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  1. I know of one CO who lists bad coordinates and then blames every other cacher who can't find her caches. After all, her family FTF's her caches with no problems! Even more slimey: Dare to complain about her bad coords and she deletes your FIND logs. That said, most cache owners want their caches to be found. Good coordinates and the flexibility to change them when everyone else gets some other coordinate should be a must for the moral cacher. I cache with an ancient Meridian which sometimes doesn't get the best reception. When I can't get repeatable numbers, I try to give a generous hint so others can find the cahce. The game is supposed to be fun, right?
  2. Pretty please? OT: AS long as the cache doesn't violate the lusting guidelines, then the reviewer publishes it. Per a previous post: The reviewer may not like the cache or the CO, but that doesn't mean they won't publish it (while holding their nose).
  3. I maintain a cache for a no-longer local but still active cacher. It was grandfathered in and probably would be a PIA to get approved now. That said: if there is a physical cache, post a NA log explaining that the CO is no longer active. Once it is archived, you can place your own cache in the same spot and keep the wording from the cache page intact, should you so desire. It not only keeps the cache in the same spot, but gives other locals a chance to revisit the spot. I'm in a similar situation right now. A nearby cache has been abandoned by the CO, who no longer caches. If it were possible to have 'forced' adoptions, I'd take the page over in a minute. 'Why doesn't he just follow what he said above?' you ask. It's a virtual. The number of 'Greetings from Germany!' logs I would delete if I could...
  4. I do. Ditto. I say gyp-ser Reminds me: A local cacher used to make his own signature 'cards' out of 1/8 inch thick pieces of wood. Each had a witticism on the back with "Another Geocaching Moment From" on the front.
  5. Adding my recommendation that you download and use GSAK to parse your pocket queries. I have a -much- older Magellan and send waypoints to the SD card. Each set of waypoints has its own name, so I only use whichever set I need at the time. Example: My run currently has me in Detroit 3 times a week. I have a query for Detroit caches and a file on the card for Detroit caches. When I get there, I erase all the other waypoints from the GPSr and then load the Detroit waypoints. When I get back to Louisville and feel like caching, I erase the Dertoit waypoints from the GPSr and load 'Lousiville'. I live an hour from Louisville, so when I get home I erase 'Louisville' and load 'Closest', etc., etc. and so forth. The waypoints stay on the card so I can reload at will.
  6. I'd love a way to remove Souvenirs... I have one from a state that I've never even visited. The cache that qualified me for it was a Locationless.
  7. Where do we begin? Destruction of property, vandalism (scratching the paint on the lamppost by lifting the skirt), not getting permission to place a cache on private property, etc... You forgot "lack of 'wow' factor". When I place a cache, it's usually some place that I want people to see that they might not see normally. Yes, a LPC is a smiley, but I don't consider it a cache. But that's just my personal opinion.
  8. And there's the rub. I, for instance, don't have time to read every cache page when I'm out hunting. I frequently don't even have the PDA with me, so I may not see instructions like that. What I load into the GPSr is coordinates and hints. (because that's all I can load into it) Things like not driving onto a certain street get left out. Common sense dictates whether or not I'll hunt a cache when I get near. Personally, I've done caches in the country on private property that were very nice. I've done caches on private property that were just... icky. One of the ones I found was in the reviewer's front yard, so we knew that everyone in the house was aware of caching. We didn't knock on the door, even though it was standing open.
  9. Aside from the tires, refrigerators, and old cars way out in the middle of nowhere... Roughly a mile from the closest parking and quite a bit higher elevation, I found a milk crate. Someone had brought it to the top of a knob and placed it where the best view was.
  10. Leaving Krispy Kreme the other morning after jbex, I was followed by a cop for several miles. I just KNEW I was going to get pulled over, even though I hadn't done anything. It was 2AM on a Saturday morning, and the bars were hopping. All I could think of was me rolling down the window and saying "Would you like a doughnut , officer?"
  11. They're best quality, so of course, KRFS stopped carrying them. IIRC, I saw some at that fancy french store. You know, Tarzhay? Fortunately, we also have Meijer in my area. Loc-n-Loc is much better than Sterlite and whatever that off brand is that KRFS sells. KRFS = Killer Rabbit Food Store., aka Wal-Mart. It's a long story.
  12. Good advice from all. As has been suggested several times, please post the GC numbers of the caches you're looking for. The number we're talking about can be found in the upper right hand corner of the cache page. That will give others more information about what it is you seek. GPS receivers vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. I've had reliable units spit out bad coordinates for no discernible reason. Some times, too, the listed coordinates can be off. I've found caches that were 100 feet (30 meters) away from the posted coordinates. Tossing my 2 cents into the fray about iPhones: We have a local who is hiding caches using his iPhone and the coords have been excellent. No idea about what generation it is, though.
  13. Here's my personal cachemobile, a Honda Fit. I've also found a couple of caches while driving one of these: (and no, that's not 'shopped, they really did misspell the name) To answer your second question: The best Geocaching vehicle is someone else's 4wd!
  14. That was certainly odd. Personally, when I'm caching with a group I always hold off retrieving the cache if I spot it before others do. With the kids along, I always seem to find it first. After finding it, I'll wander some more and say that I've found it. Each of the kids gets their turn until they find it and we don't actually retrieve until everyone has seen the cache in its spot.
  15. I'm a bit confused. The title of the thread makes me believe that you want to find a waypoint based on a given waypoint and the distance and bearing to the second. You can use the FCC's website to Find Terminal Coordinates for that. One must convert the DD MM.MMM coordinates we use into Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, but it does work. Keep in mind that this is also using the 'Great Circle' method, so simply drawing a line on a paper map will yield different results. If you want to find the distance and azimuth between two coordinates, you can use this tool, also at the FCC website.
  16. Am I not right in thinking you can buy PM on a quarterly basis? Then cancel it just before your 2nd payment is due? So for $10 (£5) you can give yourself a 3 month shot at getting a FTF in the same way everyone else does. I think it works like that. If something 'meant the world' to me, I think that I would forego one day's caching and put the petrol (gas) money towards 3 months worth of membership. If even that sum is beyond your means then you might have to accept that there are some things in life we can't have because we can't afford it. Owning an Aston Martin DB9 would mean the world to me, but at the grand old age of 46 I just have to accept that it aint never going to happen, and it's no good me asking others who do own one to let me have theirs for a weekend. (But if anyone does have one they would be prepared to lend me .... ? ) Well said. Really, paying for a premium membership is not necessary if one wants a shot at a FTF. I don't get 'notified' of new caches, and I've 220+ FTFs in 7 years of caching (1770 finds). Several of those FTFs were found hundreds of miles away by the simple expedient of searching the state pages of states I knew I'd be traveling through on vacation. I now use a pocket query to see which caches have most recently published, but any member can get the same information without paying for a premium membership. On EVERY page at Geocaching.com, there is a left-hand frame with the Groundpseak logo and some links. The second link down from the logo reads "Hide & Seek A Cache". From that page, you simply click on the box that reads 'By State/Province' and then enter your state. The results that show up are listed by date placed. If they haven't been found, then the 'Last Found' column will be blank. You can check this page as often as you want without spending a dime. Yes, that method takes several minutes more than clicking 'Preview this query', but it does give the information needed to run out the door and grab a FTF. In other news: A cacher with 7 finds under his (and his wife's) belt logged, as their 8th find, the FTF on my most recent puzzle cache yesterday, the 5th day they had an active account with Groundspeak. The cache was placed in MAY. Now that he's got the 5/1 combo out of the way, the rest of the Fizzy matrix should be easy, right?
  17. True, that makes sence, maybe i'll put it as a note rather than a DNF because we didn't even get out of the car. This way others know. You can log it as a note if you want. But, as someone around here says in a sig file, "Logging a DNF isn't giving yourself an F." I figure that I went there to look for it, I Did Not Find it, so it's a DNF. I don't get why some cache seekers (and cache owners) seem to think a DNF holds some sort of stigma. Went back and found it last night. I guess everyone has different standards for what a DNF is. If i drive past a location and decide not to look then I wouldn't consider that a DNF. I find it interesting how we all have different points of view as to what a DNF is to us. Isn't it? In the situation given, I don't log a DNF but post a note instead. This gives the same information without throwing up warning flags that the cache might be missing. I, for one, narrow my pocket queries down in GSAK by looking at the number of recent DNFs. If there are too many, then that cache doesn't get added to the list that gets sent to the GPSr. I've run across situations where the cache may have been there, but I didn't feel comfortable searching for whatever reason. Like I joked before: I want a 'DNA' log for 'Did Not Attempt'. Oddly enough, I find that my geosense is very much limited when in a group. Group caching always throws me off, because I assume that someone else who just searched that spot would have found it in that spot if it were there. Frequently, caching with a group actually takes longer to find a cache than if I were alone. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  18. ALR is an acronym for Alternate Logging Requirement. ALRs are thing in the nature of "Must post a picture of you holding your GPS in front of", etc. Some of them can get pretty far fetched.
  19. The idea sounds good except for having to find the puzzle to get the cyptex. There is a cache series called "Real Men of Genius" hidden by Odyssey Posse in Indiana which has a similar theme and has been well received. If you want to make the cryptex cache one which should be solved 'in the field', then I'd make the it a standalone two stage puzzle separate from the series. I had a series in one of the local parks where there were 3 Traditional caches (One for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready) which each had partial coords for a Mystery cache. (Now go cat go!) No problems getting that approved, either. I think you might run into difficulties running them all together like that.
  20. The first rule of Platinum Membership: No one talks about Platinum Membership
  21. I agree with that. The FTF knows he's FTF and most other people really don't give a clam's patootie who the FTF is. No need to broadcast it, especially with an annoying, scrolling banner I'll 'third' that suggestion. Personally, I think it's a bit tacky.
  22. Don't bet on that. When there is a "suspicious package" report it is taken very seriously by the police. It is examined and if they can't readily determine that it is harmless it will probably be blown up. <snip> There is nothing magical about getting permission that will protect a cache in a situation like this. And if you don't think this is true remember, even a DMV traffic counter was once detonated. IIRC, some years back there was a story about a cacher who was caching with his young daughter. The owner of the (ice cream stand?) business had given permission, but the young lady behind the counter didn't know about it. She saw him put an ammo can under the side-tracked train car they used as part of the business and called the cops. Miles away, they ran him down and questioned him. They then had him drive back to the scene and explain what he was doing. Then the bomb squad blew the cache up, despite him telling them he would be happy to go open it and show them what was in it. IIRC, that is.
  23. I always log my DNFs when I feel like I've given the cache a search that should have found it. I'm still waiting for a DNA log... I have 212 logged DNF's. I have no idea how many I've gone back and found at a later date. Roughly 11% of my cache logs (Finds and DNFs) are DNFs. Since we're discussing stats, 12% of my total finds have been FTF's.
  24. You are correct, of course, and the bolded additions to your post are all that really matters in that situation, I submit that to a geocacher, those same "ducks" look just like a geocache. We've even seen here where an old microwave oven in the woods, "plugged into" a wall socket attached to a dead tree looked like one of those ducks to a bomb squad and was blown up. Exactly, and thanks for making that clear to others for me.
  25. Umm... Exactly what is a common misconception repated here in the forums? The officer who was hosting the event seemed to think that some folks really do make pipe bombs out of PVC pipe. He's been on the EOD team for some time, and is an instructor. Should I tell him he's wrong?
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