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  1. According to this report you can buy a tank in Slovakia for US $2k, so surely empty ammo boxes are available!

    It says it costs the army $2000 to destroy a tank, not that you can buy a tank in Slovakia for $2000.

    Thats right. The Tank cost more or less about 1 million or more €


    But they have a lot of empty handgrenade- and minecanes because you can buy them for an buck or two.

    And this is not an joke!!!

  2. This has to be an joke.

    What Ammo should we by from the US?


    Well...I don't think so....




    ...I'm somewhat familiar with the subject...



    Your link tells that the US allows the Wepaon export to some places.


    Look at this Link about the world’s top small arms producers and then tell me again what you mean with your joke.


    Western Europe


    And i think i know better what we sell here in Europe.

  3. I'm not sure why you would think that they don't have them in Europe? Many of the NATO countries actually purchase their ammuntion from the U.S. and it is almost certainly shipped in ammo cans. They have to do something with them when they are expended?


    This has to be an joke.

    What Ammo should we by from the US?


    You don't have any 7,62 mm Ammo wie could use and the 5,56 mm we get where we get the 7,62 mm Ammo.

    And Ammo is shipped in wooden crates.

    Here in Europe and the rest of the world.


    But you can by every Ammocan you like the in Europe.


    Why do you think that we have no weapons here?

    We have some of the best Weapon making Companys.

  4. Let me ask you an question. Was is here a big problem?

    Here in Germany some Caches on Private proberty got send from the proberty owner to the police. And the proberty owner tried to press charges against the cache owner. But in all cases i heard there was no chance for this.


    So you only got was an little email from Walmart and you had to close this cache.


    No Problems with the police or other goverment people.


    It's all something about getting permission or not.

    Next time the owner knows where he has to ask first.


    And you never should place an cache near an high voltage area. Or near an goverment off limit area.


    And yes when i will place my first cache i will make sure to have every permission i need. Because i don't want that my 5 Star Cache gets picked up by the low entforcement.

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