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  1. Mr. Og: Software architect. Mrs. Og: Computer security expert. We both sit in front of a keyboard for way too long and need to go out in the outdoors at any opportunity.
  2. Definitely Professor Utonium -er- Keystone. Because of his iron-willed refusal to degrade the august institution of eocaching with any form of levity. NJ Admin a close second for the same reason.
  3. Too bad the domain xcache.com is already registered. (Some Web accelerator product -- there's a stupid-looking graphic of a turtle with a rocket tied to its back on the home page. Poor turtle! ) A couple of people have suggested that any caching site will quickly degenerate into an ugly snarl of rules. Well, the only rules that a site owner can really enforce are the rules about his or her own site. All others require the consent of the governed. Which, BTW, leads me to another suggestion for an X-cache site: The registered members get to vote on the rules. It'd be very easy to arrange the logistics if you've got a board with polling already in place. In the heyday of Usenet, Tale* used voting for newsgroup creation, and it worked fine. Plus the rules that do get created would be more likely to make sense and help the hobby, and it avoids the appearance of government by fiat. * Tale had some problems with martinethood, but that's beside the point. Except to note that ir's part of the reason why Usenet is now a backwater.
  4. To minimize the number of times I go looking for caches in nasty places. To place a new multi, if it ever stops being flooded around here...
  5. BTW, I'm not saying that Crim (or someone else) shouldn't put up an X-cache site. But anyone that does should realize what might come of it. (For instance, anyone with a gripe against you can stick your URL on the inside of the lid.) Maybe Crim, or someone else, will find a way to make the hobby work that relies less heavily on rules. Maybe we'll get a model more like ARRL than like PADI, if you know what I mean. We'll never know unless someone tries.
  6. Not taken personally. No prob. I see your point about landowners. Crim might not know what he's getting into.
  7. I'm not trivializing anything. Caching is already trivial. And I like permissive behavior. "An it harm none, do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law."
  8. I think someone is going to start talking about SHTF any minute here... Hobbies die all the time, and new ones arise. If geocaching goes the way of the dodo, we'll find another thing to get us outdoors. I honestly don't think that if Crim hosts a few X-cachers on his site that the world will come to an end.
  9. Naaaaaaah... Geez, people take themselves soooooooooo freakin' seriously around here! It's just a silly hobby about hiding little toys in the woods!
  10. By and large I'm happy with my 76S. Really enjoy the mapping and the magnetic compass. The two exceptions to complete satisfaction are: 1. The compass mysteriously locks up sometimes. 2. The batteries sometimes come loose from the holder and the unit behaves a little nuts. The two may be related. BTW, you might want to wait for the GPSMAP 60C. Looks neat -- features 1:24000 mapping, a color display, and a dedicated geocaching mode.
  11. Informed sources have hinted that Team GPSaxophone and BassoonPilot will soon be orchestrating a hunt for this cache.
  12. Virts. User rating system. (Don't know how elaborate you want to make the site; maintaining the ratings would require a database and probably some other stuff.)
  13. I guess it depends on the area. And it would depend on the log, too. If I had a log that said: I wouldn't worry too much. Speaking of different customs, Georges seem to vary a lot. Here in NJ, they just get circulated between caches. In MI, people seem to take them out and spend them. I've never had a George that I placed in a cache in NJ get spent, but a couple of the ones we placed in MI wound up at restaurants, etc.
  14. Situations that signal that a cache requires maintenance: * Two DNFs in a row * Two TNLNSLs in a row * Any log entries about a wet cache * Any log entries about removing garbage from the cache * If I happen to be in the area, I'll stop and take a peek * Any log entry concerning the long sobs of dead clams dancing at midnight HTH, -Team Og.
  15. Gee, Planet, those gargoyles would be great for a virt!
  16. Four out of five of Team Og's most recent attempts are DNF. Plus I tried to place stage 2 of a cache and found that the site I'd scouted out has been flooded. What's your worst run of bad geocaching juju?
  17. Ack. Duplicates my own thread. Closing this one.
  18. I saw this one earlier. The folks near longitude 83 deg 26 min (dial "T E A M") must begetting hammered...
  19. Hi, all, Anyone know of some good puzzle caches in central NJ? Hopefully something that a fellow with a hurt foot can do w/o too much walking over uneven terrain. (I'm off work tomorrow.) Got both Ekitt10's puzzle caches. There are a couple of Natureboy's that I might go out on, depending on whether Mrs. Og wants me to save them so she can go (and whether they're likely to be flooded.) Thanks, - Team Og.
  20. A description of the cache and contents are here.
  21. Yup. About time that one was archived. Not only was it a buried cache, there were two AK-47s, a pistol, and a dud in it. But there was also $750,000 American in cash there. Heck of a first finder's prize!
  22. Informed sources have indicated that Crim's already got the next three topics all lined up for when this one gets the Loctite Green.
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