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  1. I must say I had no problems with the one cache I have in Texas.


    I also must say that every time I send a message to the PR, the answer to it was in less than 24 hours.

    I send a message last night and the answer was given this morning.


    Now to the OP, placing 64 caches, most of them along a road really can wait a little longer.

    There are people that actually try to make caches an adventure, make it so you need to think about it.

    These ones should always come before the lets put 500 caches on a 5 mile road strip to get more hidden in my profile.

  2. Pretty evergreen, but won't the a/c get overheated quickly?


    Thats what I was thinking...I would rather have an ugly working A/C, then a 90 degree house with a fake pretty shrub.


    Could it be just to cover it up in the winter (for us northern folks that get snow).

    I think they can be used year round.


    It may be made from mesh so that it can breathe.

    Still they will use more power to cool down the house.

    I would plant something around it as it would actually help the AC.

  3. Why thread remind me of ashnikes?


    We need ashnikes back!


    Kidding. :laughing:


    Never found a cache on a dumpster, but I did once find a piece of velcro that once held a cache on a dumpster, and the cache was by ashnikes, and the dumpster is probably where he got his cache containers from. The cache is this one http://coord.info/GC29RCB (hope I don't get banned for posting that link :laughing: ). Funny thing is, the person I was caching with that day actually went back when the cache was replaced.



    He was quite something on this forum. I got a feeling hes history but he left a good mark and people wont forget him, ever! :blink:


    I did some googling today and foundthis Not sure if I should laugh or what! :ph34r:


    Who is ashnikes?

  4. In the end's of gaurdrails,, it seams bee's love them I've got stung once, my brother ( nubie) was out with me reached in one, befor I could say no, he ripped out a hive got stung several times. Lol, he won't do that again.

    :Tip.. Bang on gaurdrail from a safe distance and look at the end

    Something I did today while hunting Nanos in/on guardrails....if your cell phone has a front facing camera, use that to look under and around the innards of those guardrail ends to see if you can spot the cache as well as any bees, spiders, or any other antisocial critter that might be there.


    That is a nice tip! For sure I will make use of it one of these days! :D


    Or just use a mirror and a flashlight.

  5. In Germany I most;y see lock and lock's, here in the USA I find mostly ammo can's for regular sized caches. Never found a wet one.

    Here in the area we have too many micro caches so when you come along a ammo can this is a very rare find.


    And if a cache would get stolen, the next time I would chain it to something.

  6. I pulled up to one that was down a steep hill and was looking at my phone when a man drove up to me and asked what I was doing. After a short description of geocaching, he told me that was private property, had a steep 500 foot drop off not to far away, and was likely a good place to get shot at. I did a DNF with a long note. The CO archived it about 3 hours later.


    At least he talked to you, someone shot in my direction when I was looking for a cache that had the permission of the property owner.

    I wonder what kind of permission he had given.

  7. People take a NM log personal.

    The last time I posted one I got some offensive words back in a notice he wrote as an answer right above it.


    If the owner is one from my area, I send him a message, and in this area, we take care of others cache anyway, so in case its fixable on side the most finders do this and only tell so in the log.

  8. I found one cache under a trashcan, but this was the only thing in a radius of ten miles, besides the fence and the road. So this was a great place to put it.

    Never saw one near a dumpster, maybe I am in the right state where people have more possible locations to hide it.

  9. Timberwolf reports telling the owner the cache was stolen. His Needs Maintenace log was not the only one. There are no DNFs - so either no one posted or they were deleted. There are a number of finds after the Needs Maintenance. It's not clear if the cache owner was allowing finds for finding the remnants of the cache, or if these got posted after the cache was archived. There is also a curious found log indicating the cache was replaced "where we thought it might have orginally (sic.) been hidden". It may be that the cache was there but not where the cap was.


    There are numerous reasons for a cache owner to do nothing in this case. Particularly if the cache owner is going to allow finds for find a string and a cap, the cache owner may feel that maintenance can be postponed. This is a problem of course to those who insist on signing a log.


    And in this case a "puritan" who needed a signed log to claim a find, replaced the cache without the owner's permission. Then they get upset because the owner deleted the find.


    By ignoring the needs maintenance and allowing finds on the remains, the owner sent a signal that perhaps he would appreciate someone helping with maintenance. If just the log were missing, most of use would agree that someone could leave a new log, sign it, and claim a find. What happens when a container is missing or badly damaged? It would seem that someone leaving a replacement is doing this with good intentions to help out a cache owner. Owners who don't want this help should disable their cache till they make repairs or at least post a note indicating that they will be fixing the cache. Here the cache owner was silent, only indicating that he didn't want a replacement after one was left. No one should be surprised that after several attempts to get the owner to do maintenance that someone took it into their own hands. Of course, many forum participants may feel that "correct" action in this case would be a needs archive.


    Now here in Lubbock, other cachers are happy when the finder of a damaged or maybe stolen cache takes care of it.

    As a good example I have this one here:


    When I found it, it was on top of the hiding place and someone wrote something nasty into the logbook.

    So while relocating it, I send the owner a message and he updated the location until he has time to go there.

    And yes he thanked me for taking the time of doing so, I hope he would do the same for my cache.

    As you guys can see, it got muggled again, and a different cacher relocated it again.


    The one in question I checked at least ones per week to see if a new container came up, but after this long time, I decided to put one there so that people actually can log there visits in a log book as it should be.

    When I logged it online and said that I put a replacement up, I got a kind of offensive message as notice on the cache listing.


    So if the owner doesn't want a replacement as he showed to me, I am on my way to pick up the container, but nobody has be become offensive for someone that tries to help.


    And more than one person logged it noting that there is no log book and nothing else.

    I think it's wrong to log without having a cache in your hands, this would mean everybody that walks by could log it online no matte if they found it or not.

  10. Now there is this cache in my area: GC3C0XR, and it got stolen about two month ago.

    So when I found the rest of it I didn't want to log, I thought tell the owner that it's stolen and wait for a log book.

    I did this and nothing happened, so I placed a replacement container there yesterday and logged it.

    When I came to log a different cache a couple of minutes ago, I saw that my log was deleted.

    So I logged again, and again the owner deleted it.


    Is there anything I can do that I keep the log, as I not only found it, but made sure other people can log at it too?

  11. Now here is the problem.

    Today I was asked to evaluate mapping software.

    The company I am with, needs this software to display points, addresses or graphs in the map.

    I have these software to evaluate:






    GeoAccess GeoCoder




    Now I was wondering if anybody here knows these software and can tell me a little about it. I know GoogleMaps, so I don't need any help with this one.

  12. Aber mit gut Glück verheddert er sich auf der Trainingrange in eine Rakete und schießt sich selbst zum Mond.



    And here something else out of the German Thread.


    It means more or less


    If we have luck he will get catch (what's the sec. form of catch?) on the exercise range in a missile and get shot to the moon.


    I think i told schmitty that i am an PATRIOT IM guy, i was in Fort Bliss for training.

  13. Oh by the way, the other thread says more or less that i lie and i hold some TB's for over one year or two.


    It says that i had problems with some people in the cologne area because i said that some of the caches that were 4 or 5 stars rated were to easy for me.

    One of this caches was that you had to climb on hill for about 200 meters and after this you had to go down.


    In my BDU it was no problem to get up und i was riding on the sohle of the boot down. So i said it should rated lower. It was this one: GCH919


    But with the same people i had problems, i it did this Cache: GCCD1E


    So i think this makes it even.


    EDIT: and thats how some germs are (i know what germs means) detour was digging everywhere if he can find things i did wrong. and yes i did, but until now i never lost a TB or Coin. He only made me missing one. His one.

    Now he tells everybody that i hold the other Coin and TB for 5 Month or so. And that i didn't put them in an cache in FRA like i wrote.

  14. i don't get it. why does it have to go in that one cache under water? there's lots of other caches around there within a couple miles. walking is good for you!



    Please check this, the droped coins and the time they have been in the hands of T_W




    It's only about your Coin.

    I never said that i am an angel.

    Your Coin is out.


    And like you can read her some owners know that there TB's and Coin"s sometimes get lost in the backpack of the Cachers. An yes in my backpack i lost several. But i found them all the time. Mostly after i finieshed moving in my new apptment or at my new desk at work.

  15. Yes walking is good for me.

    And in germany in liked to walk very much.


    But not in Lubbock, where you have no sidewalks.


    the Last time we wanted to get to one cache thats only 5 km away, it took us one a safe route more then two hours. And then we were still 2 km away from this cache. The only possible way was over an 6 lane street for this 2 km. Do you think i want to get killed by the people here that never saw an petestrian. And in this case i had a child with me.


    By the way i dropped all my TB"s and Coin"s off.

    A friend cave me his truck, so i could get to an other Park.


    But detours Coin was already out of my list.

  16. If needed I will pay you the necessary shipping fee to send it to me and then I will set it free. Email me if you would like to proceed.


    I would also like to think that someone from your area may see this plea and meet you somewhere to assist.


    If he is sending you hate mail via GC.com you have the right to report it. He will then receive a taste of his own medicine.


    He still sends me mails via GC.com after i told him he should never send me one again.

    Where can i report him?


    We planed to walk to a different park on sunday, i hope there is a chance to drop his coin.


    If i have no chance to drop it i will probale send it to someone.

  17. Hi there... are you talking about the Germany 2007 Series 2 Coin owned by detour 222? You've only had the coin for 3 weeks!! Granted it's one week longer than suggested but it's not a crime to hold onto a coin that long especially if you're in contact with the owner about it. Sheesh, what's his problem!!?? Besides you've just moved his coin about 6000 miles or so!!

    Since there are no caches available to you to drop the coin off why not create your own cache to drop the coin into?


    Yes i am talking about this Coin.


    Thx for all this answers.

    I am happy to be here in the Country and glad about all this friendly people.


    I told him in my last email he should do what whatever he wants to do, and should not send me any more mails.


    I will place this Coin ASAP if the Cache if it still there. If not he has to wait until i get my mountianbike back (the Container from germany still takes two weeks) or until i get a car.

  18. Hello, i am here in Lubbock, Tx.

    I moved from Germany to this place some weeks ago.

    Now in Germany i picked up a Coin, but because of the movingstress and so on i forgot to log it.

    After is did and i told the Owner that i will place it in Texas he started to tell me that i have to place the coin ASAP.


    Right now i have no Car and on Foot it's not realy so easy in Lubbock.

    The only Cache i could walk to where Coins would fit is for the last 2 weeks under water.


    First the Owner said he will press cacharges agains me. I told him he should go on.


    Then he told me if i don't place the Coin in a cache in the next 48 hours he will tell Geocaching that it's Lost.


    GC104RH is the Cache and if you read you will understand that i have to wait undil the water goes down.


    So should i do something? Because i will not send this coin on my expenses back to germany and like i said i have to wait at least one week. But he doesn't understand.

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