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  1. Wow!! now that you brought thos other one's to attention they should get archived. clear violation of the rule's. as for you i would suggest moving outside the cache or if you can't do that make sure you don't say something like try the coffee it's good. Tell the approver that this is not a commercial thingy.
  2. I agree with CR...something must be wrong! What if someone evented another game and started to use caches in a manner not intended? El Diablo yeah I agree but I think he should also put a paragraph in explaining why he doesn't like it.
  3. I want to make a cache that you have to do some sort of puzzle but I can't seem to get any ideas? I don't want anything exceptionally hard like in another topic but harder than an average cache it could be a multi whatever. I don't want a high terrain level either so no 50 mile multis thanky you. I kinda want something around a 2.5 to 4 difficulty and a 1-2.5 terrain thank you again Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
  4. These are fun I've done one very similar but much harder than just a road sign try making them do some math or they have to easily decode something.
  5. I heard about one cache where it was in the middle of a sewer thingy. Not rain sewer either. Some times people did it when it was higher than them. Just today I scrped myself up to get a 1/1 was riding my bike and decided to cut through field bad idea it was a stinkin 1/1 extremely easy too but I think it got muggled there's another DNF for me.
  6. I just recently heard of one guy who's goal was the same as yours I forget his name but he had found a cache on every continent but antartica.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Amazing though that you actually followed the system and it worked. curious what was the final elevation of the mountain?
  8. Geocaching is for people with GPS's however you could use a map and compass but it would be very hard. Check out www.ebay.com or go to your local outdoors store www.amazon.com is also good
  9. Kid's love to geocache playing Hide-n-seek and you get a toy at the end what could be better?
  10. Anything can be a weapon in the hands of an idiot even a McDonald's toy do it
  11. check out this evil thing. http://cgi.ebay.com/Bird-cache-geocaching-...1QQcmdZViewItem Oops now somebody in my area is going to buy it. well I might as well show you the rest. http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?s...p=11%26fsoo%3D1
  12. $3.10 here in Ohio the gas company's are going to lower the price in a long time so that we feel like were getting a break. They may not be making money now but they will be soon. they will lower the price to $2.75 and nobody will care wheras before if it was $2.50 we were screaming they are slowly boiling us so we don't notice.
  13. I ran into a bear not while geocaching though it was no more than 30 feet in front of me It didn't seem to surprised I think it saw me before. some amish guy ran into it before me coming the other way he came about 5-10 feet away from it. scared the black bear which then ran up a tree.
  14. well who's the kinda of person who doesn't think that his cache is really good for example if I had never been out of Ohio I would probaly rate my cache a 2.5 or 3 now I would rate my cache a .2. also what about that person who has never climbed a fourteener (which is gorgeous)(pike's peak is not a fourteener because there is a stinkin road to the top climb something real)and lives in Ohio like me ,sniff, and thinks wow this is one of the best places around here i'll rate it a five. and since everybody can't climb a "real" fourteener they'll never have anything to compare to and remeber a picture isn't 1/1000 as good trust me.
  15. actually this has happened before I heard about it at a event cache
  16. I agree but face it most of us post it to get that little smilie face.
  17. so here's the problem does 1 rating mean the person in the wheel chair could reach and do this cache all by himself or just they could come to the spot of the geocache?
  18. climbing fourteener Of course I walked write past a geocache at 14,200 some feet and I even had my GPS but I had no idea it was there ARGGHHH! Sorry it was just a place to vent oh yah I couldva added another state
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