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  1. I love power trails that are along paths where I can hike into a place I've not been. Or where I can run, should I want a second workout of the day Power trails can mean so many different things. I've done some for numbers, and some for a good outdoor hike. Its a TOTALLY different kind of cache, like a puzzle, multi, etc. I am all for them. If you hate'em, x-out and move on. Right?
  2. I have a full bag of everything yo could possibly ever think of that I keep in my cachemobile. But realistically? I always wear my lanyard, which has a pen and a Leatherman. If I had to say what I use each and every day, and could not live without? A pen and a walking stick
  3. This. I love them when they are in urban environments and cleverly worked in to the surrounding world. But if I hike in a pristine (or close to) world for an invested and cared about amount of time, I don't want to be breaking branches and flinging rocks, and mostly ruining the environment to get a pencil eraser sized container that takes me 4 tries and 15 minutes to re-roll. I would rather spend my rural adventures enjoying where you took me, what you made me see, and what you helped me enjoy...rather than your test against big fingers, arthritis, and bad closeup vision for logging.
  4. Same here. Still, even after the outage a while ago (which I hoped would somehow fix this )
  5. This is what I wear every day, and it serves almost every need I run into
  6. I don't even know what those two words mean. That shows what my 5 year hiatus did to me. I just get scared to ask round these parts (this board) because people can be mean. I never know. I dip a toe.... So thanks, cerberus1. I really appreciate your response. Its my Friday silly night. I will try to enjoy it responsibly, on this board, and hopefully not get tore up. But I would like to know those words, even though I have guesses
  7. While mining the site for "information," I found this thread. Is this a topic that still gets...well, talked about? Asking :::for a friend::::
  8. I am pretty OCD, so I carry pens in my car. And the space pen from geocaching.com on my lanyard around my neck. Even if I am not caching, I have pens in my car. I just don't see any reason not to. In any case. If I cannot sign a log, I don't take credit for it. I've had ones I couldn't open, and only after a ton of effort, broken nails, scrapes etc., I would send a photo of the cache to the CO and only then ASK if it was OK to log it. Sometimes I still didn't. I have had some caches that were missing or broken or whatever...logged as DNF to alert the CO...and they write back to go ahead and log it as a find because of my photos of descriptions that showed I was there....but I usually don't log even then. If it is local, I'll wait until they fix it and go back. I just really feel for me, personally, it has to be logged in real life to be logged in computer life. That's just me. Old, old and old fashioned me. I own a fairly old cache, and a handful of new ones. I know most of the loggers on the newer ones. But my longtime cache has a whole bunch of transient stuff on it. I don't delete any of it. What does it hurt me? Nothing. Does it affect the integrity of the game? Maybe. Do I feel ok with that? No, but I cannot possibly know every situation why they HAD NO PEN. But I wish everyone was really really really OCD because then we would all have pens lots of pens
  9. OK I like this, I was not aware. I don't spend time educating myself on stuff I don't find immediate use for, so I had missed all these uses. This I like. I am doing hikes where fitbit doesn't get altitude and crazy roadtrips into seriously weird places, so this is good. I am a data geek, I was missing this from my life Thank you for making me aware of this <3 <3 <3
  10. I have a GPSMAP64S and use GSAK. Once I got over the intimidation of all the stuff it can do, I did figure out the basic loading of cache info onto my device. I did pay for my GSAK and am happy to support it. As for the device, I am in love with it. I use it more than any of my other devices, one even being a bit newer Hang in there. It is worth it. (ps-I have never used Basecamp)
  11. I have been away for several years, so I am reentering with goals of not being scared off by Mystery caches, wanting to see new places back here on the Mainland (adding states around my homeland), do this Fizzy and Jasmer stuff, and hopefully raise my geobabies well
  12. I am 48, but don't look a day over 46. And I am going to my first "gathering" on Saturday. I'll know more after that. But I know for sure I won't be the youngest one there. Probably second youngest
  13. Invest time in not trolling and being snarky. Do you understand the spirit of this game, when it was started? Keep the original spirit of this game alive. And bite your tongue from time to time. Life is short. No need to talk when there is no need to, if you have nothing to contribute, just stay silent. Little man quiet is way better than little man with a big something else Have a great night <3 And the title of the thread is now alive...this is the worst irk....trolls. I just answered, and now some *%@$( is all over me. Part of the sport, I guess. But its not fair. Reported all over the place, and making sure I still get my place and voice even though Dick, well, tried to shoot me down. I am sorry my "numbers" aren't what...you know what? I don't care. Numbers. Whatevers. Might be time for a new sport, other than harrassment
  14. What irks me, is youngsters who troll See above <3
  15. You are just, well, not what it was when we were all here 10 years ago. Man, you are a mean person. Whatever. I don't see what you added to this thread, other than angry old man stuff. Even if you aren't, you seem it. Whatever. Good life to you? What did I do? You should find another thread to take it out on? Yeah, think so THis is GEOCACHING, not bashing.
  16. You must be new here. Most of my friends on here know that I had cancer for a few years Or does that make me unworthy? NO idea why the snarky response? You are young? New? Or just really mean? What did I d
  17. Welcome! I hope to get back up to your neck of the woods one day. Nice to see you here, from a desert rat <3
  18. Heh, I just moved back from Hawaii. Maui to be exact. So I am a little behind the big city <3 E komo mai
  19. Heh, thanks. I didn't mean like 15 minutes, but you made me smile I am in Tucson, I'll try tomorrow. Thanks for steering me in the right direction <3
  20. I had a kinda important trackable I dropped the morning I flew away from Hawaii, moving back to Arizona. A guy who had been 2 logs ahead of me for weeks on Maui picked it up. Took it back to Austria. And there it has sat. It was my first real trackable with a meaning, I went out of my way to make it pretty and fun, I have messaged him to no end, and I am super sad. I get you. I know, its a little different, but same. I just wish that if you weren't going to do what you acted like you were committed to doing, then just don't? <3
  21. Sorry, can't find the millions of other posts about this Where is the best place, as of this moment, to get a little tiny stamp for logs, and what exact size and font is best? Mahalos, yall <3
  22. That is an amazing story! I hope that cache remains for years to come to mark that special spot for you two. Here's wishing you a life of happiness and adventure together <3 Thanks for sharing that, made me smile
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