways that confuse the program. That is why an API is preferred -- it will not change when the site does.

  2. You're not crazy. This forum is and has always been heavily over-moderated.

    I think the opposite is true.


    For the most part, the forum moderators let us say whatever we like, and sometimes the tone of the discussion becomes argumentative.


    It is a fine line to decide when some speech is an attack or just a simple disagreement over a matter of personal taste.


    That being said, you are all fine people and I enjoy hearing your thoughts about geocaching and seeing your pictures of geocaches.

  3. Where I'm having a problem is the notion that there may have been "rules" governing her specific behavior.

    I know it is just a fun game and all, but the rule/guideline/advice/suggestion is that the cache's log should be signed. By adding a second log, she did not do this. Adding a new log is only okay if the original log is missing, or too full, or too damaged. Therefore, she is a lawbreaker and must be hung by her thumbs.


    Or not. Either way is fine.


    Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

  4. Can you share with us what exactly occurred in this particular scenario that led to you referencing punishment, and espousing your fervent belief for it? Cuz' frankly, I'm not seeing it. I am a big proponent of seeing the world through the eyes of others,

    I think this is a matter of different perspectives. Here is my guess about what t4e is thinking.


    There was a cache with a lot of little containers inside, most being empty and one having the cache's log. Someone comes along and finds it, and opens it in order to sign in. Upon finding all the little containers, she thinks to herself: "This is a stupid waste of time. I am not going to bother trying to find the cache's proper log. I know that is bending the rules, but my time is more important than following rules." So, she put her own log in, and says she found it.


    Well, she broke the rules, so some kind of punishment is appropriate. Therefore, delete her log. Hopefully she will understand that it is necessary to follow the rules in the future.


    The other perspective:


    Maybe she did not understand what the rules are, and she would have followed the rules if she had, therefore she is ignorant and not in need of any punishment, simply a bit of education.




    The punishment should fit the crime. She did not really hurt anybody by this, so just tell her what she did was wrong, and then forgive and forget so we can remain friendly.


    As they say: Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.

  5. Not every danger needs to be mentioned, just non-obvious ones. Mentioning that dogs may be present in a dog park is not necessary, but invisible radiation or land mines should be mentioned. And usually we have these warnings, and it keeps people safer.


    What is the line between obvious and non-obvious? That's a job for judges and lawyers.

  6. The reflectors don't "count" as waypoints, but you would not want somebody to be following your night trail and accidentally find the other cache and think it was yours. So stay over 200 feet away just to steer people away from the wrong cache.


    I think the firetack "etiquette" is that one firetack marks the trail; two firetacks marks a change in direction; and three in a triangle marks the final location.


    But suppose someone does not know they are looking for a triangle, and they just happen to see a geopile or a lock-n-lock that was left in the open. Then they might think they are done with your night cache too soon.

  7. Well, a few more questions, sorry. Would a Samsung Galaxy S be sufficient with the neongeo app? I noticed that many of you use the top of the line GPSr's in your hunts, however, I cannot yet afford one.

    I began with my phone, and it certainly did the job. The problem was that it only lasts a few hours before the battery is dead. The GPS accuracy was okay, not the best. One time I dropped it, and the corner chipped off. It's nice having an app that connects to the internet and shows the location on a Google map. In places like parking lots, the satellite map view is all you need -- just look at the lines on the pavement and go towards the dot on the map.


    This year I upgraded to a bottom of the line unit, the garmin etrex venture HC. It is $100 at amazon right now. Battery lasts for days, and the accuracy is great. It's made to be dropped and survive. Downsides are that it has limited memory so it will not show the whole cache description or the hint (limited to about 50 letters). It has a very poor included map, and limited memory to add more maps.


    So both things have their uses.

  8. PCs will no longer auto run from a USB memory stick. So no risk of a virus that way.

    The Stuxnet virus spread through USB drives, and it did not need to run auto-run anything. The virus was inside a .lnk file that activated as soon as you viewed the drive's files. Even if you never opened a single file, just viewing the folder would activate the virus. There is always some risk of a virus. It's probably not much of a risk though. I probably would go ahead and insert the drive.


    As for requiring a cacher to bring a loptop, I think that is a no no. I think a physical log is needed, not a digital/virtual log.

    It's an attempt at doing something different and creative, so I think it's okay. But that being said, I personally leave my laptop at home when geocaching, and many of us do not have laptops at all, so this might not become a popular cache for those reasons.

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