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  1. An interesting idea, as I have noticed some of our not so computer literate types unintentionally logging a cache as found when they meant to post a note. I, noted scholar and cornputer whiz that I am, have been known to do so on occasion.

  2. Also the best advice i've got so far on hiding a cache "in plain site" is this. "If you want to confuse a cacher, pick something or somewhere, where they will KNOW IT HAS TO BE. Then dont put it there."

    :unsure:;):D I hit what I thought was going to be a quickie guardrail cache on the way home from work this morning (at 1:30AM). After finding that it wasn't in either end of the guardrail, I ended up going back to get the GPS, checking again, climbing on top of the guardrail to check the top of the fence post (it, too was "well guarded" with razor wire), wandering off, coming back, etc. before I finally noticed the small piece of asphalt at the base that was covering the cache. The fact that it wasn't where I expected made being STF on a rx bottle fun!


    Saw something in plain sight on an electrical box recently - flexible, magnetic with random letters on. I thought at first it was belonged there, but my "evil digit" got the better of me, I peeled it off, and on the reverse was a log sheet. So simple, but easy to overlook.

    Saw that locally. The neat thing to do is to put the GC number on the sticker. I spent half an hour once looking around a set of six electrical and phone boxes before it hit me that I was looking for GCJZ5Z...
  3. Around here, it is not very common for someone to leave a FTF prize. I've 180-odd FTF's to date and of the FTF prizes that I've seen or heard about, there were: unactivated TB's or Geocoins, a nano container (I really need to do something with that), lottery scratch off tickets, 'dollar-off' coupons for a restaurant, gift cards/certificates.


    Really, the best prize for the FTF is actually signing the blank log, IMHO. I wouldn't put a prize out unless the cache is hard to solve/find/retrieve/replace, etc.

  4. Oh boy - you don't believe how important is to some cachers. Some are even using loop holes to get FBA.

    Roughly 12% of my finds have been FTF's. Whatever the reason, be it the competition, the chance to see the cache as the hider intended, mini-events, etc., it's just plain fun.


    FBA? What's that mean? And could you describe these 'loop holes'?


    I, personally, have a pocket query which has as the only checked box 'Which have not been found'. The 'Preview this query' link resides in my links bar on all three computers. Before I head out to work or what have you, I click it and see if anything has popped up lately and is on my way. Do I rush right out? Rarely.

  5. What I would like is an option for the cache-owner to set trackable items as "not in the cache".

    This must not have the same effect as if an owner sets his tb as "missing" but it should remove

    the TB from the cache listing.

    Both the cache owner and the bug owner can currently mark a bug as "missing." How is "not in the cache" any different? :ph34r:

    My thoughts prezactly. I'm guessing the OP means that the current 'missing' log to them means KIA and that they want a log that means MIA.


    This post brought to you by abbr.

  6. I guess the real answer is a question: If you and the kids were opening a brand new cache, what would you want to find in it? Put it there... :ph34r:


    I filled a ammo can at Walgreens for less than $10.


    Aside:Mr. Stinkyman just asked 'You can buy ammo cans at Walgreens?' :lol:

  7. Be patient - in my case it took a couple days for their helpdesk to get around to it, but it's no problem to do it.


    First time I've been in the forums for a bit. I was looking at the list of 'Cachers with more than 200 finds' and noticed that there was a new 'leader'. Team Alamo was missing from the top spot and someone who's name I did not recognize was there. Interested in finding out who had found 35,000+ caches in such a short time that they didn't show on the board at all the last time I checked, I looked at their profile only to find a name change.


    Hmmm. A name change.


    I do think they frown on frequent name changes however.


    The reason I'm here. At one point in the not too distant past, Groundspeak banned all -through their servers- name changes, period. Basically put, the only way to change your name was to re-log all your finds under the new name (and then delete all your old logs, if you wanted to). Nice to see that it is allowed again, as I'm certain my 8 y.o. son will not want to be referred to as Mr Stinkyman forever. :ph34r:

  8. Going with the flow here: Delete their logs and send them an email explaining why.


    That said, I just don't see the logic in "I can't find it so it must be missing." The ONLY time I'll replace a cache is if I've already found the original and it has since gone missing. If I happen to be heading to that area anyway, I'll bring along another container and put it out for the next finder.

  9. Once your GPSr puts you at what it thinks is Ground Zero - look down.


    And don't forget the other directions, too. :blink:


    I usually consider 30 feet to be acceptable, depending on the surroundings. If the hider took the time to take multiple readings and get 'good' coordinates, (the norm in this area), then it isn't too uncommon to be within 10-15 feet. I did find one that was 300 feet from the posted coordinates by using brute force. To wit: I searched every tree in the fairgrounds... :)


    But I got the FTF. :lol:

  10. ... This issue began a couple of days ago....


    That's your clue. Something changed in your system. You can try system restore if there isnt' anything obviouse that you did a couple of days ago.

    One would think so, but I hadn't changed anything. :)


    The problem resolved itself soon (within a day or two) after my post. ;)

  11. Some people (e.g. moderator briansnat) will log a DNF if he presses "go to" on his GPSr.


    I don't care who you are. That's funny right there. :)


    For me it depends on whether or not I've given the cache more than just a cursory search. I tend to log more DNF's than most cachers I know. On one cache (GCNZAQ), I logged three DNF's in the six months between my first search and the eventual find.

  12. Anyone else having this problem?


    Every time I visit the GC.com website, I have to log in. Cookies are not being set properly. Yes, I am checking the 'remember me' box and I have the browser(s) set to accept cookies. This issue began a couple of days ago. If I close the tab, but not the browser, I still have to log back in when I re-visit a page.


    I'm using WINXP with Google Chrome. Tried it with Internet Exploder 8 and got the same result.

  13. I had two that ran last night and still haven't arrived in my mailbox. They ran just fine but got lost between there and here. I just now copied one of them and it arrived almost immediately. Sounds like a GC mailserver issue.


    Give the servants of the frog a minute to respond. It's still butt early on the left coast. ;)


    Edit: Clarity.

  14. soft coords, of course


    Purposely giving soft coords on a cache will cause grief. What's the point to that? I want to look for and find hard caches. I don't want to look in the wrong spot for hard caches because the owner thinks that soft coords increase the difficulty.

    Exactly! As I have said before, I think that purposely giving incorrect or fuzzy coordinates is an insane practice, and I would never condone it.

    I know of one cacher who has been known to give soft coords and then get extremely huffy if anyone says anything about it. On one cache, the coordinates put one squarely in the middle of a 4-lane, 4-way intersection. Despite numerous complaints, she insists that the problem is with your GPSr, not hers. Complain too much about her terrible coordinates, and she'll delete your find logs on her other caches... ;)


    On Topic: I, personally, log the majority of my DNF's. I can remember one particular cache that I logged at least 3 DNF's on. All told, 159 DNF's with 1442 finds. How odd, I have almost as many DNF's as I have FTF's!

  15. I'm not real happy that the last one came in at 2203 Hrs., but I guess someone has to get theirs at that time. :sad:


    Tomorrow, we'll schedule yours for 2202. Better? :D;)


    Add me to the list. It figures: the only time I can't get my PQ's is when I actually need them.

  16. 1300-odd finds with the three Meridians that I own, (yeah, I've used my etrex camo as a backup on occasion) and I love the receivers. Customer dis-service, on the other hand... B)


    I had to send my MeriPlat in for service. I had three complaints about the unit at the time. The primary problem was that the screen was broken. The reason it was broken was complaint number two. It kept shutting off by itself and I got so ticked off that I kinda whacked it against a tree, or something like that. The third problem was that the electronic compass would not calibrate. PERIOD. They had it for several weeks, and only addressed the cracked screen. The unit still shut off abruptly and I never have gotten the compass to calibrate.


    After shipping it off, I waited, and waited, ad infinitum. Finally, I got fed up enough to spend literally hours on hold so I could talk to a real person. At first, they claimed that I sent it to some place that wasn't even in the same state but they finally found it three days later. When it was eventually returned, the case had four stripped screws (out of six), the wires that lead to the external power/pc cable hookup were loose, and the gasket was sticking out of the side of the case. All this for the low, low sum of $156. I could have purchased one in better condition on eBay for less.


    I've since repaired the stripped screws (JB Weld), soldered the battery leads (which also seemed to make it a bit more accurate. YMMV) and learned to live without the electronic compass. (*)


    My next new purchase will NOT be another Maggie. As the three Meridians I have now wear beyond repair, they will be replaced with 60csx's.


    (*) Here's a tip: If you don't have a working electronic compass on your Maggie, don't get concerned about which way the compass is pointing. Even when you are standing still, it will still point the way. Note the sun (or moon) symbol that shows up at the edge of the compass ring. Turn the entire unit so that the sun lines up with the symbol on the compass, and the arrow will be pointed at the cache. B)

  17. I simply check the PQ only when I need it. Last week's data is usually still pretty up-to-date, unless there's been a rash of new hides in the area. I've rarely had a problem with getting queries in a timely manner and, when that does happen, I do what Lep said earlier...


    A suggestion for the FTF hounds in the bunch: You can create a query to only search for caches "Which have not been found", then copy the link to 'Preview this Query' to your Favorites (I have a link on the taskbar). Whenever I want to see the newest, unfound caches, I simply click the link which I have created, and get those results instantly as a preview. Those few new caches that I might go look for can then be printed out for a quick exit from the house without waiting for a query to download and parse. :anicute:

  18. There are a lot of cachers who enjoy getting the FTF on caches. At the present moment there doesn't appear to be any way that you can look up the caches that you have had as a FTF.


    What would be nice to see is a list of the caches that you logged either first or on the same date as the FTF. I think the latter would be better as you do get people logging before you.


    It is only a small request but one I think many people will enjoy. It could be listed along with the caches link on your account page?

    I use Bookmarks... :(


    And yes, it did take me several days of sorting through cache listings until I had the complete list. I did make a mistake at first in making it both shared and public. Making it a public list puts it on the cache page. Oooppsss... <_<


    I really keep it only for my benefit, but I do keep it shared in case anyone becomes curious.

  19. I don't like the changes they made to the profiles by adding the ***'s and changing around the order.

    So take them out. :wub:


    Thanks to the GC crew for making it so I don't have to follow a template as to how my profile page is laid out. I suppose I should go learn a little HTML now to make it look even better!

  20. Usually, I just tell them I'm Geocaching. It's not like I'm doing anything wrong. :laughing:


    <aside> I ran into a fairly well known caching couple one day at a trailhead. I had just placed a new cache and needed to fix something in order for it to be found. I noticed their GPSr's and asked "Are you Geocaching?". Their immediate response was 'Nope!'.


    My reply?


    "Darn, that's too bad, because I have the coordinates to a new cache and ya'll could have been FTF." :laughing:


    They ended up being 2TF. :laughing:

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