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  1. well an actual GPS will be more accurate for atleast another few years and they are a bit more rugged. It depends what your price range is and how often you would actually use the GPS.
  2. http://www.google.com/search?q=garmin+colo...lient=firefox-a
  3. that app may or may not be supported by gc.com.........depending upon what the developer wants to do in cooperation with gc.com
  4. eh whatever I dont have an iphone or a cellphone for that matter, Im still believin they give ya cancer I guess what a simpler version of what I was saying is if someone was makin money off of what I made and maintain, I would want a piece of that or atleast a good discussion like this query has become quite obvious that iphone geocaching could take off like a rocket but without a central geocache database like gc.com a product such as geopher wouldnt have much of a use......pretty much the same blah blah blah when you think of a patent office except in this case gc.com is the patent office ;p
  5. well put but if you owned a large body of water and stocked it with fish that friends gave you free of charge, and spent time also maintaining it and improving upon it.......over time the fish multiplied quite a bit and you would allow anyone to come in and fish if they wanted too, they just had to sign in a log book or pay a small fee to get a free fishing pole.....only rules were they couldnt leave trash or try and resell the fish they cought without express permission of the owner..... would you think its fair if someone started selling the fish without permission or arrangement just because they spent the time caching (;p) them
  6. why dont you change your question to..... why is gc.com not supporting geopher, then narrow the question to.......what is the geopher developer doing to communicate better with the gc.com crew not....OMG gc.com hates the iphone (drama drama drama) I posted this in another iphone question post wondering if the newer iphone supports it....or if gc.com knows of its queries http://www.ayefon.com/geo/index.cfm
  7. I would agree with that one......either comply with what the website wants by changing to a non commercial licence or some other possibly negotiated end......... or face the reality that the owner/admin will deny access to whomever they see fit
  8. the point of gc.com's "terms of use" on the website is clear, and I think you have to remember....it is their website, they put many years into development of it and If they choose not to support something that is their RIGHT and I am sure they are fully aware of "all the business" they will miss anyway there are apps in development that are supported by gc.com but... from what ive seen if the owner of the commercial app actually informs gc.com and possibly shares profit, then maybe they wouldnt mind......but just making an app and charging people for it leaving gc.com out of the loop might incline them to say gtfo but who knows im just a speculator would this work with the 3g? http://www.ayefon.com/geo/index.cfm
  9. legal mumbo.......they are obviously quite serious about their non-commercial stance in the terms of use or maybe they just dont like apple ;p
  10. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=151798
  11. well the best bang for your buck around $200 is the vista hcx IMO. Its not large, but not small either.....good on battery, good reception, I find it a better sturdier fit on my bicycle than my 60csx edit: you meant motorcycle, then I guess any larger unit would do......60csx is tried and true, colorado is somewhat of a let down.......and the oregon may be too who knows
  12. well I own a 60 and a vista hcx among other units. I actually think the vista locks on better than my 60, both running the latest firmwares. The only time I have ever really seen either gps wander to my dislike is when I have been at a stand still for more than 10 minutes, and who really cares then.....constant stable and better accuracy costs big bucks As far as a colorado/oregon drifting that could just be due to the software flaws in interpretation of the signals/time, not really due to the actual GPS at all. Almost like blaming a bad golf swing on the clubs and not the user. Also if the companies dont see a huge performance drop as per dollar savings, I highly doubt they would stake their reputation on that. Here is an older but still relevant article on the workings and how little flaws can create large issues: http://www.beaglesoft.com/gpstechnology.htm#Timing http://www.markip.com/gps/chip_compare.htm http://www.gpspassion.com/fr/articles.asp?id=175&page=5
  13. well pound for pound with larger screens I think the colorado 400 series isnt bad for the money, I would buy one but I dont think my 60csx is out of date yet......if you really needed to go with a more horizontal screen I would go with a zumo series
  14. the only real difference between the units is......do you like your buttons above the screen, or below reception is equal, software is equal.....internal memory doesnt mean much because you can transfer most stuff to the sd card
  15. its the best overall fully functioning and time tested handheld garmin has right now.....until the 400's bugs are worked out the vista hcx isnt bad either
  16. yes.......? put the micro sd card into the 60csx install your mapping set to your computer connect the 60csx via usb allow mapsource to find it add maps to the list upload to the device done
  17. my policy is the easier it is to find, the cheaper the gifts (ie childrens gifts). I would think that most caches easily found parents take their kids on, but the harder the cache is to find its mostly adults.........so just put things in that are appropriate for the situation, for adults it could be those wide mouth inserts for nalgene bottles or a gift certificate.......... this aint be the Harvard gift store
  18. well they all read and write pretty quickly if anything the GPS unit would slow it down........just grab a 2gb/4gb http://www.newegg.com/product/ProductList....amp;Tpk=microsd
  19. doesn't zoom out work? then just use the directionals to move to another state/area
  20. the best thing to do when placing a cache is to make sure the GPS is properly calibrated before attempting to voyage into the woods......once confirmed then you simply allow the signals to settle once you get to an area you wish to place the cache you really cant do much better than that due to the different ways each GPS interprets the signal......when uploading the cache to a website or telling others where it is located use hints.....that is all you can do really
  21. probably satelite reception or a fall of some sorts causing a jerking of the arm or body possibly.........could be many factors
  22. if money is no object then yea, go for the colorado series (ie 400t) because it has some newer software quirks and a slightly more interesting layout with the screen and wheel.......but really its not going to give you much more than that you arent going to find stuff quicker due to a stronger signal lock, or get better readings in vastly denser forest.....just go to a store that has the models you want, put them in your hand and use that as a deciding factor if you are that stumped on which to get I have the vista HCX, 60CSX, edge 305 and edge 705.......they all have their upside and downsides, the only deciding factor I can see in any unit is truly the size and shape and position of the buttons......I still love my 60csx and use it weekly its my favvvorite to date until prices drop or they release another unit with buttons below <----my 2cents
  23. you wrote in one sentence which I could not output in under two pages, thanks.
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