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  1. I have tried to load the new basic app, but when I try to run it, a popup appears and says it cannot determine my location, and location services needs to be turned on. it prompts to take me to a settings tab and when I chose that, it opens the location services in settings. All three settings are enabled, even though I see no need for anything more than GPS location. When I cick okay, a blank screen opens with a rotating swirl. That's it nothing further happens, ever. Does anyone have any ideas how to make this app work? Has Geocaching sold out to Google? This smacks of Google needing to know exact where my a** is 24 hours a day. Do you really think Homeland Security needs to know where every cache is located, and who is looking for them, because Google makes everything they have open to Homeland Security
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    Sure, I have the CB on my Goldwing on whenever I take it to look for a cache. I monitor either 16 or 33. Ch33 is used by the majority of chapters of the GWRRA Motorcycle club. I prefer VHF, but the CB is there as well. Also currently working on APRS for the bike.
  3. Your unit needs a software upload to the new version. you will heed a computer with a serial port (9 pin) and the data cable to connect the computer to the gps. contact Garmin tech support for the boot loader and download the update. remove the batteries from the gps, this will ensure it is off, and insert fresh batteries, press the power button once, this will turn it on, there will be no display. with the software on the pc send the boot loader to the gps. The unit will now turn on. after the boot is loaded then do the software update to prevent it from happening again. If anyone has a older unit check to see if you have the latest software for the e-trex and if not do the update to prevent this problem.
  4. Rick Young Kamloops, B.C. VE7RY
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