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  1. The same idea was thought of here in the Arabian Peninsula. The theme was to place a cache and a Travel Bug or Geocoin with a mission to travel along the Gulf countries. 5/6 caches were placed. The cache I placed in Kuwait got muggled on 10-10-10!! Some people decided to cut the trees where it was hidden and took away the cache and the Travel Bug included I would like to place another one in 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 but untill then, I'll have to replace my muggled 10-10-10 Kuwait cache.
  2. When you postpone your wedding day because of a Geocaching event taking place on the same day When you tell your daughters that the GPSr is their little brother! When you refer to people as Muggles unless they can prove they were Geocachers. When you lose your car keys and your wife tells you she looked for them signed DNF. When you deposit money to your account and the teller asks you: would you like a receite? and you answer: No I like Paperless Caching"
  3. It is unlikely that a Geocacher would do something like that to a cache container.. I think it's the muggles.
  4. Here goes Cincol U.A.E. : 10-10-10 UAE Photos (GC2G6BM) N 24° 23.986 E 054° 30.408 (Not real Co-ordinates) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. By Carbon Hunter Kuwait : 10-10-10 Kuwait (GC2GCPP) N 29° 22.421 E 048° 00.418 Kuwait City, Kuwait. By gpsman77 Qatar : 10-10-10 Qatar (GC2G2KM) N 25° 33.585 E 051° 27.189 Qatar. By cincol Oman : 10-10-10 Oman (GC2G6F9) N 24° 50.785 E 055° 55.411 Oman. By pseacraft Bahrain : 10-10-10 Bahrain Awaiting listing by terrorbyte Saudi Arabia : 10-10-10 Saudi Arabia Awaiting listing by me N u
  5. 10-10-10 Kuwait is up for review since yesterday. GC1DNYX Found the Activation Code and the TB should be good to go
  6. Thanks for your help. That completes the chain
  7. OK.. 10-10-10 Kuwait is in place and hopefully will be activated on that special day. One problem though.. I can't find the Activation Code for the TB that was placed in it Any suggestion??
  8. Thanks a lot guys and sorry for being late.. Got sick after arrival from Canada and had to attend a funeral, etc.. I haven't checked the pages of the caches placed by you all yet but I'm sure they are gonna be great 10-10-10 Kuwait should be planted soon and should be ready for that day. Too bad no one from Saudi is placing any cache
  9. I'm all ears.. what do u have in mind?
  10. Congratulations to Carbon Hunter on the 700 finds. It'll take me around 100 years to reach that number
  11. Thank you Carbon Hunter and thank you Pseacraft
  12. Yep - you can count me in with "10-10-10 Qatar". Thank you Cincol
  13. Thanks my good friend It would be nice if you could place a TB in.. but if all u have is a Geocoin.. then I guess that is OK.
  14. Thank you.. I just hope I don't screw up with my calculations
  15. I have emailed Terrorbyte and awaiting his reply
  16. Thank you gentlemen on your responses.. I was certain that this idea would get your attention The idea is simple.. each one of us hides a geocache (any size that could accommodate a TB) to be active on 10-10-10 One cache in each one of the 6 countries of the GCC (hopefully). It would be nice if they would have the same name with added country's name, e.g. "10-10-10 Geocache of Kuwait", etc.. or something like that making it obvious that there is a theme going on. I'll see if my good friend Terrorbyte can take care of the one in Bahrain if he's not gonna be away.. and if any of you happen to know anyone in Saudi (mfares for instance) and in Oman, to see what they think. Oh.. and the TB's placed should have their goal to visit all 6 GCC countries.. maybe even have something local (traditional) attached ro them. So.. What do you guys think?
  17. I was wondering if Geocachers in the GCC contries would be interested in placing a new cache to be active on 10-10-2010 to mark this day? a T.B. with the goal to circulate around the GCC contries would be another suggestion. I can place the cache in Kuwait and hopefully the other Geocachers in the GCC would do the same. Happy caching
  18. Hi all, I'm gonna be traveling to Halifax in a few days for 2 weeks and would like to find as many geocaches as possible. So far I have found 65 and hoping to hit the #100 before I leave Halifax. Any cool & easy ones you recommend? Thanx in advance
  19. Couldn't agree more with Carbon Hunter. I have deleted all military caches from Kuwait caches. It is very satisfying to see cachers seeking my caches along the coast line and appreciating that there are infact some non-military, restricted caches.
  20. The cache has been replaced by "RedRocks" and is active now. Thank you RedRocks
  21. Thanks for the replies. I will do my best to make it to the event in Qatar. The UAE even date however does not fit into my schedule.. maybe next time.
  22. Hi there, What about the UAE event that is gonna be held (possibly) on the 23rd?? The date suits my schedule (coming from Kuwait), and to be honest, I'd rather attend Qatar's event cuz in my last visit I only managed 3 caches I'll keep an eye on this thread.
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