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  1. As I load up my picture I've just thought I'm not sure when I confirmed that it was received, so apologies if you were our Secret Santa, feeling very embarressed . We did recieve it and we are very thankful. We've just opened all the many little packages and the sweets have been demolished, but there are still a few left for the picture. There are 5 geocoins - a key one, a turtle, a cache gods one, a canyonland one and a ship's wheel with "Second Cache on the right and straint on till morning". Also you can't see in the pic so well, a smiley pin badge, two Christmas rings that were a big hit with Miss baggy_blackhams and two erasers that were chosen by master baggy_blackhams. Thank you Santa and a very Merry Christmas to everyone else.
  2. 1. Participating: Yes 2. Received Name: Yes 3. Mission Complete: Yes 4. Package Received!: Not yet
  3. My mission is all set to go in the post now, hopefully on Monday.
  4. 1. Participating: YES 2. Received Name: YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: We've so few coins anything would be welcome, though if you're sending one from abroad it would be wonderful to get one that was local to you.
  5. OK, email sent. I don't have a coin wish list (we've only got four geocoins in total) so I'll be happy with anything
  6. I'm fairly new to the forums, can I join in, or should I wait until next year?
  7. for replacement TBs see Geocoins.net their custom Trackable Replacement keeps the original tracking number (am I allowed to say that? No links)
  8. Well we've only got two trackables and we've not done many caches so we've hardly got a wealth experience. But near us we've not noticed that trackables seem to be languishing in multi's for a long time. Our one geocoin is currently sitting in a TB hotel being left (by people who note that they "don't have enough to trade" ) and the Travel Bulldog has been in the hands of a local cacher since the beginning of summer (but it does have a more complicated mission than "move to different caches" and said cacher has contacted us to let us know he's fixing something up - which is way more preferable to covering thousands of miles but ignoring the mission)
  9. many premium members get something like GSAK (Geocachers' Swiss Army Knife) from www.gsak.net you'll need premium membership to get the best information (in the form of GPX files) but while you're getting started the free LOC files will get you going if you want some charts and graphs.
  10. Back to the original query, you definitely need to contact the cache owner, according to the log by the couple who left Gumby there, the cache is in dire need of maintenance after being ransacked by an animal.
  11. The people that introduced us to geocaching visited a Santa-themed cache (GCRPPD) where swag had to be gift-wrapped. Sounds like it would be a fun idea.
  12. Go to http://www.earthcache.org/ there's everything you need to know there.
  13. You could write a note - against the geocoin itself and the cache it should be in (and the one it's listed at but not actually in). You don't need know the tracking number to write a note - that's how I've informed owners that their TBs have gone AWOL. Hopefully, someone will grab it from you soon when they find it in a cache and everything will turn out just fine. baggy_blackhams p.s. nice tent btw (we have a bell but no bunting)
  14. Reading this on Linux right now, Asus eee running the default Xandros, which of course is often taken away with us. We've also got a Windows Vista desktop, so although we've never tried to download waypoints to the eTrex it could be done that way. Been reading up on the Wherigo caches there aren't many in the UK anyway but it looks like I'll be looking at installing WINE to get the Wherigo Builder's Emulator going.
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