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  1. Nah. Been there, done that (another topic.) Too much like work. Up to the point where the site started sanctioning behavior that was hurting the things I really cared about. I think I'd find another hobby. I'm willing to say "from my cold dead hands" for some things, but not for a hobby. See above.
  2. If that happens, TPTB might be moved to start approving virts. Nah.....
  3. Just spent upwards of $50 to initialize a themed cache.
  4. Now that one we can eliminate as baseless...
  5. I heard that SCO claims it owns the copyright to longitude and latitude. The attorneys will be contacting Groundspeak shortly with a bill for $50.00 for each coordinate on this site.
  6. Interesting. Kind of reminds me of a computer show I went to in Atlantic City in 1977. Some guy named Gates was trying to hawk a buggy Basic interpreter for Altairs, and two other characters named Jobs and Wozniak were marketing an SBC called the Apple 1. All of which was just background noise at the time. So how did Groundspeak rise from obscurity to world domination, Daddy?
  7. From another thread: Or was it the suckermarks of Cthulhu?
  8. And now, it can be told. Rumors beat geocaching.
  9. Here are some rumors about NJAdmin's true identity...
  10. I heard a rumor that one of the admins approved a new virt, shortly before the black helicopters arrived from Bellevue...
  11. Verified today that Sourland Sweetspot is not one of these, though...
  12. First Did Not Find! If ya gotta take a DNF on a brand-new cache, you might as well get something out of it...
  13. Ya know, Marty, someone should put together an "Application Process" multi. Something with about seventy-eight stages, in which the last few start sending you back to the earlier ones. Oh, yeah. If you do Melvin's Multiple Madness, you'll likely meet some great folks and have (and provide) hours of mud-slogging fun.
  14. Now, hypothetically, suppose that you found out that the hypothetical supercacher and his kid have placed two (hypothetical) brand-new ones today within striking distance?
  15. Reserved FTFs are about as gruyeresque as claiming a find on your own hide. So is asking people to hold off from getting FTF if they can.
  16. Caveat: Sock puppet email accounts. I'd suggest to limit the number of quizzes that get graded per week.
  17. OK, Crim now leads the pack with Assault and Battery. BeeGees in second with Petty Theft. Bjorn74 is still benign...
  18. Bzzzzt! Crim's is vandalism, BeeGees' first is petty theft, at best. As for BeeGees' second, this hypothetical person would just expand his range, I'm sure. Any sort of hides that would level the FTF playing firld?
  19. Hypothetical premise: Suppose, hypothetically, that there is a (purely hypothetical) cacher in your 'hood who (hypothetically, of course) gets all the FTFs. Someone whose commute takes him near every part of the state at exactly those times when a new cache is announced. Suppose you wanted to let others get one or two FTFs at some time in their lives. Could you think of anything to level the playing field? Now, could you think of anything legal to level the playing field?
  20. Wouldn't you need a tenth of a mile of rope to meet guidelines?
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