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  1. Right on, brainsnat! B)


    As one of the "puzzle impaired," I know how this is. I ran into the Proximity problem with one of my caches. It ended up being only 37 feet away from a puzzle cache ammo can . . . :D

    Hmmm... When we changed reviewers some time back, evidently the final location of a puzzle wasn't passed on. A new cache was placed 75 feet from said final... That was fun, while it lasted. Of course, I was the only one who had solved the puzzle, and no one else ran across the wrong cache. :mad:


    I understand that the reviewers can now keep notes on the cache page that aren't visible to the public. :laughing:

  2. Sleeping on the couch can be a good thing, too. I mean, you've got the TV right there, it's usually a shorter walk to the kitchen, and if it was chili night for dinner, you'll probably hear less complaining. Okay, sure there's a whole lot less of...well....that...when you're sleeping on the couch, but think of it sort of like camping. It's a little camping trip right there, with all the conveniences of home. :)


    Whoa... I don't recall you being at EJ's last weekend. :)


    How did you know what the layout of his house was? :)




    OT: I think you might be able to move enough of them to break even, personally. I like the Bessie design, and, of course, it matches my Bessie skull I received last weekend. Thanks again for everything, BTW!

  3. I just picked up a Magellan Meridian (green) for $60 on eBay. This is an excellent beginner's unit with a simple to learn interface that won't 'lose lock' under tree cover or, Heaven forbid, clouds... :P Add $20 for a SD card and spend another $30-40 for the basic Mapsend software (Streets & Destinations, Topo) and you'll also have detailed maps for less than $150. YMMV, of course, but there is a reason that 3 of the four GPS'rs I own are Meridian series. Now, money being no object, I'd own a 60CSX, but... :P


    Like others here, I will suggest that you go to a couple of events and check out other's GPSr's before making your decision.

  4. Concerning the available maps: From the cache page, you can still click on quite a selection of maps if you want a larger map with the cache centered on it.




    As to the 'randomness' of the cache selection, try zooming in. ;) <---(note the smiley, people!) Really, though, there is only so much 'real estate' on the maps when they are zoomed out, so the selection is random.


    Working with dial-up, the pages are terribly slow to load and don't always fill in completely when using Google maps. Personally, I tend to run a PQ of the area and then fire up Mapsend and/or Streets & Trips. If I'm gonna have to wait for something to download, I might as well have all the caches on one map.

  5. What about people who have sex with animals? They don't have ANY clubs/stables they can go to to 'hook up'. Shouldn't they be protected also? If anyone says it's disgusting, then you are being closed minded and a bigot! People are just born that way and can't help that they have desires to pleasure themselves with livestock.


    Sure they do! It's called 'The Internet'. :unsure:

  6. I'm just trying to say that there is alot of inaccurate generalization going on in this thread. I'm not saying anyone is lying. I believe everyones stories. I just don't think you can blame all the beer cans, needles, condoms etc. solely on one group of people.


    You are correct.


    You can not blame all of the above on one group of people. The men who spend all their free time hanging out in public parks looking for sex are just the obvious ones, though; especially since they can and occasionally do aggressively approach uninterested parties. Sexual preference is not the point here, I do believe. It's the general unlawfulness of a small group of people that we are discussing. I would think that most people, either gay or straight, would not want to be chased all over a park by some man who refuses to take no for an answer. And yes, it's happened to me at one of my caches.


    Hey! We met at the 'Road Rally' event in E'town, remember? :unsure:

  7. Who cares? Dragging your kids into an urban park after dark is consent for them to see all kinds of stuff. Don't do it. As far as consenting adults go? If it bothers you - watch your GPS instead. Most people do anyway... :unsure:


    Sheesh, just go find the cache and mind your own business...

    The activity takes place at all hours of the day and night. I was chased down and assaulted right at mid-day, near the cache I was logging in a well-kept suburban park. Watching the GPS and minding my own business was a BIG mistake. I've since learned to become more aware of my surroundings, and less trusting that people will leave me alone. I also carry pepper spray.

    Lep, how many times do I have to tell you? They weren't after you. They wanted the hamsters!!! ;)


    I have been approached by gay men while caching. Usually, there's no problem, but there are more aggressive men out there who don't want to take no for an answer. The type of person looking for sex in a public park is also, IMHO, more likely to be the type who doesn't 'play well with others'. In other words: more dangerous, possibly psychopathic, addicted to sex, high on their own adrenaline from the 'chase' and illicit behaviour, etc...


    I seem to recall this coming up the forum before and hearing about a cacher or cacher's friend who had been killed because he tried to refuse the advances of someone in a park. Anyone else remember this?


    Aside from backing in to the parking spaces, I've noticed that most of the men I run across in these spots also are wearing what smells like an entire bottle of cologne. icon8.gif


    Edit: OBMB! B)

  8. Just remember, once you're a premium member, you can never get out. If you try and cancel your membership Jeremy has Keystone put a horses head in your bed.


    Due to cost constraints we have switched to Tofu horse heads and ketchup.

    Ok, fine, now you've convinced me. Go ahead and raise the fee from $30 to $45 a year -- when my subscription runs out, I want a REAL horses head, not some vegan version! For the extra $15 a year, I think it's worth it. For that matter, make it $50 a year so Keystone can FLY the head over, rather than riding a bus. Waiting for a week after the subscription runs out is just too long. I want same day service dangit!


    After that incident at the airport, Keystone is a little afraid of getting up in the air anymore. As his personal chauffeur (you can check my profile!), I can assure you that the bus he rides in is no normal Greyhound bus. It has been fully customized by Custom Coach Corporation, and has all the amenities you'd expect of an 'Executive' level coach. He rides in style, indeed, watching his favorite shows on the 52 inch plasma HDTV with 7 channel surround. His leather recliner has 10 motor massage and dual heat, and he sips nothing but the best Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac. Trust me, your Premium Membership fees are being put to good use!

  9. I like to auction final coordinates on eBay. I'm a money grubber.

    ...and all this time I thought you were in this for the chicks. :)

    See, with lots of money the chicks just come flocking to his door! :)


    Back OT, I placed a cache and messed up the coords on the cache page. I listed the parking coords on the cache page instead of the cache coords. The two are roughly 1/4 mile apart following the trail system. Based on the following from the cache page, the first finder was able to get within a couple hundred feet of the cache and then score the find.


    "While you're here, take a minute to take in the beautiful view. You can see most of Freeman Lake from this vantage."

  10. Oh Bihki, I've got a box ready to mail to you, but haven't been able to get to the post office. I gotcha a little something that I hope you'll like.


    I'll try and get it to you on my off days.


    Speaking of off days, I need to get upstairs and get some sleep so's I can drive back from Atlanta tonight. I start my new run on the 14th or the 17th, depending on whether or not they'll let me take the 14th off. The 15th and 16th are already days off on the new run, so I want to spend a little time with the wife and kids before I head to Columbus.


    Which also reminds me: Where does Robes live? He's pretty close to CLS, isn't he?

  11. So why haven't the TPTB jumped in here yet and explained what is going on?


    Probably too busy trying to fix the problem. Yeah, that's the ticket! :)


    I am have severe forum withdrawal symptoms. Don't make me actually get some work JBEX done today.


    Fixed. :)

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