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  1. 1 to make a post about changing lightbulbs 25 to argue the post about changing a light bulb 17 to hopelessly add two word post about the post about the light bulb 3 to add smilie faces 15 to repeat what other people said 1 to add stuff to the list 3 to argue the extended list 1 to close the topic
  2. Mine is pretty long but we wanted it that way also Geocaching is not used like AIM so I don't think we will have to worry about that.
  3. here is the link to my map http://monarch.tamu.edu/~smrs/18324243.gif note messed up on state I looked and did not find in West virginia not washington also the planned ones are more possible because We are taking a trip out to Colorado and we like to go out of the way to visit national parks.
  4. Very interesting sig item who knows whos it is
  5. never give up unless it is in portage lakes Ohio
  6. I have seen camoflauge tape but never paint on rubbermaid containers.
  7. Sorry to see you go I forgot about the warn meters I rember one person asking his warn meter to get spiked at that point they were hidden but he copied and pasted for all to see.
  8. It says that accuracy will be about 1-2 feet off currently it is about 10-15 feet off my GPS typically get within 70 feet off the cache before it starts going beserk but what really happens is that we have clouds trees sure they may be able to increase the signal under trees but it will still be off by quite a bit. I don't think it will be too much of a problem.
  9. This is great!!! I know that at times I have held travel bugs too long. Also one of my travel bugs hasn't moved since September.I'll refer him to this. Thanks
  10. I have wanted to be a premium member for some time but not having the money (considering I'm only thirteen) I haven't been able too. So sign me up for the contest thanks
  11. As long as they are well marked for a geocacher then it is a good idea
  12. I'm very interested in women and caching, they are two of my favorite things. Add some booze and I'm in!! sounds like the geobash in july! In Ohio? Awesome!
  13. I think it is evil but you can do it just make sure you jack up the rating.
  14. I just did and found out there wasn't another thread that had this topic but there might be just not with the key words I used. Well I'm just hoping this might help people who are newer to the forums. I'm telling you I wish I knew this stuff when I started I have started at least 3 topics that have been previously been posted along the same questions.
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