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  1. wow.. that will be awesome.. thanks for sharing
  2. I still have my GSP V.. my second GPSr (first was a Magellen SportTrac that I took back for a refund). I bought it around 2003/04 and it was a great unit for a lot of years for me.. they are waterproof and extremely rugged.. I used it many motorcycle and mtn bike rides and the thing has bounced out of it's mount countless times, and never broke. Having said all that, I would definitely recommend a newer unit. The GPS V receiver is ancient, the processor is slow.. (scrolling around via the cursor takes forever to update the screen), and as others have said, the available memory is not adequate.
  3. totally awesome.. now I'll never look at a "suspicious pile of rocks" the same way again..
  4. did you search and/or report this on the feedback system?
  5. surprised that caches go that long without being found in your area, as your pretty much in the backyard of the original stash! just to give you an example, last night, I had stopped at a UPS store on my way home to drop off a package, when I got a message about a new cache, two miles away.. I got on the freeway, which was a mistake, but was first to arrive on the scene.. then terpnurse and baesparza showed up so the three of us started searching.. soon another crew pulled up, then another, then another, and another and seriously within 15 minutes of the cache being reported, there were NINE FTF hounds on the scene.. it was quite the FTFCache-Mob - I'm taking credit for that phrase if no one has used it and it really doesn't matter the time of day either around here.. I have seen caches reported at 10:00 PM that will have a log on it before 11:00 PM.. I once thought I had a good shot at one that I got notified at 6:00 AM, just three miles from home, but by the time I got there (within thirty minutes of getting the message), the thing had been found, and the finder already gone.. leaving his muddy footprints as a taunt. not that I'm upset by any of this, heheh as it's all part of the game, granted, a part that I only occasionally care about.. but that's what's so great about this sport.. there are so many ways to enjoy it.. and if you get tired of one part of it, try something new
  6. Well lets get the facts straight it was 19 FTFs by mid morning, but by the end of the day it was 38 FTFs and it did not take me all day. And yes your right "To each his own". I was wondering how long it would take for the one of the "I think you should have other hobbies" or "you should do what I think you should" crowd to chime in with their .02 cents. You cache how you want to, and I will cache they way I want to, and power to us both. Scubasonic sounds like a frustrated 2tf or 3tf'r but curious.. how is this even possible? I'm not questioning your methods, or ethics (like insinuating you knew ahead of time of these etc.), but I think I live pretty close to you, or in at least a similar cache rich location (I have over 5,000 on my default search screen when I do search around my home) and I have my phone and email set up to get notices etc., and never, ever have I seen more then 4 or 5 new cache announcements in a 24 hr period.. you must have had to do quite a bit of traveling outside your home turf?? I guess if you set your search area wide enough, you'll get those kind of numbers??
  7. now that's a cool geomobile.. where is that? Elbe Hills? Naches?? what's the GC code for the cache? always looking for caches I can take my dual sport up to.
  8. not sure where you get that from. WAAS is working perfectly fine for me, even in the woods. but you're further up north, so that makes it harder for you. doesn't mean it's bad though. it definitely doesn't slow anything down. which part? from Garmin's FAQ page on WAAS "For some users in the U.S., the position of the satellites over the equator makes it difficult to receive the signals when trees or mountains obstruct the view of the horizon. WAAS signal reception is ideal for open land and marine applications." If your not noticing any slowness with WAAS, your probably in some pretty flat terrain with no pathing issues or anything to block the signals. The reason WAAS is slower is because once a WAAS satellite is locked, it takes a few seconds (sometimes up to 30 seconds or longer in my experience) for the GPS receiver to download enough data to be useful. And often when the signal to the WAAS satellite degrades, the unit will switch over to a GEO-SV, while at the same time attempt to reestablish a connection with the WAAS, and when this happens over and over, it makes for some difficult caching. This process also sucks up more power as well by the way because of the constant attempts of your unit lock, and stay locked onto the WAAS satellites. I'm not saying don't use WAAS, it's great when it works, but for me, because of the lag time due to the terrain where I cache, and additional power requirements I simply leave it disabled.. and still find 98% of all caches I search for..
  9. also keep in mind that WAAS is meant for aviation.. and really is only useful for open land, air and marine use.. up here in the Pacific Northwest, WAAS is useless unless flying or on water and it just slows down your unit significantly when attempting to lock in
  10. going to need more then fresh gas my friend.. a carb rebuild is probably in order.. should have four right? seals, jets and the float bowl can all have particulates or have fuel varnish in them.. so even if you got it running, some tiny particle could get lose and clog one of your circuits. good luck with the recovery and getting the bike going again
  11. I hunt caches using my mountain bike a lot, but am having to go further and further from home to get a spot I haven't hit already. Or I take my motorcycle.. a Husqvarna TE610 dual sport which doesn't quite get 70mpg, but it can get me places you could not get to on a street machine or even a 4x4 unless it was a real rock crawler. I also have a smaller dirt bike that I can get up on the really extreme areas
  12. Why not a Honda CR-V? It's more compact then the Wrangler, yet roomier, way better driving, and ranks number one by several consumer agencies (Toyata RAV4 is almost as good, with slightly better gas mileage) The Wranglers are fun, but ranks much lower on reliability, resale, and fuel economy
  13. http://imakeprojects.com/Projects/deluxe-reverse-geocache/
  14. never mind.. user error
  15. yep, you can download free Topo maps (and road maps) for most states from GPS File Depot http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/ well, not exactly.. for one thing, you give up DEM shading, which to me, means you give up a lot of readability.. DEM Shading is what gives the maps some depth when your looking at them in less then optimal conditions (outdoors in sunlight) on a relatively small viewing device (as compared to a home PC or a large printed map).. they also lack labels for many features, such as lakes, streams, mountains etc.. having said that, many people get by just fine.. but not quite good enough for me.. so far, I still prefer Garmin Topo series.. not perfect, but I need my DEM shading, and have to have labels so I know what I am looking at p.s. tons of info on the Garmin 450 here http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/
  16. If you are interested in caching on the 5th please let me know soon so I can make arrangements
  17. Can you do real time searches based on your current location with Geosphere?
  18. The Glock G20SF (10mm) makes a good hiking/trail handgun. Lightweight, 15 rounds, 10mm power, what's not to love? nice glock.. I'm a big fan of doubletap ammo I see one clip has hollow point rounds, and the other hardcast.. the former for two legged varmints and the latter for four legged ones?
  19. I'd be happy to show you guys around some on Saturday the 5th, however my main form of transportation right now is by motorcycle.. so let me see if I can get a friend to chauffeur us all around -rob I see your an 11 charlie?.. your a mortar man eh?
  20. looks like a fun series
  21. Hey there, I copied and pasted what I wrote in the GW Forums: Hi Robdogg, As in all GeoWoodstocks in the past, this is a VERY big meet and greet! And, yes, that will still be the case this year, but we will definintely have other activities through out the day at Remlingers. There will be a ton of kids activities, bounce houses, games, possibly face painters, etc. As for the adults, we will have some form of GPS games, a bingo style "get to know geocachers" game, there will be seminars, a Texas Holdem poker event is already in the works and if you want to play poker, check out the poker thread and get signed up. Its a lottery and the organizers will be drawing names to determine the 40 players. Don't forget we will have quite a few vendors selling coins, tshirts, and geobling of all sorts. So, basically, you will never be bored!! Hope this helps answer your questions! it does, thanks.. and now to be just a little snarky, you might want to post this information on your Geowoodstock VIII event page, as that is the place where one would expect this kind of information.. I realize your probably still working out the specifics, but to those sitting on the fence, it will make a difference on whether they decide to attend or not.. some may come on blind faith, but others like details
  22. I posted this over at the GW forums, and am posting here too, not as a way to be snarky or anything, but am seriously trying to figure this out hello.. I am still waiting to see what type of events and activities will be available on the day of the event.. I keep pinging the Event Information page and checking this thread hoping it will be updated.. this is crucial in whether some of my less then enthusiastic family and friends will attend with me or not.. they keep asking me what types of things go on during the event, and I can only shrug at this point.. when will we know this?
  23. darn double post.. sorry think things are pretty slow over at GS servers.. and what's up with not being able to delete your own post?
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