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  1. HOW MUCH? Whew! I wish I'd bought a whole bunch of them when Wal-Mart clearanced them out. For that kind of money , you could also get the SporTrak map, which has more memory. Right now, there is a $30 mail-in rebate on them, too. $50 rebate if you buy Mapsend software. I'd go the eBay route, myself, if you are set on a Merigreen. I actually lucked out and got 3 SporTrak Pro's at Wally World on clearance for $157. Sold them on eBay and kept my Meridian. Couldn't turn down the opportunity to make money.
  2. Quick question. Any problems with button use with that cover over them? I've been wanting something like this since I first got mine. Wonder why Magellan doesn't make this? Thanks for the link, BTW.
  3. Too cool. I've been thinking about long distance caches, as I drive for a major bus company. The problem I foresee is with approval. It might be hard to get because the caches would be 'out of your regular caching area', whatever that means. (Finds in 5 states so far) Of course, you could always place them as a series of caches (ie River walk 1, 10, 20 ,etc.). Perhaps you could include a clue or some such in each cache container. The only way to find the final cache would be to have them all in hand and you could have a prize for the first person to assemble them all... Can you see the cache description if you did it as a multi cache? "This cache requires almost 300 miles of hiking. Bring food, water, and a change of underwear."
  4. Just make it so that the final stage is farther away, and the logical return path to the parking area is in the same direction as the first stage. This has occurred to me several times, only using locks and keys. Would definitely stop impulse plundering because the cache would be locked...
  5. Are you sure about that grace period? I just edited one, and I don't think I took that long typing the one more line that I added. The edited log shows the "this page edited" tag line. At least we can do it in the forums. Thanks
  6. How many times I have screwed up a cache log and had to edit it, I don't know. This means that the cache owner gets multiple emails, etc. Also, you can't really tell what the log will look like before it's posted. If we could review our cache logs before they are submitted, that would save a lot of time and hassle. Would it be possible to get this feature added to the website? I also really don't like the "This page edited" tag line when I have to go fix my errors. Can we turn that off, too? I know, I'm being anal (can I say anal? ), but I like my logs to look good, too.
  7. Perhaps this person is referring to the "Flood Control Enabled" message when they try to post? I've run across this myself several times.
  8. I'm surprised that no one has asked if this person might be an approver! I worked at being FTF for weeks before I finally got my FTF on the way to work one morning. It was so SWEET!
  9. For just Wisconsin, the Streets and Topo maps take up about 14 MB. Adding the Points Of Interest (POI) adds a couple 100K to it . Using the Mapsend software, I don't think there's any way to JUST upload Topo. Not that you'd want to do that anyway. As far as the five state area you mentioned... That totals around 76 MB of data, all told. Of course, you can also store regions on more than one SD card and just transfer cards whenever you want. Would make a lot of sense if you came across a handful of free 16's. (If you do, send me some) I'm still wondering if I can upload more than 4 8MB regions to my standard Meridian. I drive for a bus company (think long grey dogs) and I frequently carry my GPSr with me. The accuracy of the maps is sometimes way off, but frequently is eerily accurate. (say that five times fast).
  10. You forgot to mention the withholding of monies spent for premium member fees, and boycotting of sponsors... Nudge, nudge, wink wink... I must concur that there has been a recent tightening of the strictures involved in placing a cache. Even though the Powers That Be (PTB's) in my area have known about caches on their properties for years and are VERY happy with the number of new patrons and our practice of CITO, we are now being required (by the local approver) to get permission for every new cache placed. Keep harassing the PTB's, and they'll get tired of granting 'permission' and just say NO in order to keep us out of their offices. How much of this is 'company' policy, and how much is the approver getting a swelled head? (see how long this post stays up now...) "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."
  11. Perhaps this thread should be in the GPS units forum. Many Wal-Mart stores in my area have stopped carrying anything related to GPSr's, and no one can tell me why. They were all clearanced out of the store. I picked up three SporTrak Pro's @ $157 each (before the rebate). I must ask the original poster HOW they posted to this forum without a computer? You only need access to the internet in order to get the waypoints (coordinates)from the Geocaching.com site. Once you've attained the coords, you are pretty much done with 'needing' a computer. I download all the coords directly to the receiver using my PC cable, but I also print the cache page and keep it with me during the hunt. Many times there are instructions that would be all to easy to forget once I've arrived miles from home. And, it has happened that I've needed to start the machine up from scratch (initialize) in the field, which has cleared the memory. Having the paper as a backup has saved a lot of grief. I have both the Garmin eTrex camo and Magellan Meridian. They are not the top-of-the-line units by any respect, but both get the job done. I tend to rely on the Meridian more because of the extra features, but it is bulkier. A basic unit will satisfy your needs for Geocaching, but more features can really come in handy once in a while. I would say that you should buy the best unit you can afford, saving a couple dozen (or more) dollars for a good compass to complement it. Prices are coming down on many units, so it may pay to wait and shop.
  12. I was much like the originator of this thread when I first started caching. Seemed to me that some folks were always FTF, even though they'd found numerous caches (one had 1000+). As time went by, I finally got my own FTF, and it was so sweet! Now, I search for new caches when I sit down at the computer, and before I turn it off for the night. Occasionally, one comes up that is close enough to get to before anyone else, and I'm off. Last week, I hit one on the way to work and was FTF at 2:00 in the morning. It just worked out that I was going that way anyway. Recently, I was FTF on a cache that the locals have been waiting some time for. I got the find three days after the cache was posted. The opportunity was there for everyone to go get it, but I was first! Sometimes, I get the FTF, some times not, but I always have fun doing it! PS: Hey Keystone App! you're KIDDING, right? Just edited. Sorry didn't realize that -large- was that large!
  13. Wahoo!! It actually worked. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. --Albert Einstein
  14. Testing one, two, three. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. --Albert Einstein
  15. Really just testing the avatar, but... This is game we're playing here. Some may take it too seriously (getting back into the flames that were erupting earlier ). I choose to pay my $30 a year, realizing that I won't see much return on investment, except for supporting a hobby that I truly enjoy. I don't consider myself to be elitist, nor do I consider those who don't pay to be riff-raff. Some may not be able to come up with the money. That's okay... Personally, I would like to see some neat features for the paid members (speel cheque ), but the core of this game needs to remain free. I would have never gotten into this if I had to pay up front... Speaking of features, how can one preview their post before posting? <hr/>It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.
  16. Just to add my two cents... I think the new icons are horrid. Too small and take too much thinking to process what TYPE of cache I'm looking at. I know you are very busy with the HTML problems on cache pages, but could we go back to the old style when you get the chance? ?PLEASE?
  17. Okay, now I get it. Funny thing is that the subscription number request is theVERY FIRST thing you see. I saw the links to pay the membership fee, but no explanation as to what order one should go about doing this. Why not change the scrip# part to a page you can ONLY view once you've paid for your membership? ... hmmmn Many thanks to all.
  18. I know that ya'll are busy down there, but I've sent two emails on the subject over the course of better than a week, and gotten no response. I would like to pay my dues and become a premium member. The page I get when I click the link asks for my subscription ID, which I patently DO NOT HAVE. Can I PLEASE have this information sent to me so I can send in the money and help support my favorite past time? Or, can I just send the payment via Paypal without having the # ? Help! E = Mc2
  19. I recently picked up 3 SporTrak Pro's from Wal-Mart for $157 each. Many Wal-Mart stores (not the Supercenters) have marked all their Magellan products down. I also got a eTrex camo for $60, and they had the regular SporTrak for less than $100. Alas, they're selling awful fast, and I can't find anymore.
  20. One cache site that I had to visit several times to find seems to accumulate the unusual. Instead of beer cans (it's VERY public and in a 'dry' county) this one gets cheap bologna wrappers and Gatorade bottles. First time in, the kids and I collected two Wal-mart bags of them and, the last time I was there, I collected yet another Wally World bag FULL...
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