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  1. It's good that they've fixed some of the issues but I still miss being able to see the location and both the "last found" and "last found by user". As some other people have said, I didn't even realize lists were considered a search. I thought it was just a part of the dashboard. It sure seems that way since that's where you find the link to your geocache finds. It feels weird that this part is still on your profile: but as soon as you click on any of the links you're suddenly transported to the search page. It felt more intuitive when it was like a part of the profile page, regardless of if that was the case in the actual code. If the "geocaches found" list was actually a search all along you should create a different function that displays your found geocaches somewhere. Super weird not to have that function at all.
  2. My map works after clearing my cache but I still can't see my found caches
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