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  1. Ditto. My last login was three days ago when I was in Atlanta. Do you have any idea how many pages I have yet to Webfoot and can't? I'm still peeved about not being able to Webfoot the last pages in CHEERS, before Tired opened CHEERS?
  2. Hmmm. Yup! JBEX calls. Ya'll take care!
  3. Spazzing hard down here in KY.
  4. It does look a bit odd with the screen resolution set to 800x600... At 1024x768, it looks fine, here.
  5. Uh, I don't understand the question... There are other things to think about? I'd have to say probably 1/2 dozen timesw a day, actually.
  6. This miht be a stupid ques. but, is there like a conversion chart for that. 30 minutes is equal to 1/2 hour, or 1/48th of a day... Sorry, couldn't help myself. The unit should be fairly waterproof. You wouldn't want to go swimming with it for long periods, but I've yet to get the inside of a GPSr wet.
  7. <Magellan user> Does the Legend support 1000 waypoints? Personally, I use a laptop when I'm out of town and don't load the GPSr full up. Saves time. Currently, I have one database in GSAK that contains nearly 4000 waypoints, from Kentucky to South Carolina. On second thought, it looks like your question is leaning more towards how to get the queries you want, than anything to do with your Legend. Best way that I've found is to set up your query using the 'preview' function until you get what you want from each of them. You can query by date placed until you get the earliest 500, etc. Run your queries, then merge them in GSAK. Hope that helps.
  8. It is there... just click on your name on the top right of the page... once there, clikc on your little stats bar on the top right side of the page. That will take you to your profile. Thanks I just now noticed that the link is in the "stat's bar" on the My Account page. I was getting rather frustrated trying to setup the newest addition to the family's account!
  9. Aha! I found a 'View My Profile' link, but you have to edit your profilein order to see it. Could it also be put back on the main 'My Account' page, please?
  10. I've got to say that I love the changes, except: I can't seem to view my own profile page unless I log out and then log back in under the wife's account. Then, I have to go through the 'lookup another player' link to get to my own profile page. Kind of hard to edit it when you don't know what it looks like! What happened to the 'View My Profile' link in the 'My Account' section?
  11. I've had a couple of non-cachers log my caches, one of them before any cachers found it! My personal favorite 'muggle' log was on a cache in South Carolina (GC9051). An INMATE who was on cleanup in the park located the cache from the road. They not only signed the log, they traded items! (although their trade was a condom) I thought it was pretty cool that this person, who was where they were for not following the rules, took the time to read the "What is this" note and then followed the rules exactly.
  12. There are some people that pay for a premium membership just to access Off-Topic. If anything we should axe TFFKAG, since all the freeloaders hang out there TFFKAG??? whatchootalkinboutwillis The Forum Formerly Known As General
  13. So now you can't tell where you're going, only where you've been?
  14. In other words... WHY DOES MY POST SAY RINGBONE?
  15. E = Mc2

    Icon Swap Meets

    Adding my 2 cents, I like the above.
  16. Now that the bookmarks are set up, it looks like this thread has accomplished its mission. Thanks for all the hard work! Closing thread
  17. That's a great idae! I had started a bookmark list, but with limited time on the road and limited bandwidth at home, I let it slide. I had thought about running PQ's to get every cache in Indiana, and then using GSAK to filter the results. Your idea is much better!
  18. Shovelbum has the right idea, IMHO. I, too, have experienced this with my eTrex camo. There have been occasions where the arrow would be pointing away from the cache, yet the distance would decrease as I got closer. When this has happened, I've noticed that the 'bearing' is still correct (or nearly so) and just went in the direction that my Silva compass pointed. Occasionally, I've noticed this on my Maggies, but less often than with my (admittedly basic) eTrex. As to whether or not the Garmin is accurate, I think that you will find that they all have their peculiarities. Many thousands of caches have been found using just the 'basic' yellow eTrex. Take your time and work with the unit and you'll be a seasoned veteran before you know it.
  19. Sounds like the same one I've done in I'on... I've seen several well done caches in electric boxes. One used a 'wall outlet' sized box with a screw on cover. The cover was actually hinged, though. I like the concept, provided it isn't near any real (read live) electric boxes.
  20. This cache now archived took me 138 miles over the course of six hours and twelve stages to complete. I've heard of one in South Carolina that has taken some cachers as much as 2200 miles of driving to complete.
  21. This is not likely to be approved. I know that it doesn't matter that same has been approved before, but this has been done already. Aside from some others I've heard of locally, there was a cache in SC called Natural Phenomenon - Ultraviolet A that required the use of a black light to find. They even had a blacklight TB circulating so you didn't have to go buy one yourself. Unfortunately, it was in SC cemetary...
  22. <Cues Cameo> Wave your hands in the air... Have to agree with the reviewers on this one.
  23. <Sprinkles some troll food around> POINT: COUNTERPOINT: Hmmm... Most of the cache I've come across that had cameras in them have also had that information on the cache listing...
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