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  1. The most found cache in the world makes ours look a little silly.
  2. Update: After many attempts to speak to one of the top brass (without being a nuisance) I have finally chatted to one of the TMNP officials. They are aware of geocaching. They need to have an in house discussion on policy before guidelines for geocaching are given. They cannot interface with us in any way till then. They will get back to us. Please be responsible when placing caches in TMNP, particularly if you feel the area is sensitive. Perhaps wait until we have an understanding with TMNP before publishing the cache. I have quite a few wonderful locations earmarked, but am withholding publishing caches until we hear more.
  3. Anyone planning to do any of the more extreme caches on the peninsula this week end? I am on call but a geocaching friend from JHB would love to do something exciting. Lets show him what REAL caching is all about! How about into the Abyss? Anyone wanting to re-do Urban toadstool (there were many if I recall)? Other Kalk bay caves? XXX extremely well hung or other well hungs? I unfortunately need to be able to do a house visit quickly and cant get deep into the mountains. Suggestions? Offers?
  4. CapeDoc


    Wow, 5000 that is one hell of a landmark! Congrats!!!
  5. Comparing FP is interesting, but doesn't mean all that much. Discombob placed all his caches before the FP system was activated. He would be far higher if it was implemented before he started caching. The higher the find rate on a cache, the harder to maintain a high ratio of FP. Many cachers simply don't use the system. Good caches that are found often will have a lower FP ratio than more difficult or remote good caches. Old, pre Favorite system caches that have been archived, skew the statistics. Newer archived caches skew the stats too. I remove my FP from (brilliant) archived caches. FP are best used to guide cachers to the best ACTIVE (and visible) caches. I feel it is a waist to leave FP with archived caches. That too skews stats. To maintain a high standard while placing many caches is harder than maintains a high standard with a few. A cacher with many brilliant, now archived caches, will be placed falsely low. Thanks for all the work though! Will certainly chase team DJ caches if I am in the area!
  6. In Cape Town I would say there are many "extreme" caches. some are tough hikes with climbing and exposure. Some are in caves. Some are on cliffs. Some are in trees. Some are in some kind of tunnel. Some require scuba. Some require extreme travel. It would be a long list! The "Most" extreme caches I have done (choosing just 6) "The Darkness Bekons" - mainly because you are waist deep in flowing water in the dark with bats touching your face. "Ratus Maximus - immerse fully into mud and inch your way 30+m up a spider infested narrow sewer pipe "Pristine" Cave (continue past the cache).Worm through a cave with ridiculous contortions and holes in the floor of its tunnels "The Hardest cache on Table Mountain" Abseil over an overhang, dangle about 40m up, Swing into a ledge to sign the log. "Traverse Reverse" (The traverse). Your heart will stop when you look at where you are about to hike: Climb an exposed cliff round a tree, then walk on a 1m wide ledge with a 100+ cliff next to you. "XXX Extremly well hung" Just climb a tree ....about 22m up a vertical climb up a rope" See pic below
  7. You summed it up brilliantly, that's just the way we like it......anything else is just not quite up to scratch!
  8. Someone proposed at one of mine, City Picnic And at one of Discombobs more extreme caches: Frodo's Journey (on a ledge of a cliff on Table Mountain).
  9. Wanting to do Kloof corner or Frodo's journey caches this Sunday 17th? Contact me or post a reply.
  10. CapeDoc


    I see Larks just hit 800! Congrats!
  11. A few things I noticed: We were quick off the mark, beating Asia and South America India was seriously slow, Japan took a while. We certainly look to be one of the strongholds of geocaching All about the numbers? Feel free to move to Germany or Japan!
  12. CapeDoc


    Thanks Guys!! I don't read this thread much (not much of a numbers kind of guy) so it came as a great surprise to see your nice comments! I hope to publish a few more soon.....but I think they will receive rather fewer finds than TM TB Hotel!
  13. UPDATE: I have sent the email to TMNP, and have had no further reply other than their acknowledgment of receipt. I have called and had a brief chat to a manager (Gavin Bell) who I was informed by Paddy Gordon (The area manager) would be the man to interface with. He said that it was not for him to make any decisions, and I should speak to Paddy Gordon! So, I am gently being passed back and forth. I am taking it slow, not wanting to waken sleeping dragons. I called again today, but as is often the case, no one was in the office. They will call me back.
  14. And then I found this, AMAZING!!: naaktslakkies has received 315 favorite points on his/her 23 caches.An average of 13.7 points per cache.
  15. Who is the country's best cache hider? Take the number of Favourite points earned in total and decide by caches owned. The best I can find ( by using project gc) is The Pooks with 7.3 FP ave per cache of his 12 caches. Clearly the more caches one owns, the harder it is to maintain a high level of FP so I just looked at those with more than 10 hides. TeamDJ and Hesamati are also right near the top.
  16. Some interesting replies. Although I don't really ever cache for statistical purposes, the nature of Geocaching will tend to give one good adventures when you ARE caching for statistical purposes. I hadn't thought about "Groen blokkie blues", that made me smile. We will all end up playing the way we want. There is no right or wrong. Where I choose to use my ignore list, others get together to see how many power trail caches they can find. Where I would rather spend an entire week end getting one hard earned smilie others may be chasing terrain or difficulty combos for the next badge. It is actually really nice that caching gives us all the ability to enjoy the game in the way we want to. I will continue to try to hide caches that are entertaining, in awsome locations, as that is the type of cache I personally like to find. My reward is not from a statistic but from a grateful log or being taken somewhere great. But it doesn't mean my enjoyment is any more than anyone else's enjoyment. No matter how they play the game, or for what reasons. I personally want to be taken somewhere great by Geocaching. I will continue to vote (as B&P put it) with thoughtful logs and Favourite points for caches that do that. I will write harsh logs if I dislike a cache, but realize all caches serve a purpose for someone and even the lamest caches can bring pleasure to some, if not for the location, for the statistic they generate. And as for the badges and belts, all they do is provide pleasure, so CACHE ON!
  17. I still post the odd letter or thank you card...
  18. I don't mean to be inflammatory, demeaning or judgemental but is there anyone out there who can explain to me what the fascination is with Geocaching numbers? I meant it softly and gently. Why the numbers chase? Sure I can see there may be some status involved with being the most prolific finder in the world / UK / SA. OK, even top 10, but after that it is really getting watered down. Is the status archived worth it? If it means finding hundreds of banal caches, is the status worth it? Is it a competition with a Geocaching mate? See who can have the most finds? If you reply, I won't infer that you are obsessed with numbers. No. I would just like to hear other people's take on things. I don't mean to create a rift. I also completely realize that no one is only in it for the numbers. Geocaching is a great activity and the numbers do just come out of gathering those great experiences. I admit too, to being into some numbers. I like to watch Favourite points, that's my weakness. So, what's up with the numbers thing?
  19. That's where you loose me. I really don't see the point. The best geocaches are purely experience generators. They give you an experience independent to (but may include) finding the cache. I say it again, I am jealous of your Geocaching experiences, not your Geocaching numbers. That may mean with a large number of finds, I may hardly be jealous. (Where I talk about you/your, I mean it generally, not specifically you, Wazat) If I did look at numbers, I would look at difficulty and, more especially, terrain rating of your finds. The higher your numbers there, the more I would envy you.
  20. When you say "Post box cache", do you mean a cache on a post box? If so, then I would be one of those Capetonians doing the frowning. Here is a quote from the Geocaching guidelines: "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot." – briansnat I personally do not see a post box as a wonderous place worthy of being shared with strangers.
  21. I hope that's a joke Doc? Nope
  22. Is it fun to look at online - yes Would I have ANY desire to find any of them - No! I am jealous of someone with 1000 finds because they probably have had about 400 or 500 great experiences. Someone who has 1000 finds on a PT.....not so much. I am in the process of placing a PT....
  23. Good! Looking Forward to meeting you guys! The walk takes you past " In hindsight", "Newlands forest upper contour path" and up to "Dark George". Will will have tea at "For the view". I am keen to do psalm119 again though if you want to organize an expedition.
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