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  1. There clearly seem to be quite a mix of cachers, with quite a few different ways of playing the game. I hasten to say I try not to say any way is correct, or better than another. I play it VERY non competitively (I have quite a few finds that I probably won't get round to logging).


    Just an idea for those competitive ones:


    How about having Event caches around the country near the end of the year where you can meet and draw up some competitions for the year. Things like:

    Fastest to next thousand

    Most caches in a year

    Most difficulty/ terrain grid finds, or fastest to fill in one year.

    Most finds in a day

    Most cache types in a day (or fastest to get them)

    Most distance covered in SA in a year between caches

    Most cache by type (I would probably like to win the "Most event caches attended")

    Most TBs transported

    Most GCoins found


    Clearly the more caches you have found, the harder it would be to compete with a very keen newbie, so what about a handicap system, or strata (Those with 500-600 finds at beginning of the year only compete against others with 500-600 finds at beginning of the year...the same strata)


    A prize giving Event could be held

    Then, at least the numbers would MEAN something, and wouldn't just be numbers.....

  2. Sigh...


    It takes so much work to add a power trail to your ignore list....

    A selection tool would be nice....ignore all caches in this area...


    I think the overall "quality" of caches in the Cape Peninsula area is pretty good. Not "rock bottom" here yet. It remains to be seen how quickly they deteriorate.



    I don't mind a challenge cache made up of one bonus cache for completing a serious of unique caches, think that is a cool idea. I cant imagine every 168m of a power trail being unique though. (600 micros!....my head spins!)

  3. I too am "not a fan" (to understate it in the extreme) of powertrails. I too feel they detract from the ethos of taking people to unique places of interest. I also feel the undermine the whole purpose of a multicache. If the area is a fantastic area, placing a multicache would be able to take visitors to that area.


    Powertrails raise an issue for me. Let it be said, that from the beginning, I know that what I am about to ask is somewhat rhetorical:


    Is there a place for some kind of referendum system, where local cachers can vote on certain issues, to allow certain local rules, that may break from the overall GC rules?


    If for example, most cachers in the county did NOT want power trails,could we decide locally to disallow them?


    As I said, a rhetorical question. There can never be local rules. It would be nice though to have some forum where cachers could air their feelings regarding issues like these. It would be nice if we could have a system where the reviewer had a sense of what the majority of cachers felt on issues, and then could "advise" cachers that, although legal, their cache was against the general local communities desires for geocaching. "I will publish your cache in the KFC parking lot, but perhaps consider....."

  4. I've just started Geocaching (4 July). I'm using my Black Berry 9300 which I use for my finds. My wife and I are debating whether or not to purchase a GPS handheld device or not. What are your thoughts?

    Yow will know when it is time to buy a handheld device. Situations will arise when you will know that the phone is just not good enough in tough environments. Till you hit those situations, the phone will be fine.

    I have gone the other way around. I started with a Nuvi (lost it while bundu bashing on a mountain), replaced it with a handheld (Oregon) and now do most of my caching with an iPhone! I find that I so enjoy the user interface with the iPhone, that the handheld feels very "clunky". Information, maps, additional waypoints, photos, logging caches is all so easy on the phone, that I way prefer using it to the Oregon (which is pretty good in itself) However, battery life on the iPhone is awful and the gps is not very sensitive. So if I am doing "everyday" caching I use my phone, if I am on long walks, in Ravines, under deep tree cover or in the rain, then I am very happy to have my handheld as a fantastic back up.


    (It's nice to have both options!)

  5. Have a look a the photo on this page.They say it is "Average" difficulty.....till it snows. The extra bit at the top is refered to as "more challenging".


    They refer to to trail in the snow as being "a 4x4 challenge".


    I thought it was a little dirt road up a slope to the snow. I was wrong and was very glad to be in a jeep. I took it very slowly, getting out of the car on occasion to plan where each wheel would go.


    Please don't take this drive too lightly. Arrive EARLIER than 11am. Vehicles get stuck and cause a back up on the trail. Being one of the first ones up will get you plenty of help if you need it.


    (taking your pregnant wife along is probably not a great idea....)

  6. Hello all, I got excited about possibly joining when I read that 4x2 with good ground clearance will make it to within a km of the top. When I checked the Matroosberg website though they say you have to have low range to drive on the mountain! Please can you confirm I can join for a drive and hike (1km) in my Forester (good clearance, 4 wheel drive, no low range).

    Thanks in advance

    I have driven the road. I would NOT take anything but a very capable 4x4 with low range up the road. It is a "grade 4" road and is very rough, with a high clearance, good entry and exit angles and plenty of power needed. You will be driving over boulders and dongas while climbing steep slopes. There is a good chance of deep mud and slushy snow and ice. Also take a tyre inflation pump with you (preferably 1 for each vehicle) as you will need to deflate the tyres for improved traction. An experienced driver is also needed.


    ......have fun!

  7. News of a Balrog stirring in the deeps is causing the fellowship to break apart. A party of two is fragmenting to examine the stirrings in the Mines of Moria. Capeccr will lead the one group into Mordor. Capedoc will delve into the mines. More support in the Mines would be appreciated....the Balrog is a mighty foe....


    Capedocs Party:

    Meet at the end of Boyes Drive


    Bring a magic staff to illuminate your way....

  8. Is the plan to be down before sunset?

    Um....although it HAS become fashionable to walk down the mountain using ones cellphones as a light source, the plan IS to be back using light provided by nature. :)

  9. The mission: Frodo's Journey

    Thursday afternoon.

    Meet at the cable station. At the bus parking lot, immediatly before the cable station. As one enters the parking lot there is a path leading out, onto the mountain. Meet at the steps on that path in the parking lot.


    CapeDoc, capeccr, Zambesieboy, Ralph1dc, J4pos so far...


  10. "....but also to promote Geocaching in general..." [/size][/font]


    Playing devils advocate....


    do we want geocaching to "Go Big"?


    I quite like the smaller community.

    I quite like having an ethos of placing caches (mainly) in really cool spots

    I like intimate ECs


    I dread the "Micro Spew" that has besieged the States

    I dread having geocaching paths beaten out to our caches

    I dread the thought of 1000s of inane caches


    ....whats wrong with NOT promoting geocaching...?


  11. I have had my car broken into while caching, and it's happened on one of my caches too.


    I always find walking on Table Mountain a little intimidating. Some areas are more dangerous than others:

    - below the blockhouse and above Rhodes Mem.

    - Slopes of signal hill

    - Around Maclear's Beacon

    - Near the suburbs above the city bowl.


    I always walk with:

    - pepper spray

    - hiking poles

    - cheap wallet with a little money (I intend to get a cheap cellphone to add to this) which I can hand over if mugged.


    I take my dog, and walk with friends. I let others know where I am going.

  12. Orpheus is looking like fun!! :D May even be joined by Cism, if he is feeling better.

    We have mushroomed into a mini event with 6 to 10 cachers going to do it.

    The more the merrier!!


    We are meeting at:


    The end of Chelmsford Road


  13. Hi Colin - I would love to join you for Orpheus - if it is possible to pick me up in town somewhere as I shall come in by train. Hopefully sort this out tonight at the event.

    May not make the event. I will happily pick you up. Give me a call!

  14. I've volunteered to take La Kedi round the Peninsula on Wednesday ending up at the Event Cache. If anyone would like to join us there are two free seats in the car, so let me know. Recommendations for caches en route (especially Earthcaches) will be gladly accepted.

    I have offered to take her to do just one cache. We are going to do "Orpheus in the Underworld" on Thursday afternoon. We will be joined by one other cacher. Anyone wanting to join in the gang would be most welcome. Please let me know if you want to join.

    If you want to join, please know:


    - you WILL get dirty

    - you will get wet

    - you will need a good light source

    - you will need a sense of adventure.

  15. Smart Phone with a GPS is probably all you need for caching. You get all the benefits of the smartphone too. I have a dedicated unit, but find the user interphace on a smart phone so much easier for caching. I basically only use my dedicated GPSr when placing a cache, recording tracklogs, and in areas where gps reception is really poor.

    ? Look for an second hand iphone or android phone?

  16. All I do, when setting up a any new cache, is UNtick the box with this written next to it: "Enable cache listing. It is ready for review. (If the listing is not yet ready to be reviewed, uncheck this box.) Note: Only 'Enabled' cache listings are visible to the reviewer."

    That then lets you work on the listing, waypoints and attributes as much as you want until you are sure the cache is ready to be published.

    When you are ready to go, tick the box and hit the "report new listing" button and the (now fully ready) listing is submitted to the reviewer. If clashes occur the cache wont be published and the reviewer will put the ball back in your court to fix it up.

    Hope that helps as I too didn't really follow what you were asking.

    Perhaps this thread better in the beginners section?


    Cape Town named Tripadvisor's top destination.


    WOW, that is impressive!! Thanks for sharing that. I use Tripadvisor and write the odd review for them.

    Recently when I was congratulating a restaurant owner on great food, she specifically asked me to write a Tripadvisor review (she did not know I used it). I shows that it has got major clout and it is a fantastic accolade for our great city!!!

    Link to the tripadvisor page

  18. I hate DNFs on my caches. (I hate DNFs when I look for caches too!) I have a cache that got muggled, so I replaced it in a "better" hiding place. It then got so many DNFs that I left a paragraph long hint. It now never gets DNFs and has been found about 60 times in 6 months. I am happier!

    The only time I don't mind DNFs is when a FTF is up for grabs. It is my tradition NOT to give a hint till FTF has found it the old fashioned way. (Make them work for that FTF!) I think if the cache is really hard to find, you just turn it into a PAF cache.

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