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  1. I just saw this and liked the ideas. I use my 11 year old son when we are looking in a high traffic area. Who is going to pay attention to a kid doing something stupid? I will pretend to be on the phone and he will go look. If somebody pays attention to him, I will "yell" at him to quit whatever he is doing and behave. If they keep watching, he will pretned to sya something "smart alecky" to my back when I turn around. It works wonderfully and he enjoys the ruse.
  2. Stop at a scenic point while on a non-caching vacation and spend 30 minutes looking for a cache that you just know has to be there, because it looks like a good spot. My wife did this and than yells at me about being addicted to caching.
  3. I am active duty Coast Guard. Just passed my 20 year anniversary. I started enlisted and made it to Chief Petty Officer before turning to the dark side and going warrant. I started as an Electronics Technician and actually helped construct some of the DGPS sites around the country. Now, I help support, maintain, and improve DGPS sites on the west coast. Thanks to all who serve, served, and support those who serve as we near Independence Day. Without you, we wouldn't have it! Happy Fourth of July to All!!
  4. I enjoy the quality time with the family. Getting off the couch. New places. Going outside the "comfort zone" to find certain caches. The fresh air, the wildlife, the people you meet. The thrill of the hunt. The smile on my kids faces when they make "the find" and watching them push the limits for what they will do.
  5. Great answers. Thanks for all the different opinions and ideas. I geocache because it is a great family activity, it brings us to new areas and locations, and it is better than sitting on the sofa. I do like the satisfaction of completing the find and getting to sign the log, kind of I was here I did that sort of thing. I also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the caches come off the page or out of a certain area. Again, I appreciate all the comments. Thanks.
  6. This has gotten way off track and I didn't mean for it to. I was just asking a question because I had heard different versions from others on how to address the issue. But as always on these type of boards, the discussion gets off track and people start getting insulted, offended, or pissed off. I was just curious. But after reading the posts above, let me ask this question, I don't know why I am either, maybe I am just an idiot or a glutton for punishment. You find a cache, doesn't matter where, and the log is full, waterlogged, or missing. Can you claim the find than? You didn't sign the log as others say is a criteria but you found the actual cache. If this is a yes, how is it much different than finding where it should be and it isn't there?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. They answered the questions perfectly. I usually don't log my first DNF unless I am positive I know where it should be. I will start logging them the 1st time I can't find something. Thanks again.
  8. There was a DNF before mine. There was a lag between the DNF and my visit to the site, a long lag. I figured the same thing that maybe the last person just didn't find it. I verified the site and the location of where I went. I was in the right spot just no cache. I wasn't trying to cause any trouble or get people riled up. I am still fairly new to this and was just curious. I personally follow mjy caches and if an experienced cacher can't find an easy hide that I begin to wonder if it is still there. If somebody can't find on their first try, I don't worry about it to much. But, if a cacher says I looked here and that was the right spot and the cache wasn't there, I don't have a problem with saying it is a find. So, when all is said and done, it is up to the cache owner whether or not you can claim it as a find and whether or not they are going to maintain their cachers. That is the answers I was looking for. I just wasn't sure. Thanks for the answers and thanks for allowing us to enjoy the sport. Jodakry
  9. I have a quick question and was hoping some of the more experienced cachers could help. You go to a cache and lok and look for it but cannot find it. You realize the cache is gone yet you found where it should be. Can you/should you be able to log as a find even though you didn't technically find the cache? I went to a cache site, over a mile hike, that was a 30 minute drive from the house. I spent 45 minutes looking for the cache which turned out to be missing. I found and verified with the cache owner that I looked in the right spot but he didn't want me to log as a find. Now I have to go back and re-find something that wasn't there the first time I looked by no fault of my own. Isn't it the cache owners responsibility to ensure the cache is there or to disable it until it can be replaced? I own 6 caches and if a DNF is posted a will visit the site to ensure it is still there. I am just curious and was hoping to get some insight into this. Thanks in advance!
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