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  1. I really appreciate all the info from everyone! I hadn't realized a lot of these points, so I am glad I asked and got great feedback. Thank you all!
  2. I am just curious why people put out so many micros? The kids love the larger caches with all the swag, and sometimes all we get in a search is micros (or small) and theres not the fun trinkets they look forward to. As adults, we love the places we get to see because we wouldn't see them otherwise and appreciate the views and historical things. Just wondering why is all. I've never places a cache, so just curious if its something to do with placement and maintenance or what? We appreciate everyone who does place them and sometime my wife and I want to start placing them, so info here would be great! Thanks in advnce! Team bluesquirrel94
  3. Ok, I got it again and its active now! Wont lose it again! Thanks again for the help.
  4. It seems I have asked this same question on this same coin in the past, but I do not have the code with this coin yet. And I tried all of these same spots for the code. Any new suggestions or advice on it?
  5. Thanks so much, I got it! You guys are live savers!!!
  6. I bought a coin on Ebay and I never got my activation code. I didn't realize it until recently and now I cant even find the auction on my feedback forum. Does anyone know where to find a code for a coin that has: Side 1: A wolf on the front sitting on a cliff with a pine tree directly behind it, and a mountain way behind it. It says on: Henry David Thoreau "In wilderness is the preservation of the world." around the edge of the coin. Side 2: A paw print with the tracking number inside the geocaching emblem with the four colors. Around the edges is a Celtic knot symbol. It says track able at geocaching.com also. It is a black nickel coin. Anyone having any info please post here and I will check back. Thanks so much! dragonfly_wi
  7. There was an activation code at the top of the page after I set it all up. I dont recall exactly which one, but as you go along making the account, look at the top of each page and look for a weird code you enter. Its confusing and they really should fix that so you know to not sit and wait for an email. Let me know if i can help with anything else...not sure if I can, but I will try.
  8. Ok, after looking closer at things, I see you dont get an email after all! I got it taken care of!
  9. I have been trying to get an activation code from this website for Wisconsin Geocaching Association and I cant get one sent to me so that I can log into the website. I tried to email one of the people that are on the 'board' or something but I never heard back from anyone. Does anyone know what is up with this website? I know I entered the correct email so its not like its getting sent to nowhereland!
  10. I am going to be driving 6 hours home next week and I am trying to figure out how to do a search for caches on my way home from Up North. My main concern is that they are quick and easy and that I can have my dog along with me. I won't want to leave him in the car, so I really need them to be dog able. I haven't figured out how to map a route to follow and then narrow the search to have dogs. My main thing is that I cant figure out how to change the route i want to take. I type in the two towns for From and To and it takes me on a different route home than what I want to take. How can I change that (in Google earth or what program should I use?) I will be leaving in a couple of days to head up there, so if anyone has some advice for me i would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Since this is a very different question, I don't know how many replies you will get. This question is really more for the GPS Units and Software Forum. Do you have any mapping programs like Streets and Trips or Garmin's Mapsource? You can create your route in those programs and then use the Arc/Poly filter in GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) if you have gotten Pocket Queries along the route/s you are taking. I do that for shorter trips I have taken. You can also use Google Earth or Mapsource to create a .gpx file to upload to Caches Along A Route to get a PQ of the caches you specify. This works for distances of up to 500 miles. For longer trips, you have to create several routes. I've only used this feature once, for a trip of almost 200 miles, and it worked very well. I created a separate database in GSAK just for the caches I wanted to look for on that roadtrip (caches with a Terrain rating of less than '2' and a Difficulty rating of less than '3'). That database also included a PQ centered on my destination (with no limitations on Terrain and Difficulty for that PQ) where I was going to have a couple of days to find caches in the area. Since I haven't used the "live" feature from GC.com to Google Earth, I can't help with your question about the number of "views." I use a Lowrance iFinder H2O for my GPS. I am going to try to find the Freedom Maps that go with it for the northern states to include WI.
  12. Ok, I got the premium mebership. Do I have to use Google Earth still to check the route, cause it tells me I only have so many views per day and I am not the only one looking on my computer for these. So between us we use up the views fast. I am probably just not figuring this out yet. So I guess my new question here is How do I map a route from one place to another for caches? And how can I change the route in google earth (if that is what I need to use) if they route they choose isn't the route I take?
  13. I am thinking membership is the way to go. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your help! I am not yet a premium member so I am using Google Earth to show me what is close to my route and then checking to see the dog friendliness of each cache. Some i am not sure of, so I will print them out and take them along to determine later. Happy Caching!
  15. I am going to be going up north (in Wisconsin) in a few weeks, and the drive home is about 6 hours. I want to stop a few places to do some caches cause for me to drive non stop by myself makes me tired. Is there some how that I can narrow my search results to find caches that allow your pets to be with you? I really dont want to leave him in the car while I am gone in case the weather is too hot. So I want to make sure he can join me on them all. And if the pets/no pets icon is not listed, am I correct in assuming they are best not included to be on the safe side? Thanks fellow geocachers! dragonfly_wi
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