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  1. My family and I will be out of town next week, but your best bet is to use the search feature, maybe sort it by favorites, then make a PQ out of it? there are some great caches in the area, but by and large, like any suburbia, lot's of duds too.. If your more adventurous, and can do a bit of hiking, well then this area is pretty special. Places like Cougar/Tiger Mountain have hundreds of caches, some great ones, a lot of not so great ones, but you'll get lots of good hiking in, some great views of Seattle etc. Venture out along I90, and you have the Iron Horse State Park, with miles of easy to walk/bike ride. If your more in to urban hunts, and want to do a little Seattle sightseeing as well, head on over to the Seattle Waterfront/Pike Place Market area.. some pretty wild, and interesting caches in that area. Then there's the Lime Kiln trail up near Granite Falls, and the caches along the Mountain Loop Highway with the Big Four Ice caves and Monte Cristo are spectacular hikes and have some fun caches. Snoqualmie Falls is a fantastic place to visit with some fun caches as well. Another option.. if you're in to hiking, go to this website.. http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes and maybe pick a hike that sounds good, and there is bound to be one or more caches along the route. let us know how it goes.
  2. old thread, but always wondered why GC hq has hidden the pathing to their users.. must be out of fear of exploting, stalking etc... but heck, Facebook and every other online social site has an easy way for it's members to get a link to their own profile page..
  3. Technically the Discover pass, is an access pass, vs a parking pass.. meaning you need one regardless of whether you stop, or park.. Typical places where you'll need this are state parks, fish and wildlife preserves and the like. I see the Northwest Forest Pass as more of a parking pass.. you don't need it when transitioning NFS land, but you do if you park.. it's also useable for some per-person sites, such as the Johnson Ridge Visitor Center at Mt St Helens. but only for a single person. If you camp in campgrounds within NFS land, the site fee suffices for the requirement and a pass is not required as long as your at the campground. Correct.. no fees or passes required at BLM sites that I am aware of.. also, both the state and feds, have a number of free days.. so check their respective websites.. maybe you could save some money by planning your trip on days they offer free access. Here's a link to the Discover pass FAQ.. if you scroll down the page about a third of the way, you can see the free dates for 2014
  4. Check out the Lime Kiln trail near Granite Falls, and for that matter, there are a ton of great caches up along the Mountain Loop highway corridor.. the two most popular being the Big Four Ice Caves trail, and Monte Cristo.. dozens of awesome caches along those two trails.
  5. I have the week of July 7-15 off and could be available for a road trip then..
  6. where's that? down in the Gifford?
  7. Capitol is a great place to ride, but pretty much only during dry weather in my opinion. The clay soil there is the slickest stuff on the planet when it gets wet.. literally as slippery as ice. The state also closes it down from November through April.
  8. I'm a long time dirtbiker and cacher.. Tahuya does have quite a number of caches accessible via OHV trail (and a LOT of trails too by the way).. lots of caches up in the mountains too, in the Gifford Pinchot area, Manastash/Taneum has some, up in the Mad River area near Lake Wenatchee.. in the Green Dot road area around Coluckum Pass etc. I have placed a couple myself up in the Cascades that are accessible only by dirt bike.. or by foot :^) lots of options, but that season is about over, although Tahuya is open year round and is great riding in the winter months.. in fact, it's better then in my opinion. and nice video quads.. I was just over in your area a couple of weeks ago (camped at Kamiah).. I was on a adventure bike, although we rode the Lolo trail and a few other local dirt/4x4 roads..
  9. good to know.. now if we could get the State Park managers to ease up on their requirements.. I have some favorite spots in some State Parks that would make ideal cache placements, but not worth going through the hassle of their red tape.. which is too bad because cachers = visitors = money. Especially now that they are charging for access again.
  10. watching this thread as I was planning on placing a couple next week while down there camping and riding.. there are a few dozen caches already in the forest down there.. and there's no official national level policy on caching on NF land, but I would be interested in hearing what they say.
  11. does anyone know of a Cache by Bike (bicycle) list? I've done the Iron Horse from the pass down to Rattlesnake Lake
  12. I've heard (from someone living in that area) that there are a lot of meth labs up there. I wonder if people are just getting to close to someone's private space up there (even though it may not be private land). One set of killings seems personal. Two sets in the same area could be drug related (not saying the people hiking were involved in any way, but just may have walked unknowingly into bad territory). I'm sure the sheriff is investigating this possibility along with others. But do be careful out there, just in case this may be the cause. hmmm.. maybe.. but these are pretty popular trails and campgrounds, not remote back country locations.. drug producers and dealers are not (that) stupid and wouldn't place an operation close to campgrounds/trails that have high use, but your warning is valid.. I ride dirt bikes and dual sports a lot (and some hiking, but don't have the knees for much of that any more) in the Cascades and pot growing and meth operations are at an all time high (no pun intended).
  13. http://o.seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2015659592_twodead20m.html makes one wonder if it's the same person(s) that killed the mother and daughter out there a few years ago so sad.. stay on your toes out there folks
  14. I can help with the HTML portion.. it's something I do for a living.. I've a fair hand with Photoshop and Illustrator too, although I'm not a great graphic designer, but it sounds like you pretty much want to use the design and content from the archived page?
  15. What an awesome idea.. something like this I take it? http://www.alleghenygeotrail.com/
  16. what kind of motorcycle Criminal? Nice.. I have a couple myself.. I enjoy dualsporting to get to some of the caches in the hills.. let me know if you want to take a ride some time I placed this one last year via my dual sport.. http://coord.info/GC2FRT0 you can drive up to it with just about any vehicle, but the fun way is to take the multi-use trail up from the Naches River area Sounds like fun! I just need to get a motorcycle carrier for my receiver if I'm going to venture out that far. The bike has a top speed of ~65MPH so I don't really want to do much (if any) highway travel on it. Also, my butt-in-the-saddle time is pretty short. I hear ya bout not wanting to do much highway travel.. we often stage up on FR 70 East of Greenwater and ride the Naches trail and/or forest roads down to hwy 410.. not a lot of geocaches along that route, but probably half a dozen or so that you can ride up to. The Southern end of GPNF is also a great destination for caching by dual sport.. tons of caches down there. here's a carrier I have.. and a lot of people in our group have. We like it for relatively light weight (aluminum) and yet is quite strong and well built. http://www.amazon.com/AMC400-Lightweight-Aluminum-Motorcycle-Carrier/dp/B000B8LIKM
  17. what kind of motorcycle Criminal? Nice.. I have a couple myself.. I enjoy dualsporting to get to some of the caches in the hills.. let me know if you want to take a ride some time I placed this one last year via my dual sport.. http://coord.info/GC2FRT0 you can drive up to it with just about any vehicle, but the fun way is to take the multi-use trail up from the Naches River area
  18. what kind of motorcycle Criminal?
  19. yeah.. we have a convert! as for picking which attributes, it is somewhat of a guess.. who's to say what is fitting for a child, or what not, but more is better, just make sure they fit
  20. Yeah, that explains. Just take a look at the page where you create them, you'll see that you can filter by attributes. And some cachers actually use this, for example to find caches where they can walk with their dog. That's why it makes sense to put the "dog" attribute even though someone looking at the listing or at the location would know that dogs are allowed anyway. I use attributes for PQ's all the time for example to get a list of child friendly caches that involve a hike, but not to strenuous for when I go out with my grandson or to get a list of jeep friendly or trail bike friendly caches (I often cache by jeep or motorcycle) or to get a list of caches with a good view, or a waterfall the list goes on and on.
  21. I'll make a further assumption. A lot of caches are/were placed by inexperienced newbie cachers, that likely don't understand the value of attributes. The same can be said about caches that don't offer an additional way point for parking, or even any kind of help for parking or access to the cache etc. I do wish that reviewers would help suggest these things to cache placers, and I have always felt a person should have a set number of cache finds before being able to place one. That's not necessarily asking for rules that allow the game to be played a specific way, but is more about educating cache hiders so we can all use the great tools that Groundspeak provides to improve the experience for everyone.
  22. you need to be a premium member for that edit: oops.. only need premium to log favorites.. anyone can sort on them
  23. If you are a Garmin user, you might want to check out NW Trails, a downloadable set of trail maps for Garmin units that use maps. It'll save a bit of cash over the paper maps. edit to correct a word. except that a single GPSr should never be considered the only source of navigation when out in the back country
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