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  1. You could try the Washington State Geocaching Association website (www.wsgaonline.org) and look for a forum for the Cache-cadian chapter.. although looking in that forum, I see only two discussion threads for all of 2010.. so maybe they hang out somewhere else?.. also, try attending some events if you haven't yet.. it's the best way to meet cachers and find some individuals or groups to cache with good luck..
  2. I think I would agree with you for Needs Archived.. particularly if the cache has been successfully found recently.. I've never actually logged an NA, but Needs Maintenance, that's another story, but I think both are useful when a cache owner is not responding to a cache that is getting a ton of DNF's or notes and questions, and it can make for a frustrating experience for the cacher who makes an effort to find a cache, only to realize it's had a half dozen recent DNF's logged.. as I think we've all experienced
  3. good to hear.. I too have spent my whole life camping, hiking, dirt biking etc. and I never go anywhere without all the proper emergency gear and several sources for navigation (Spot, GPS or two with batteries enough to last a few days, Green Trail maps, a lensatic compass and with knowledge on how to navigate using them).. but stuff always happens and it's hard to know the full story when you read of these things.. but that's not the reason I am not going.. I have wanted to give snowshoeing a try for years, and to combine it with Geocaching.. that's a hard to beat recipe for a good time.. but it's mostly the fact that I have a torn meniscus at the moment. Who knows though.. if I can get a cortisone shot in the next week and it helps with the pain, I would definitely change plans for this. So keep on planning and posting these, and feel free to promote all you want Criminal..
  4. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2013778416_missingsnowshoers28m.html
  5. shoot.. this one sounds fun.. but was already planning on going to the Pokey Plodders: Greeting in Granite on the same day and they're planning on hiking the Lime Kiln Trail in the morning
  6. its working fine for me though still slow - it takes anywhere from sixty seconds to two minutes to acquire location fix once the app loads. It does help as others have suggested, to load the app, then press your home button to go to the iPhone desktop, then double tap the home button to go back to the app.. lame, but it works
  7. I recently hit a few milestones; all on single day of solo caching down in So. Cal. most found in a single day: 97 most consecutive finds without a DNF: 97 most found in a month: 115 (so far)
  8. sounds fun.. will attend as long as the monsoon has passed by then anyone want to carpool up from Renton/Eastide area? I'll chip in for gas
  9. try logging in to your account again (Menu/Settings). This happened to me as well on a recent update.. after re-entering my username and password, it correctly excluded my finds.
  10. Great news indeed.. is the NCNPSC open to additional caches? or is this a trial of some sort?
  11. Last week I was down visiting LA from Seattle and I read about this challenge down there called the "Hemet 100 caches in a day" challenge. This is a set of planned, easy, drive up caches (Power Trail?) along a 75 some mile loop Southeast of Hemet California. Since we don't have too much of this type of challenge up here (that I am aware of) I decided to give it a try. So I created a Pocket Query and downloaded it to my Oregon and set out for the drive out from LA to Hemmett and got a hotel room the night before so I could get an early start. It was quite the painful drive because of the traffic.. I mean we have bad traffic up here, but at worst, you might be in a rush hour crawl for what?, maybe ten-twenty miles, try SIXTY miles of bumper to bumper traffic on a fourteen lane (seven in each direction/five regular lanes and two HOV lanes) massive freeway (the 91). Probably the number one reason I moved away from California and really despise going back there. I got up early had breakfast and loaded up with lunch and plenty of water and got on the trail (so to speak) around 8:30 AM and finished up at Lake Hemet around 4:00 PM.. I had zero DNF's (which I thought was amazing, but they were all that easy to locate, so it was more the way they were hidden then any skill on my part) - and I found 96 of the 100. Two were disabled, and two had muggles too close to make the grab. I found one more in the town of Hemet and was trying like crazy to get 100 for the day, but it was getting dark, and the ones I went for had too many muggles around, or were just not suitable for finding alone in the dark in an unfamiliar town but I'll take the 97 smilies and call it good.. :^) p.s. had I thought ahead, I would have also downloaded all the other caches along the route, or used my iPhone (although reception was spotty) and could have easily gotten 100.. maybe even 130 caches but the bookmark list I used for my PQ had only the challenge caches.. rats! As others, I really appreciate the time and effort it took to place these, and maintain them. Several of the logs were quite wet, especially ones in the small PVC pipe containers but overall I was amazed at the quality and conditions of all those containers and the hiding locations.. a couple of which I almost didn't have to get out of my car. What I didn't like was the constant flow of traffic.. I eventually got used to it and just drove up and did my thing, but some were right at intersections and I just could not believe the amount of traffic in such a rural location.. but that's California for ya.. which is why I moved to Seattle thirty years ago.. The traffic also made for some harrowing starts and stops as many cache locations were in small little one car pull outs along narrow, windy roads through canyons.. so it would have been safer having someone along to act as lookout and probably would have made it more fun too. Not sure I would ever do this type of challenge again, I prefer wilderness caches that usually involve a hike or mtn bike and take me to interesting places, but it was fun to give this one a go and the portion of the loop on the Lake Hemet side was quite spectacular. -happy deac0n Bookmark for the Hemet 100 Caches in a day challenge http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...8c-2188c7acefae
  12. no cachers in Orange County?
  13. have you reported your issues on the feedback site? these forums are OK for ranting, and maybe getting help from a fellow user, but if you want to be heard by the GS dev team, you need to post on the feedback site. good luck p.s. if geocaching means that much to you and you can't patiently wait for a fix, my advice is to buy a dedicated GPS unit as you will ALWAYS have issues with a smartphone based app.. whether it be iPhone, Droid, Winodws 7 phone etc.. they are multi-function devices that don't really do any one thing particularly well - although for the most part the apps work as advertised for the majority of users
  14. I will be visiting family next week (December 4-8) down in Lake Forest and wondering if A. someone could point me to a bookmark of their favorite OC/SoCal caches and B. if anyone is up for doing some caching during the week.. Monday (12/6) afternoon/evening or any time on Tuesday (12/7) are the best times for me. I prefer wilderness areas with light to moderate terrain as opposed to urban/suburaban caching.. but would be open to just about anything since caching alone is not as fun as doing it with others.
  15. Honestly I was thinking the same question. The local options don't sound too good, so I am currently thinking about Bremerton. that is probably good thinking We are starting to think about staying in Port Orchard or Bremerton, there are a couple "name brand" hotels there, I was hoping someone would have previous experience with the local Belfair Motel, the web reviews are a little iffy for them. We might still decide to camp in the Motorhome but having a good hotel room after a long day of activities sounds nice, less to worry about, deal with ect. SirKarp there's a nice State Park right on the canal a few miles West of Belfair.
  16. hope it works out for you.. I stopped and grabbed a cache on my way to work this morning.. the app was very responsive and got me within three feet of the cache.. P.S. You should probably go over to the feedback site to post this.. that way GS can be made aware of it.. as they state above, this thread is not really for posting bug reports other then the features that were addressed in this release.
  17. hope it works out for you.. I stopped and grabbed a cache on my way to work this morning.. the app was very responsive and got me within three feet of the cache..
  18. I have an iPhone 3GS. Until the Update yesterday, the 4.1.3 App (and previous versions) worked well. Now, after the 4.2 update, this thing is INCREDIBLY SLOW AND SLUGGISH (The GC App, nothing else on the iPhone). I worked with it last night, grabbing a few caches, but this was BEYOND annoying and unsettling. HOW do i DOWNGRADE back to 4.1.3? I like the "improved graphics", but the FUNCTIONALITY has taken a MAJOR hit with the "support for the Retina display". iPhone 3GS doesn't obviously have the Retina display, and i can't imagine what it's gonna run like on an iPhone 3G, which is slower than the 3GS. IF there's an OPTION for "Hi-Res" vs. "Low-Res", that would be good. After trying to do 5 caches last night, i wanted to delete the app off my phone and just try to use the Safari Browser. I know it's hard to support everything, and it's even harder to please everyone. The only thing I have to Geocache with is my iPhone (Unless i do it old-school, and thats not why i paid for the GC App). Maybe others have had better luck with it.... maybe. I have a 3GS with iOS 4.1 and I haven' noticed any significant slowness since upgrading a few days ago. What parts of the app are slow to you? initial loading? searching? pulling up details for a cache? (all the above? :^) did you reboot your phone after installing?
  19. check out their descriptions, you'll get the idea Can't view their descriptions because I'm not a PM yet, hence the Q's ah.. well then that's privileged information then now isn't it ;^) let's just say there is a series of tasks you have to complete involving electro/mechanical devices of some sort
  20. check out their descriptions, you'll get the idea
  21. what the heck is that? it looks photoshoped.. but maybe not by the way, I was curious about your reference to Alnilam's caches (you misspelled his/her name), so I looked them up.. those look like must do caches..
  22. yeah.. in particular, this one.. http://coord.info/GCJDAM which is up near the Ape cache, and was found TWO days previously.. and it's in such a spot as that there is no way a muggle would have accidentally stumbled upon it.. and is also such that we could not have missed it had it been in it's described spot so pretty sure something happened due to the previous cache finder.. I can't prove it.. and yeah, I could be wrong.. but you gotta wonder!
  23. The Garmin blurb claims they are water proof. I would imagine that even here in the Pacific Northwet that would qualify as weather proof. As for not working in a container, I would imagine fastened to a window would be fine. yeah, probably would do OK in the wet, but what I said about not working in a container, I meant metal so hiding one in one of those magnetic key containers is probably out
  24. this is pretty cool.. but how are you dealing with the directional nature of them? e.g. they can only be detected if there is clear line of site between the transmitter and the GPSr.. and will likely be blocked by your vehicle depending on the approach. Did you test hiding it in different locations? and would you mind sharing where/how you chose to position it? also, they are not weather proof, and since they won't work inside of a container, how did you address that? personally, I think this type of application makes more sense then a stationary cache, which to me, kind of gives away one of the cool things about geocaching, searching for, and making the FIND.. if it evolves to just following a beacon, that sorta changes the whole game for me. Personally, I am glad Groundspeak is taking it slow, and not creating a whole new cache type.
  25. what kind of supplies do you need for geocaching that you couldn't find in your average hardware store, or Target, wally world etc.? not trying to be snarky, and not knocking the interesting products that some of the the retailers have come up with, but I personally can't really think of anything you couldn't do with a little ingenuity that you would need an actual retail store for.. at least in terms of creating a container or what not
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