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  1. I have completed the Natural Wonders yesterday (logged today), got the Souvenir. Today I did another outing specifically for 5/7 of the Solar System. After logging online, they are still at 0. They have not been awarded, why? EDIT: Okay, they are here, about 30 min after logging.
  2. To everyone stating a Bonus has to be a Mystery: This may be in the guidelines, however, it is handled differently. For example, a search in Western Europe (Filter Multi, Letterbox and the word "Bonus") yields a lot. And even some very recent AL-Bonus caches. https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?lat=50.52041218671903&lng=7.767333984375&zoom=7&asc=true&sort=distance&ct=3%2C5&cn=Bonus Even given the fact that not all of these are "real Bonus caches" (and only have the word in the title), still, quite a number are in fact bonus caches. And that also happens in the US: GC8NC24 (Published 27 Aug), GC856N7 (Published 19 Aug), others in Denver, Los Angeles, etc. So, what will happen here?
  3. So with all this nonsense by HQ, I will archive my new puzzle cache which was relying on externally hosted pictures (some with EXIF) before it was even published. Thanks for hours spent in vain. I might just throw out a bunch of trads to guardposts, it doesn't seem to be about quality at all...
  4. I really appreciate this change! I've had the problem of armchair loggers, that use database answers on my earthcaches. I have already updated all my cache listings to the changed guidelines. Photos are a good way to see if people were onsite or not. However, I will be reasonable with cachers in the next few weeks. The same as I've been with wrong answers as long as I have the impression that people were actually there.
  5. I can just repeat what previous posts said: The Browse map is one of the most used features, a search map just doesn't make sense as default. I'd like to add, that the layer options are also disappointing. Google and the "Geocaching" layer are not very detailed and hence useless, when I usually use a generic OSM (like OSM Default or German style)m which have almost every tiny trail mapped. Just look at this earlier post. Or see if you spot any differences here... Default OSM layer. Geocaching layer. I will switch over to Project GC and use their Live map until you fix this. The layers are missing in the mobile app too, but I'm not using it anyway except for messages...
  6. This is possible, I just added the "Field Puzzle" attribute to the LBH via this workaround. @GC HQ: Please add the attribute option to LBH, too.
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