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  1. jtstretch

    compass issues

    my compass seems to be wigging out lately. its off by alot. ill be pointing north for instance and its showing westish. point east and its northish. anyone else have this?
  2. its all good so far. thanx for resolving this issue in such a timely manner
  3. do i need to be a premium member to know what yall are talking bout?
  4. this is worse than the government. its been forever.
  5. same ol problem. blue flag of death. are they aware? whats being done? can we get an update so we feel like were not being ignored? thanx
  6. any word on this problem? im still getting them as waypoints not caches.
  7. jtstretch

    load topo maps

    so do i need to do half once then the rest 2nd? how do i check my memory card cap?
  8. jtstretch

    load topo maps

    got a 2gb card gor my 60csx and topo 2008. how do i load the maps to the card in the unit? its not letting me load the west. its telling me theres 500+ too many folders?
  9. me too, and not only that. it moved all my previous ones to the waypoint page too. anyone else?
  10. jtstretch

    wrong icon

    where do i go to find them?
  11. jtstretch

    wrong icon

    why is my 60csx all the sudden putting my caches in as waypoints?
  12. jtstretch

    Loading maps

    im not sure but would love to know this too.
  13. im a noob. just got a 60csx and want to get some nav, topo,lakes....ect, for it. when these are all installed will they work together or are they seperate? eg. will i see lakes and topo along with streets on the viewer? also, how do i load caches into my unit?
  14. jtstretch


    thanx for your help everyone. 2gb it is.
  15. jtstretch


    would a 4gb card be enough to store topo and NA nav?
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