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  1. I don't like the logs in those bags, they piss me off. Just buy a pad of waterproof paper.
  2. I totally agree with everything you have said, I really have zero interest in difficult to find micro caches and no it has nothing to do with the "numbers" game as others are suggesting. Yes I detest those that don't provide hints and appreciate the "spoilers" in the logs.
  3. These are all good suggestions, unlike most others in this thread. What you can do is go to Aliexpress and search for a topic of interest (for example "survival" is usually a good keyword), click cheapest first and you'll be left with some cool, practical, cheap items that aren't dollar store plastic junk.
  4. OK, well that was quick.... http://www.geocaching.com/blog/2015/10/whats-next-for-geocaching-trackables/ But I still don't see how to do it on intro app.. EDIT: Ok found it, you have to click "search".
  5. Honestly I think a significant factor is logging, I've looked when I found a trackable and was put off immediately since it was a confusing and awkward process. I can imagine people taking one and then not having the patience to work out what they are meant to do with it, particularly when you are only doing it to benefit someone else.
  6. I have a trackable I want to release, but knowing the awkwardness of the logging process I'd expect it to go missing pretty quick. Is there any ETA on the proposed logging changes?
  7. Is it highly humid? thus seemingly dry when opened but by letting in humid air it will condense and make everything damp when the weather cools.
  8. I'm just thankful that the cache police population density out in the field is much lower then it is in the forum.
  9. Yeh, I think the whole problem is people seeing problems when there are no problems and finding glee in the micromanagment of other people over these perceived problems. Guidelines by definition are NOT hard set rule of law, private land or permission should excuse a guideline where its reasonable. Often a partially buried cache is far less intrusive then a Tupperware container looking more like litter, and a nail in a tree better then a chain strangling around the whole thing. Common sense and judgement people, use it.
  10. Wrapping something around a limb can do a lot more damage then the nothing that a nail or screw will do.
  11. Dipping is bloody stupid, right up there with power trails and geo-graffiti.
  12. What is the best FTF reward you have found or put out? I can't say I've ever been FTF, is it customary to include something? I planning my first and maybe last caches and think spending $10-20 would be fair..
  13. While I'm not a fan of geoart, on the ground it just looks like a mass of generic containers. Frankly, as quoted this is stupid anyway and takes away from the whole concept of geocaching, just a silly picture on a map with no real plan or work into creating a physical reality. Its no loss.
  14. Honestly? Fireworks, ammo, nude pics, zippo lighters, knives... the thought of finding something you shouldn't have is most exciting, nothing else even registers.
  15. Its not horrid, the trees are perfectly fine, they don't have feeling you know.
  16. I'd ban the idiot that left that mess, archive the caches, but leave it open to others more responsible.
  17. I really like bullet casings. I would love to find those in acache. This.. if you are "offended" by something as benign as a shell casing then that is YOUR problem, simply don't take the dadgum thing and leave it there for someone else that may find it interesting.
  18. This, it sounds like a cache I wouldn't bother with. Sometimes the reward for the trouble simply isnt worth it and to be honest I can empathise with the logger. If there's no hints I try to find one in the comments. If you wanted a persons actual and true opinion that is mine for better or worse that's the way I'd feel.
  19. Rules aside, finding things like ammo, fireworks, lighters, nude cards, fish hooks/lures are the best loot by far. "Kid friendly" loot is the worst for me, the lame plastic toys people leave boring as hell. Saying it the way it is.
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