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  1. Well my wife keeps telling me I'm fat. True I got a good 30 pounds I could loose. I find this is the disadvantage of marrying your high school sweatheart. She knew me when I was on the swim team and she saw me really fit so she thinks I should stay that way. Well after spending the day at Cabela's looking at new gear which I wanted but knew she would kill me if I bought, I got a good idea. I told my wife if I lost the weight I would get to buy some nice gear. She agreed!

    This post is two fold

    1. Any suggestions on gear I should get. I'm thinking of a new shealter but open to any other goodies. I think my reward will be between $200-$400 in gear and

    2. See if anyone else wants to join me to drop some pounds. We could sort of give a progress report for motivation.


    I got married a year ago to my HS sweetheart and for our wedding I decided to lose some weight. I joined www.sparkpeople.com and lost 30lbs in a months with their food and exercise plans. You can customize it to what you want and there are also groups that you can join as motivation groups. If you started a geocachers one, I'd definitely join!!!


    Everyone likes new gear! Fun Luck!

  2. I ended up getting my Oregon through Amazon.com with an 8gb Micro SD, shipped for around $405.00. I'm pretty happy with my purchase and I'll be spending the new few days (after I receive the dang thing) uploading/updating/playing! Thanks for all your help and suggestions! I really appreciate it!


    I'm really excited for night caching in Kansas!

  3. My legend finally crapped out and I'm looking at getting an Oregon 300 for a replacement. I have found some pretty good deals, but I'm worried about the actual sellers that are giving the good deals. Any suggestions on a decent priced (<$390) unit from a more reputable seller?




  4. Still debating over which "smartphone" to upgrade to and I want to make sure I can use it for caching also. Right now I use a Palm m500 with Cachemate. I like Cachemate so far and would prefer to stay with it.


    Does anyone out there use a BlackJack II? Any opinions on it?


    I use CacheMate on my BJII! I really like how it works, though I am still having issues getting the plugins to work. I have not ever uploaded logs from my phone, but I don't think it would be that big of deal! I also have GPS on my phone, but I haven't played with it. I like that you can view the cache online from the cache description.


    I have also heard of people using cacheberry with the blackberry pearl.. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more about it.

  5. You don't have an ipod, do you? That's what I use for paperless.


    -- George


    I have not heard thought about that! How do you use your Ipod? I would love to try that if you I could get a little guidance.



    If you look at the GSAK macros list you'll find it! My iPod has NEVER worked right, but you can either put your iPod into disk mode or just go into the task manager and end all processes that are related to apple/ipod. The macro I use will put them into notes.


    If you look hard enough (search iPod on the forums) you can find something to key in to run a GPX the a custom export. This will put them into your contacts rather than notes. I find it to be a bit more appealing to the eye, though i hardly ever use it.


    I run both just in case.

  6. You make it sound like most Geocachers are GPS neanderthals.


    It's Neandertals.. not Neanderthals..

    Neanderthal is at least as correct, and probably more so. Look it up in a dictionary. It is often pronounced as if it were spelled Neandertal because the word is German. In German, the th is pronounced as t. It comes from the Neanderthal valley near Duesseldorf, where evidence of Neanderthal man was first found.


    If you intend to correct others, you had better be correct. And if you plan on criticizing bad writing in forums, you're going to be very, very busy. :)


    Ok, both can be correct. 3 years of anthropology is still drumming in my ears. The taxanomic name is Neandertal. Homo neanderthalensis or (Homo sapien neanderthalensis) was found in Neander [Tal] Valley. It was changed from thal to tal in 1901, though the rules of taxonomy make you keep the 'th'. Using a dictionary is like looking at encyclopedias and wikipedia. If the word is German, it technically should be spoken as such. You say Versailles as if it were French, rather than Ver-sayl-lees..

  7. I have the plugin installed on Firefox and it will let me dl only one cache. If I try to dl another, it tells me I have to install the plugin.

    If I close all the browsers and then go to my book mark and start again, it will then let me dl one cache and the same thing happens.

    I am having the EXACT same problem. Also using Firefox, BTW. I can only d/l one cache. If I try another, I'm told that I don't have the plugin. I have to log out, close Firefox, log back in for each waypoint I need. Needless to say, this wastes a ton of time when trying d/l multiple caches before a roadtrip.


    Can anyone advise on the solution?

    Yep. Premium membership and pocket queries.

    Huh? Are you suggesting that this problem is a deliberate crippling of the software by geocaching.com and that only Premium Members can use the program to d/l waypoints without having to reboot to get each one?


    You can check the caches in a search and download a .loc file and use something like GSAK to send them to your GPSr. I really hesitated on the membership, but I am REALLY glad I did it now.

  8. I've tried to go paperless with my iPod using 2 different programs: CacheMagnet and GSAK.


    I don't mind CacheMagnet. It's a good program for getting the basics. I do not like having to switch "pages" in the iPod to get to the note I want to look at. If it was one continuous scroll I think I would like it more.


    The main reason I like GSAK better is because of the format when put into contacts. I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the web address in the contact. I have the name and code for the cache, so I really don't need the other information.


    In the cache information I would like to see:

    • Code (formatted to be first name)

    • Name of Cache (formatted to be last name)

    • Coords, Difficulty, Terrain

    • Description

    • Hints

    • At least 1 or 2 logs

    • User Notes for puzzles, etc.


    If there is already a way to format the cache code and name to be first and last name I never found it while searching.


    I have found that I almost never get logs in my upload to iPod. I have no clue how I'm getting all this to upload, I just put in the information I found in several posts to get the output that was set.


    Any help on how to get the right output when using GSAK is greatly appreciated!

  9. We started out with an etrex legend & Ipod. As you probably know, without a premium membership & pocket queries, you're pretty much stuck with either sending waypoints to your gps one at a time, or downloading GPX eXchange Files one at a time to open with Gsak. I found a topic here describing how to use an Ipod to go paperless & it worked great. Since then, I've pasted links on several related threads, the latest one here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=178927&hl=

    Scroll down to my second response on the first page (not quite halfway down the page) to find the description & links to more detailed step by step setup instructions. The Ipod works great for geocaching :(


    Thanks for the help! Can I upload my points with GSAK now then update them once I get the premium membership or do I have to remove them and re-upload? I don't plan on doing anything with the iPod for a while. About how many caches can you get into your iPod? My 60gb is almost full, but I plan on cutting back on some of my music! I am still looking for ways to use my tablet, but I'll have to think a little harder!

  10. I'm fairly new to the sport, but I would like to do more. I registered a long time before I actually went after my first cache, now I'm hooked and want to do more. My husband is currently working out of state, so I need something to keep me occupied. I do not have a premium membership for many reasons, but I will soon!


    I have:

    eTrex Legend

    TomTom One

    Tablet PC with OneNote

    GSAK (though I don't quite understand it yet and want to wait until I can get a premium membership)

    iPod Video



    I would love to go paperless, which I think I can do with either the iPod or my tablet though the tablet would never go out into the field with me. I am up for getting a new phone in April and I think I'm getting some sort of "smart phone" or whatever AT&T calls them.


    I would really love some guidance or suggestions of what I can do with what I have.


    Does anyone do paperless with an iPod? I really don't understand how to use it, partly because its never worked right, but how do I go about it?



  11. Caching is a GREAT family thing to do!


    Don't worry about the little ones, get you a decent carrier for them and go! We've been caching with our baby since she was just over a year old. We have a Patapum carrier and just pop her in and go! Our other daughter just turned 8 and she loves going, too. She cracks me up...tell her we're going caching and she moans.... until she gets in the car... then tell her it's time to quit for the day and she pouts and cries she doesn't want to! Gotta love it, lol!


    Just be sure that you have supplies for the kids - ie. snacks, water, first aid supplies, etc., and when they are tired, it's time to quit!


    Oh yeah, don't forget the camera!


    Welcome to the madness, ya'll, enjoy and I hope you build as many happy memories as we have!


    Mousekakat - Naomi, Micke, Hanna and Caitlyn


    Check out Moby Wraps! They're amazing! They're light weight, comfortable and you can carry your kids in TONS of ways! I don't have kids, but I do have a nephew that absolutely loves it!

  12. I am about 98% sure I'll be moving to Wichita by the end of the month. My husband just got a job offer and they want him to start really really soon. I have never lived outside of central Iowa, so its going to be a big change! I'm not exactly happy about it, but maybe I can find some new friends to share a new pastime with.

  13. I just bought a Garmin 60CSx. I am willing to sell my eTrex Legend for $80 which includes the shipping. It is under two years old and in fantastic shape. I will even send you a dvd package that I bought that shows you how to use it. I have the manual, lanyard and cable, but I don't think I have the box (I will look for it). I love it and find it much more easier to use than what I just bought!


    Let me know if your legend is available if the OP doesn't take it!

  14. Disclaimer: I have never used GPS units or topos, and generally have no CLUE what I'm doing! I am a bit tech savvy on other things though.


    I have been interested in geocaching since I first heard about it a couple of years ago, but never had the cash to get into it with college and everything. I recently got married, and we got a TomTom One as a gift from an aunt. I understand that TomTom is made for road use, but I am pretty sure that I can use it for caching.


    I followed a guide on how to put POI's into the TT, and switch the files to something the unit can read using some online converter. I did two different caches and it sort of worked... I tried one of them tonight and I can get within 10 yards or so before it tells me that I have reached my destination, and it clears the route... It's really frustrating. I was just reading about a program that you can enter in so that it will not allow TT to snap to the road, but I can't get it to work. I heard that I can enter in the specific latitude and longitude and find it that way, but I don't even know really how I find that information on the cache information


    I think I need a new unit, but I am broke as a joke, but I'm sick of waiting! Stupid student loans!! I have a new puppy and I think we could have a lot of fun! I really need to get something that is simple to use, but thorough and accurate without spending a ton of money..


    Any suggestions on units or at least features I really need? I don't particularly want to spend more that $100 (preferably $50-80).


    www.buy.com offers google checkout, and google checkout is offering free shipping and $10 off for first time users, so I would maybe want to do this soon before the offer expires!



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