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  1. I just tried building a mapset with 2989 MB, and it still fails. Funny thing this time, it doesn't provide any sort of error message, instead it simply shuts off in the middle of loading maps. I'm loading city navigator and an older topo mapset, so the older topos are smaller regions. Total maps 3,337. It takes about 24 hours to build the mapset using mapsource, so every time I try making it smaller its a bit of a while to test. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. I did, I wasn't clear in my post. I hadn't tested a smaller mapset in 2.4 to see if reading the card worked at all. Previously on 2.2 I had tried one at about 2.8GB and it worked, but since upgrading to 2.3 and 2.4 I haven't tried a smaller one. I did test it at 3.1 GB and it still produced the memory full error repeatedly, then shut down. Has anyone loaded more than 3GB of maps on a microsd card and had it work properly? The only thing on this card is the garmin directory and inside that is the gmapsupp.img file generated by mapsource. Thanks for any info you may have, I'm getting very frustrated with this.
  3. Nope, exit services aren't supported by the OR or CO. Is there a feature request? I can't imagine it would be all that difficult to implement something like that, and that is one feature while driving I used to use ALL the time. The compass shouldn't need to be calibrated that much. I calibrate when I change batteries or move long distances, basically anytime the magnetic field affecting the compass might change. For me it was very similar with the 60cs, 60csx, OR and CO -- the compasses all work about the same and require the same amount of calibration. If you have to calibrate more frequently than the battery changes the unit might be defective. I just put new lithium batteries in it and will try using the compass more. I certainly hope its not a problem with the unit, but will post results when I have time to test. You can't add, edit or delete geocaches on the CO. If you need to add something in the field you'll need to use waypoints. Hmm, so if I happen to forget my USB cable or am using a computer without the garmin development kit, its impossible to create new geocaches? Does anyone else think this is a flaw? This hasn't changed in 2.3 but I agree it could be improved. GO$Rs I haven't tested this in 2.4 either, but if there is a feedback location, I would provide that as a request too. I can't believe how horrible the interface is, with 7/8 of the screen still empty. Thanks for your responses. gnj
  4. I have a 300, and am trying load 3.1 GB of maps (city navigator, and topo maps) to a 4GB microsd card. I build the mapset and store it on the unit. When I put the microsd card into the unit, it powers on and begins loading maps. After a few seconds it gives me a "Memory Full" message, repeats it several times and then the GPS totally dies. Loading fewer maps on the microsd card seems to work, although I haven't tested it since upgrading to 2.4. Anyone have any ideas what may be causing the problem? There's over 800MB free on the internal memory, and 500 free on the sd card still.
  5. I've been using the Oregon for several weeks now, and went geocaching for the first time with it this last weekend. I think its accuracy is better than my 76CS, but there are a few things that frustrate me. I have taken note of the new firmware that was released recently, and will upgrade that tonight. However, here are some issues that I had: 1. Using the automotive profile, on my 76CS it would allow me to search "Exits" and would show me upcoming exits on the highway I was on and their services. On the Oregon, it lets me search for "Fuel Services" or "Food" or whatever, but it gives me results in every direction, most of which are useless. Am I missing something, or has this feature been overlooked? 2. The compass seems to need calibrated every single time its used. I believe this was a similar problem with my 76CS, but was hoping it would be fixed. Why does it require calibration so often, even as often as every stage of a multi-cache (sometimes with less than 30 minutes in between)? Am I doing something wrong? 3. I can't edit a geocache, nor can I hand-enter a geocache for multi-caching. We did a geocache this last weekend with 13 stages. I created a waypoint for each stage, but they are not listed as "Geocaches", even when I assign it the type with the treasure chest icon. What if I want to hand-enter a geocache rather than download the GPX file? 4. I have not figured out how to delete or edit a geocache yet. What happens when I near the 2000 mark? I think one of my biggest frustrations was the compass requiring calibration so frequently. My dad was using his 76CS to find a cache while I'm standing in the middle of the woods spinning in circles. Is this a common problem? That and editing coordinates. I'm hoping that screen has been improved in the new software version.
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