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  1. This puzzle cache was a 5 difficulty and went unfound for a couple of years. It was eventually found, and has since been archived. I have what I believe are the right coords. Any one know what the GC number was, and anyone know anyone who found it, who I can bounce my coords off of, and talk about how they solved it? I have picture of the puzzle, it was a short story, with the coords buried in it.
  2. If I had the original box I could pass it off as new, the cd is the drivers for the usb adapter cable.
  3. See my post farther down. I have a eTrex Legend, it has a serial connection but I am including a Belkin serial/USB adapter and drive disk, I have everything but the box. I can e-mail pics. These units are $149 retail about $100 new on eBay, with USB adapter. I dropped the price from $100 to $80 and I will pay shipping. E-mail me through my profile.
  4. I still have this, I will take $80 and pay shipping.
  5. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend for sale. It is like new. In the one month I have had my Vista HCx, it has seen more use than the Legend has, mostly due to finding out about geocaching. The only drawback to these models is the serial cable. BUT, I have a Belkin Serial to USB adapter included, you must load the drivers (included on CD) before using it. If I had the original box it could be passed off as NEW. First $100 takes it, I'll pay shipping. Paypal accepted, I have a 100% paypal rating. Paypal ID TR1Hemi also. I have pics of it working, and all manuals, cables and CD, that I can e-mail. Cant figure out how to put them on here. If interested contact me through my geocaching.com profile
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