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  1. me too!! but I'm 13 but my 15 & 18 year old sisterslove it also as well as my 3 little brothers.
  2. geocachin was intended for the experience but some people decided to make it the numbers. origanally my area was mostly good quality experience caches but now it is starting to turn into numbers light post cachesall within about .2mile
  3. I've heard of caches like this but they tend to get stolen by muggles. this is because people don't take the time to properly place them. then other people fond them but never put them back out because they are too lazy. It gets very frustrating
  4. Which would result in twelve TB's sitting in a box somewhere at all times, not moving, not attracting people to interesting places, and at risk for being muggled in one fell swoop. Sounds unreasonable to me. As a TB owner, I wince when one of mine goes in a hotel. As a TB handler, I only put them into hotels that have a fast in-and-out rate by names I know (and I do check). As a cacher, I look at TB hotels for two things: a quick smiley on an unsuccessful day (hey, if it isn't easy to get to and find, it's not much of a hotel) and, if I trust it, a place to drop a bug when I'm not going near an 'actual' cache for a while. If there's a bug for me to take, that's gravy. There usually isn't. there is a travel bug prison. it's a 5/5 cache and people put travel bug in it!!!
  5. it si the location that makes a good cache normally a good location can deal with a larger cache but sometimes (as in my case. well if you go tofar off the path you are on private property so I had to make a "small" cache) you can only use a micro. no one cheated in the boston marathon this year
  6. that happened again people are way to suspicious these days everyone is paranoid.
  7. similar topics have been posted before. The point of a cache is not the extra smilie although those are nice it is the location which the geocache takes you to. that is the basis of the geocache. Why not just add the micro as part of your nightcache?
  8. Geocaching is not for the weak of mind.
  9. I have severe reactions to poison ivy so you guessed it. but hey you can't keep me from the woods no matter what. oh yeah don't question the severity I just got off prescribed steroids because of poison ivy. (hey I need to bulk up for some hard cache )
  10. No The I have seen a lot of smlies on one log i think that the most I have seen is about 10 or so and i was wondering if there is any with more. isn't this kinda off topic it doesn't have anything to do with geocaching
  11. another exciting episode of "Geocache VS. Bomb Squad" Episode 315 not long ago......
  12. Some people prefer the easier rules of the other sights suchas smaller distances between caches but personally I think they are too easy
  13. I think the correct formula is: <your number>/663.49 There are 0.046722633347902756635367526262641% of the posters that post more than me. --Marky P.S. by my count, you are 724th, so 724/663.49 = 1.09% of the forum posters post more than you. sorry I need to clarify something the formula is "number of Geocachers" divided by "how many people have gotten either the same amount of posts as you or more" divided by "number of Geocachers"but sorry i did mess up who knows what i did. sorry your right not to be exact but 1.205745377% of people have posted the came or more posts then me
  14. 1. most of them some of them were worthless 2. 2 are tied for first place Are/were you ever a boy scout, and something to do with paintballing and geocaching which also I think happened to be my first post 3. ?
  15. I think the correct formula is: <your number>/663.49 There are 0.046722633347902756635367526262641% of the posters that post more than me. --Marky P.S. by my count, you are 724th, so 724/663.49 = 1.09% of the forum posters post more than you. Acutally according to your formula it would be <Your number divided by 100>/663.49 trust me P.S. well when I posted the original topic I was 800th but I posted after that
  16. Yes I agree with you FTS is basically FTF as long as you don't take forevr to go and look for the cache.
  17. yep if they are in any of your caches just delete the one that didn't have the bug I have also seen owners who "find" their caches
  18. good point but it is still fun to show of the amount of posts you have
  19. Actually that isn't a bad idea at all. As long as the toys are still in the original plastic wrapper, it should in good condition. I don't understand why people feel so disappointed in finding them in caches. sorry no offense meant
  20. I dunno we put A used and unfunctioning lighter in ther fire once(hey I'm tohe second top pyro in m,y boy scout troop) it blew up so I don't know if that is a good idea.
  21. have you ever been scared that they might start charging to use the geocaching site I'm sorry I wish I could pay but I don't have the money
  22. I have a regular old etrex yellow but it has served me great
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