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  1. I have roughly 25 of my own personal geocoin available for trade. It is made to look like the State of Wisconsin License Plate and on one side it reads "CARRY ON" and on the other "WYWRD SN" (were fans of the band Kansas living in Wisconsin). They are trackable but have the generic icon. This was of a minting of 100 coins and we will not remint this coin again, as we will look to do different coins in future years. Sorry I don't have a trade list, but what I am looking for is personal coins that are trackable for straight trade, of course it would also have to be unactivated. Let me know if you are interested-I can be emailed at Kansas64@gmail.com (and I will answer all emails in a responsible timeframe) Thanks
  2. I have only made 2 trades, both with Team Rampart Lion. First was the For the Love of Geocoins Coin (to him) and I got Pirates of Harriman. We then were in the process of minting personal coins and have traded them also
  3. WOO HOOO 101 Geocoins today..My personal coins arrived today. Now cant wait to trade at Geobash and come back with 101 trades (hopefully)
  4. email sent for an Antique silver-the pics are nice and the pics are never as nice as the real thing..these have to be sharp
  5. TRL Mine is out to you, may you enjoy it as much as we enjoy yours. Wywrdsn
  6. Time & Space Blue Fire Sexton & the biggest coin I now own-Quadrant Good Day
  7. Got it, my wife gave me a hard time for trading a trackable for a non trackable. She has seen the coin and is now happy I did it. Thanks as always a pleasure trading with you. Carry On Dean
  8. Nice coin, cant wait to get my personal coin so we can complete our trade
  9. I also have not received my coin. Also have sent 3 emails and gotten no response. Order number 408 confirmed by your email 1/22/08 10:02pm, please advice as to when I should expect the coin. Thanks
  10. We got lucky, saw Tom's post about today while I was on lunch. Was able to grab a gold and polished nickel, since my wife couldnt decide which she like better. Who knows once we get them, if she decides I might have 1 for trade
  11. Ordered mine last night, cant wait to get in my hands. Ordered the USA/Canada coin also, both appear to be very cool
  12. I have 1 of the OakBucks Free Die Side coins available for trade. Expires 12/08 and you have to order a minimum of 100 coins. Not looking for anything in particular and would prefer to trade for a already minted unactivated coin. Let me know what you are willing to trade and I will let you know Thanks Dean
  13. I have three unactivated Cache Rewards coins available for trade. Not looking for anything in particular so if you are interested let me know what you have to trade and we can talk from there thanks Dean
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