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  1. We post a DNF or a Found for every serious attempt we make on a cache. (If we aren't able to search for the cache, it's not a serious attempt.) No embarrasment -- we've been able to help the owners resolve problems twice by posting DNFs. If we find the cache later, we erase the DNF.
  2. Uh-oh... next thing, it's on to the hard stuff... multis... puzzle caches... hydrocaches... Good hunting, and may you find the trail without the brambles!
  3. After having a Minimag bulb burn out on me when I needed it most, I asked Mrs. Og for a CMG Equipment LED flashlight. Comes in either a 2-AA or 3-AA battery model. Single LED with a focused beam that shines "up to 100 feet." Should be great for looking in between rocks, up hollow logs, etc... Some interesting geocoins woulkd be a nice present too.
  4. Well done, KBer! Team Og is going to have to hustle to catch up to you now! I remember the Fifth Melvin's Expeditionary Force, and the kids who nearly ruined the last stage by interfering with us on channel 2. Even with all the fiddling we tried, we never got the secret. So one question still remains: What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. Hi, all, Is anyone else in cacheland going out on Magoo's Memories of Merit? Activity seems a little off. Hopefully, anyone who is has already got Romeo y Julieta, because it's offline for a week or so. This was a fun exercise and I'd like to see some other folks climb that hill! Cheers, - Team Og.
  6. Going to the search page and searching for "loneliest" will give you two. "lonely" will prolly get you more.
  7. Here in New Jersey, any land that is not preserved (read: bought by increased taxes) is going to be sprawled over within the next twenty years. The political system is crassly corrupt, and that includes both major parties and runs from top to bottom. The developers pay the campaign tabs of both Democrats and Republicans (but are delighted with one-party rule since it costs them less in legalized bribes.) The system has little will or motivation to change, and the electorate keeps voting the same rascals in. The state bureaucrats are on board as well. Many municipal and county governments also have a habit of selling off supposedly preserved land to developers. For instance, I've actually seen Green Acres money leveraged to build superhighways, and toxic junkyards spin-doctored into "wildlife sanctuaries." (A fine use of preservation tax dollars!) One positive benefit of caching in this political environment is that it increases the public's use of preserved areas. It also focuses public attention on these areas. This is vitally necessary both to preserve open space, and to keep it preserved. In the long run, allowing people to indulge in a sport that increases the use of public land also protects the jobs of people who manage that land. Perhaps if the bureaucrats understand this, they'll leave us in peace.
  9. Hydee leaps out of your monitor screen and hits you with a wooden mallet. Which isn't necessarily as bad a thing as it may sound. Kinky, KA! Does she put on the lederhosen too?
  10. Findin' a cache is like a box of chawklits. Yew never know what you're gawna geyit.
  11. Three: PA, NJ, and NY. Hope to add DE shortly.
  12. Allow me to Markwell... USA Geocoins geocoins are trackable as travel bugs. Other geocoins are trackable if the owners have set up a tracking site of their own. Most geocoins never make it to cache number two.
  13. Thanks for the note, Marty. I kind of acted as a guinea pig for Ekitt on this one, and found several of the "wrong" antenna locations. After a few go-rounds, I got the location to within about 30 meters of Ekitt's. We'll go out on it again when we can be assured of good environmental factors around the cache. Mrs. Og doesn't care for Melvinesque situations, though she does do thorns. Unfortunately, one of the "wrong" locations is very much like one of the "right" ones. I'd suggest using two methods -- maps and math -- and comparing the results. BTW, there is a hint embedded within Ekitt's message above.
  14. Re the warn-o-meters: I'd propose that they be visible to everyone, so that we all know which posts are the most interesting.
  15. Looks a HEAP better than the original. Thanks!
  16. GPS Made Easy by Laurence Letham is worth a read. So is Be Expert with Map and Compass by Bjön Kjellström ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
  17. If you're going that way, could you grab Homesick Lumberjack out of Formula 401 before you go? He wants to get to North Tonawanda, which is right next door! Thanks, - Team Og. ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
  18. Team Og has noticed that almost every sogbucket cache we've run into has been placed in a rectangular Rubbermaid container. For some reason, these just leak a lot more than round Rubbermaid containers. (Ammo boxes and related militaria remain the best.) I don't know why this is, except that perhaps the rectangular ones don't seal very well, even when they're brand new. Certainly not after six months in the woods. ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
  19. Ditto Sparrowhawk. Mozilla is a Web browser, instead of an advertising delivery device. ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
  20. But posting again did ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
  21. Logout/login and flushing local cache does not clear the problem. ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
  22. quote:Likewise, it's not illegal to yell "TARGET" in a crowded Wal-Mart.Nonetheless, I wouldn't try it. Clones prolly won't make it because of the Ebay/Amazon/Google/Microsoft Computer Biz Hugeness Effect. What might make it is additional geosport sites to support activities that Jeremy and Co. have decided are Not Really Geocaching (tm.) If they do things that we like, we'll go there. ____________________________ - Team Og Rof A Klaw All who wander are not lost.
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