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  1. I've had a 35mm film container stolen! It was a nicely painted one. Replaced it with a small container (not painted) just big enough for very small TB's and swaps. On the whole this was probably a good thing, just really annoying and inconvenient.
  2. That's good to know and hard to tell from the map. I'm too used to being in Sheffield which does not having enough street parking and Peak District villages who charge lots on Sundays and don't have any street parking.
  3. After investigating public transport from Sheffield to Harrogate and finding that there is one train there that relies on the Sheffield/Leeds train NOT being its usual half an hour late , I've investigated the car parks. Hopefully here's a map I got from here From cheapest we have C + H £2 for 4 hours or £4 for 12 hours D, E + G 60p per hour A 90p per hour F £1 per hour B £1.20 per hour A, B + C are multistory, but C has no lift. C + G are the closest. All open 1000-1900 on Sundays On street parking on the red streets appears to be free on Sundays but please check the signs if you manage to get a space.
  4. Sounds good. Although I'm sat outside a a very nice cheap pub in Glossop, Derbyshire, with nice beer next to a café, pizza place and indian restaurant and opposite a car park. Just had a nice ride along the A57 Snake Pass. Plenty of caches and shops in the vicinty. Plus the pub is almost empty on a Saturday afternoon. Hoping to drag the tin tent along next year.
  5. If it's the same GPS as the Vario III it's very accurate. You might also want to check out beeline gps, I've just discovered that if you download waypoints as a gpx file most of the information from the web page is there. It's free for a 30 day trial and still works at the end, just has a lot of reminders.
  6. Just to add more support for the HTC Kaiser . I've used one for about a month after upgrading from the model below. I've had no problems transfering office documents to/from PC. The adobe reader is a huge improvement pdf viewer on the model below. It's like a mini computer that also happens to make phone calls. In fact I'm typing this reply on it. The only minor problem is, like most PDAs, the battery. I can get it to last for 3 days if I don't use it much, but when I'm using it as a GPSr this goes down to about 3-4 hours continuous use.
  7. I have google maps on my mobile which I used to find my first cache (then got a GPS). Unfortunately it requires a data connection and therefore could be extremely expensive to use abroad! I'd buy a map when I got there. I've used it as a Sat Nav when I had to go somewhere at short notice and it was really useful.
  8. I am surprised that you can get a caravan along some of the A roads in the Forest (and watch out for the bear Ruardean Bears ) ayepee The A roads were fine, it was the unclassifieds near Symonds Yat and a really long narrow bridge that were the problem!!! And it was only our second time towing! Oh well, no damage was done.
  9. We stayed at one of the Forest Holidays sites last summer, can't remember which one. They're all next to each other, ours was the one with toilets but without playground. It was clean and quiet and we had some lovely walks in the woods. Unfortunately we started caching a month later so can't comment on the local caches. If you're taking a caravan stick to the A roads, don't follow a Sat Nav or the AA route finder. We nearly got stuck and the site wardens were amazed we'd managed to get through the roads we were sent on!
  10. I was put off for years by the prospect of spending £100 on a hobby I might not enjoy. After camping with friends who are cachers last September, I was hooked and managed to get BTGPS for my phone for £25. I had actually been on the website and forums 2-3 years ago to find out what my friends were up to on the way to my house.
  11. FINALLY got my set up working after 2 months of trying! Going to try the tutorial tomorrow, then look at the builder. Hope it's not too technical
  12. Dark_Faerie


    I was just about to PM you to tell you how to get it working with the 12 Feb version! Going to the park tomorrow to try it out. Thanks Groundspeak. Now to try the builder
  13. I've now upgraded to WM6 so that I can stop the Hermes managing the BTGPS automatically. Now nothing will communicate with the BTGPS, not even beeline Tried the settings recommended in another thread, no luck. Here are the settings I'm using on my Hermes / 8525: GPS program port: COM7 GPS hardware port: COM0 Baud rate: 115200 Manage GPS automatically: disabled for Wherigo, enabled for Google Maps OMG it's working!!!!!! Thanks for the help. My settings are GPS program port: COM1 GPS hardware port: COM2 Baud rate: 9600 (BTGPS manufacturer recomended) Manage GPS automatically: disabled for Wherigo, enabled for Beeline Selected manage GPS automatically, started beeline, got settings (sure I had different program port set this morning). Deselected and got Wherigo working Unfortunately it's now 21:45 and I live in an area where it's not a good idea to wander around with a PDA. Got my space suit on and will go to the park tomorrow after work.
  14. I'm not certain, but I would imagine only one program at a time would be able to access the GPSr. That might be it. This is the only way I was able to get Wherigo to run on my phone. This is also the only way I can get Wherigo to talk to my Bluetooth GPSr on my AT&T 8525 with Windows Mobile 6. I've now upgraded to WM6 so that I can stop the Hermes managing the BTGPS automatically. Now nothing will communicate with the BTGPS, not even beeline Tried the settings recommended in another thread, no luck.
  15. Unless there's been an update since AOL messed up my internet connection, I'm having problems connecting my MDA Vario 2 to my BTGPS. Also the builder looks a bit confusing for me. The last time I did any sort of programming was 12 years ago! I do know where I want the cartridge to take people when I've found a safe hiding place for a box.
  16. I know a supermarket next to a railway station 2 miles from the M1. (Note to self: order magnetic nano's) ;-)
  17. We all slept through it here, even the dog! Very disappointed. I woke up in the night but didn't hear anything and didn't bother looking at the time, don't think this was due to the earthquake.
  18. Thanks! That post directed me to the solution. My Phone didn't have the GPS settings in the control panel, so I had to enable it first. I used the registry editor of resco explorer, goto key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\GPS Settings, delete the DWORD REDIRECT and add DWORD Group with value 2. After that, I had to soft-reboot the device. The Wherigo player now detects the GPS correctly. Tried this, no DWORD REDIRECT in GPS Settings, added DWORD Group with value 2. Still no luck. I'm using a HTC TYNTN (t-mobile uk version) with generic BTGPS which works fine with google maps and bee line.
  19. Me too. Rutsons list has South Yorkshire and doesn't wipe Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham off the map (putting Sheffield in the correct county helps too ). It MAY stop foreign visitors getting lost too. Any list is better than none, it's a long way between the Scottish Highlands and Cornwall!
  20. Whilst walking the daog I went to 'rescue' a coin that had been in a local cache for a while (since October), found an identical but different one. The second one had only been placed this morning! First one seems to be missing. "Noticed the icon for this coin whilst browsing. Wrongly assumed it was the same Finland geocoin I placed there in October. Realised it was a different one when I came to log it. What are the chances of 2 identical coins visiting the same cache in such a short space of time?! Will move along soon."
  21. I've been considering making a signature item for a while. After reading this thread I've finally done something about it! I've got a load of blank keyrings lying around the spare room and I've just finished the designs and I'm about to print them.
  22. Use the scroll wheel on the side to zoom, took me ages to accidentally find this out! Can't get along with cache mate at all, not tried downloading MM yet. Karen
  23. I use Bee line GPS with my Vario II, Had trouble with GPXSonar. Can't remember where I downloaded it from now, sorry. I know I read about it in one of the technical forums. After the 30 day trial runs out you just get a reminder that it's run out every so often when using it. Karen
  24. Have you tried Aldi? They have Geko's for £69. I'm using an MDA Vario II and bluetooth GPS, but battery life is a bit short. The GPS is really good, even indoors! I already had the phone when I started caching in September so bought a cheap bluetooth GPS from eBay in case I got bored of caching. It's worryingly addictive . If you like orienteering there's a really good cache in Graves Park, Sheffield called 'Don't follow the arrow'. You need to get letters off the orienteering posts (which are in the process of being renewed) then use these to work out coordinates. The park also has another cache, rare breads centre, cafe and children's playground. Our dog loves it there. Karen
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