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  1. I have a bag that was a tool bag it is not too big just perfect.
  2. oh yeah I forgot tp say two forbidden things to post forums about well okay your allowed to post you just better have an armed gaurd: Micros and Locationless
  3. the reason some people don't like micros is because some people just place micros in some parking lot to have another hide which i don't agree with but micros really aren't that bad I have been to several caches where they were micros in nice parks micros should also be a last resort kinda of thing.
  4. well actually you wouldn't just hope the person who you give it to doesn't see it and you don't put your return adrress on it
  5. It seems that the cacher seems to know the quality of the cache cause he knows exactly where it is I would ask an approver to look at it he will probaly let you be exempt there are certain circumstances where the approver may break the rules other wise they would have computers check it.
  6. that is just weird I haven't actually recruited anybidy even though I have tried to
  7. Our dog is an airedale they are beautiful dogs (well we are starting to wonder whether our is a purebred ) they are freindly with kids and very playful and they don't shed
  8. I have heard of this happening sveral times people can't find the cache put a new one up and count it as a find
  9. have you ever thought about the fact that he may not have that much money not trying to be mean I'm just saying I wouldn't make anything that rich but then that is me
  10. I have an idea I'll take a 55 gallon metal can put in the middle of a busy park people will think it is a trash can seriously I wonder if that would work you would have to find some way to keep people from throwing trash in it geocachers looking for a littl micro would get very confused just don't post the size of the cache.
  11. wow a lot of eagle scouts are into geocaching after all 2 % of all boy scouts become eagle scouts and I think 1/4 of the U.S. population is/was a boy scout that is what .5% of the national population.
  12. I always post DNFs espeacially if the cache is in the Portage lakes area
  13. I just wanted to say that I think Geocaching is a great way to teach stuff in boy scouts also I wanted to know who out there is a boy scout was a boy scout or a leader I just want to know whether a lot of geocachers are boy scouts (or a leader or something) Just tell a little about yourself (ie. troop, rank, leadership rank ect.) I myself am a star scout working on life scout and in a year in a half hopefully an eagle scout ( I'm trying to get it before my 15th birthday) I am also a patrol leader. Thank you Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
  14. wheres george is kinda a part of geocaching I've found four in caches and only one in circulation.
  15. check out GCHRHF it is a good cache that is in his back yard. He provides his house number I would give the house number and not the street so as to keep people from looking in your neighbor nextdoor who has a 12 gauge shotgun and to give the cache a sense of mystery still.
  16. you just don't get you, you, shoobie oops oh moderator please i beg don't ban me from the forums
  17. You can put it in a travel bug cemetary
  18. Just a small warning people can be quite touchy on this subject the lat two times I saw a topic on this everyone was arguing until finally a moderator closed it down so as soon as you get your answer my suggestion is close the topic
  19. So racers, which type do you prefer, I’m listening! CBR2005 I want type two
  20. I was on a geocaching event cache with grapu etal the object was to find as many quick caches as possible well we went for one kinda out of the way met up with a group whos batteries died. well the morale of the story is always mark where you parked. We ended up coming to the prize thingy late and won a prize for the most interesting story. good ending
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