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  1. Hello, i am new in Lubbock and i was wondering if there was ever an event cache in Lubbock. If not maybe it's time. What do you think, is there a need for something like this?
  2. and then they use there pepperspray on you.
  3. why should i feel bad? Solong its Public land there is no problem for me.
  4. Wo kein Schnee liegt kann gelaufen werden. If i like i go in the winter at 1 am for an cache. There is no wrong or bad weather or time to go.
  5. I am taking my map out and look at it. Or i will watch them and then they try to get away.
  6. After my Surefire got stolen i have an Q40 from UK And a little Petzle Zipka I don't think they will have fun with the Surefire because they can not recharge it. But here in Germany the Surefire is to expensive. If someone is looking for an gas discharge lamps we have one here in Germany. Look here
  7. But there is a ladder in the Pic. Why didn't they use the ladder?
  8. Wow, I've never done any of those things. Ja danke dir.
  9. I dindn't cross on logs because i went servall times on food through some streams. I climbed in an Bomb hole that was 8 to 10 meters deep. I used an inflable Boot to get to island in the middle of the night. I Went through some swap in the middle of the night to find one cache. I think i would do some more stuff because it's fun.
  10. you are lucky. In England there are all weapons prohibit. Because of this every kind of ammo is prohibit too. If they find weapons or ammo you are in big trouble. And for them an knive is allready an prohibit weapon. I wounld't take this risk.
  11. So why don't you send him the money so he can buy an new box and replace it with you. That cache has some "sentimental" value for me. It was my second cache ever and it was never found by anyone and I really like the place where it is placed, I have nice memories of that spot. That's why I want to go there and do something for the cache myself. I didn't question this. But i thought that it would be nice if you do it with the person there that takes care of the cache. Go together.
  12. Yes maybe every program can do it. But PCMap in the Version we have is for goverment use only. For training i gave our guys some Cachedata so they can get used to this program. And it works pretty well for Caches.
  13. We have at work an program called PCMap. With this Program i can tell you everything you need.
  14. Here in germany there is one cache on one of the towers of the cologne cathedral. You have to pay something to get on it.
  15. So why don't you send him the money so he can buy an new box and replace it with you.
  16. In the US or to europe? And before or after 911? Europe Weapon and Ammolaws a little bit more strikt. Try to fly from Frankfurt Airport with ammo in your luggage.
  17. In my hand until i got to the Cache. If i wear my military pants i put it in the pocket. All other times i attach it to my camelpak.
  18. If the skull is allready clean i heard that you should cook him. But i am not sure about it. Maybe you should look on an hunting page.
  19. It is a US government contract. As far as I know it doesn't have a name, and won't be operational for another 5 years. Jackie I think with this the US will be some years to late. In 2010 Europe will have Galileo. Now the good news for us. I was reading at this Homepage http://www.wdr.de/themen/wirtschaft/2/gali...lit/index.jhtml The free signal will be +- 4 meters. And the one you have to pay for will be +- some cm. So everything will be like before. The only thing is that the US can not turn the Glileo System off like the GPS System.
  20. The Cachowner is lucky that it's in the US. Here in Germany i would give the ammo to the police. Because Ammo is nothing you should left somewhere. And you did the right thing.
  21. Thats what it is. I ask someone that took some war stuff with him on an plane. The Problem wasn that it was metal. The Problem was that it had some microscopic parts of explosive still on the metal. And he cleaned the Metalparts proberly.
  22. They are there because of the US armed forces here in europe. Not because we buy any of the ammo. And the guys were talking about the small ammo cans not about 120 mm HOT Cans. But i wan't say anything about it anymore because i know the weapons that are used here and i know where we get the ammo from. Look at my links. And by the way here in Europe we invented the Reactiv Amor and the ammo against it.
  23. Incorrect - it may be crated, but if it is linked, it is usually shipped in cans. and Yes. Doc So where do you work that you know it? And pls show me where they ship ammo in metal cans. And with shipping i mean the long transport to the depot or from it. Not the short transport in the field.
  24. First of all. Ammo is never shipped in metallcans. It's always shipped in wooden crates. You should know this. And here some links of some companys that build your ammo we need. Diehl Rhein Metall DeTec Rheinmetall Defence Ruag So why should we buy the more expensive stuff from the US when we can buy it here? And do you work anywhere at a place that sells or buys this kind of ammo that you would know what we buy here in europe?
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