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  1. Congrats to Urban Hunters on the 600 mark!! And thanks for picking 1000 Akkers (one of ours) to do it at...
  2. Yes well done Carbon Hunter - feels like years that we've been going and yet it's only half a year on the trot!
  3. Congrats GreenJaM on 300 (not even close to a year!) and gerhardoosMPsa on 250 (even quicker!)
  4. Ag wat, nothing to fear, net 'n eager newbie wat nie weet hoe om te stop nie - Hallo my naam is dakardrix en my laaste cache was 'n week gelede... (cheer) Die eintlike ou om dop te hou is GreenJaM...
  5. Congrats on your 200 as well eragonSaphira! Think our goal must be to chase RedGlobe, if we work together we'll catch him by 2010 Hey, that sounds like a nice challenge - 2010 caches by 2010!
  6. Lekker Jors! Must be the slowest 300 in GC history... GC163 was a long time ago (hint for GC19NHG)
  7. Cool, I'll keep an eye on what they do and fill the gaps or peripherals.
  8. There are still 2 in PMB ooops 3 if you count that new one.... That I have yet to find. I had DNF's on them 2 and one is Neville's which I am wondering, have you found it yet Neville..... LOL. Amazing for the Size of PMB I think Newcastle has more caches per capita than you do. Hee heee.... I feel the pain Neville. I feel the pain..... At least you have DBN just down the road.... There is gonna be an explosion of caches in between here and there I hope. There's a new cacher in the area. Well done Neville, I guess 300 down there is as good as 400+ in Gauteng?? If you guys are keen, I was thinking of planting a few Comrades related ones when I'm coming down for the race in June (I know that route like the back of my hand). I was just concerned about the maintenance, so if you are willing to help out with that I will prepare a new 'series' for you...? Let's call it the Green Number Challenge...
  9. Congrats to my mate Trackz - who got me into the sport - on achieving 200! dakardrix
  10. Tx - first time I'm looking at the forums and then find my name here! Trackz and I planted Star Crater this past weekend, and it's turning out to be interesting...
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