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  1. Hi Russ I replied to your email. the tracks are 400 feet apart at the bottom. (as written in text in the first post) feel free to copy my post and picture if you are talking to the garmin people.
  2. I know this has been going on for a year with multiple threads. but after looking for a few mins I didn't see one of the old ones, so here is another one, with a good pic to show the people that still don't know what the drift issue is. last week I hiked for 9 days in a row. and it only happened once. so I'm not overly disappointed. but still it shouldn't have done it at all. here is a pic of the track. (more track top and bottom were edited out to make it clearer). the track on the right is the correct one and the first track on the way up the trail. the left track is the way out the following day after camping. (gps was off all night). at the bottom left of the track, I noticed the drift while hiking, turned the GPS off and on, and it put me back in the loaction of the right hand side track. (this part edited out) the drift at the bottom is 400 feet. as you can see, the position simply continues to drift out of place and get farther and farther off track even though the GPS accuracy was showing fine. It would probably continue to get a lot worse then 400 feet had I not reset it. I am using 2.70 / 2.60 software on the GPS right now. it was pretty slow hiking (2-4km/h) and in tree cover. but not enough to ever lose sats durring this hike. are other people still having drift issues? and what software are you currently using to prevent it? I thought this was a really good examply of the drift as you can see it track every corner ect of the trail, just not in the right place. the track is 2.9km long (2 miles or so) and took an hour.
  3. stick the Japan maps in. turn on the GPS. scroll the curser till you hit japan. see if the maps are there.
  4. I've done 2 outings in the past week with 2.70 / 2.60 after hard reset. and didn't get the drift. So I'm going to play with mine some more before going down to 2.5. I want to see drift with the current setup. I defenatly saw it before the reset. I think I had 2.6 / 2.6 then.
  5. I have seen some major drift on mine with 2.5/2.6. (like walk in a big few mile circle, and my start and end points are 300 yards apart.) I never had it when it was brand new with first software. I now have 2.7/2.6 as of tonight, but reading here it doesn't seem like it's going to help much. how can I downgrade to 2.70/2.30? what is you defination of hard reset after updating? just turning it off and on? or going into the settings and doing a factory reset? (is there one?)
  6. there is a calender section in mine... probably right off the main menu but I don't remember off hand. mine shows every day of the month? or week. can't remember. you can scroll forwards / backwards to bascily any day for years. days with stuff with will be a different color or symbol, so you can choose it, to read info for that day. you can set the auto calender storing off and on. if yours isn't turned on. there won't be anything in the calender.
  7. the H versions of the gps's have had lots of problems with the trip meter. yes they will probably always be off. the older gps's were alot better. the newest firmware (2.6) is alot better then the first stuff though. so don't use the trip meter to figure how far you have to go... if you had a waypoint at the end you'd know exactly how much further you had to go. (in a straight line, but generally it's not hard to figure it out)
  8. between McGuinty and miller. I figure everything will be banned in toronto within a couple more years. everyone will have to move out as breathing will be banned. well moving will probably be banned too though. I wonder what ever happend to the sushi ban from 1-2 years ago one of them was trying to get all I can say is I'm glad I'm not in ontario, and I will not set foot there anytime soon.
  9. the maps mean nothing. if I walk in a big couple mile circle. and my ending tracks are 200 feet away from the starting tracks. the maps mean F all. If I turned all maps off the tracks are still in the same place on the screen. with the start and end points not aligned. if I walked around a lake. and the tracks were 200 feet away from the lake. then the map could be blamed. there is a big difference here between these 2 things.
  10. I don't know about topo US but I'm pretty sure Topo canada has a copy of mapsource on the topo CD. but the GPS itself should come with it.
  11. I have seen this with my HCX. I'm pretty sure it didn't happen when I first had it. a few weeks ago I went walking for about 8 hours. on what looks like a figure 8 trail. when I looked at my track. it starts in the parking lot, does the top loop and passes exactly by the starting point (I walked past my car). but the ending point was a couple hundred yards from my car. veiwing the track in google earth, you can make out some of the trail. the first half stays on trail. and passes right though the parking lot. you can see the bottom half of the track drift farther off trail. and leaving me a couple hundred yards away from the parking lot at the end. I also have shorter (1hour) tracks. where I walked up and down the same trail. and then track back is 100+ yards away from the track up.
  12. I'll bump this thread up again. I came across a gspmap 60Csx today that just sat at "acquiring satellites" after hitting new location and leaving it outside for 30 mins still nothing. I was looking around and noticed it was GPS SW version 0.00 which I definatly found weird. I connected it to the computer and garmin web updated gave me version 3.00 and not it works. after I fixed it I had to go searching to see if anyone else has come across it, and it looks like they have software getting deleted is definatly a bad bug!!!!
  13. first off they are not working on the problem. because if their reply is about the sensor or drift they have no idea what you complained about. therefor they don't know what to try to fix. 2nd you shouldn't be laying tracks untill the unit has been on for over 5 mins to allow settling. otherwise the alitude recordings / graph will be way off. so you get to the start point. turn unit on. wait 5 mins. clear track log, start walking. then you won't have the extra points.
  14. install mapsource, it came with the GPS. from there you can download tracks from the GPS, and veiw in google earth. and see elevation graph.
  15. your first mistake is trusting any elcetronic device in the backcounty...
  16. USB devices are 5volts. it would be regulated somewhere, probably in the cig plug part. I woudln't try to put 12v into a USB plug. no idea what the above person is taking about with a round plug...
  17. if you were going on a 7 day hike, and one way used half the batterys, meaning carrying alot less, then it would be of great help. although the test would probably be more usefull done outdoors. when you turned wass on did you actully pick up a wass sat? and with the compass on I would have rotated the unit around, and see if it changes when the compass is trying work.
  18. definatly put it into a water proof bag. I get "waterproof" VHF radios and other stuff with the same IPX7 rating all the time at work full of water.
  19. batterys could be an issue. I have one track log from a trail I hiked with low batterys. the whole way was 200-300 feet off my tracks with good batterys.
  20. metro guide and canada topo can be put onto as many GPS's as you want. City Navigator is locked and probably can only be put onto one. (but maybe 2 is posible, depends on the version)
  21. topo canada just installs everything off the disk onto the HD. no need to do any copying. I think it asks at install, but I could be wrong. strange that topo US (I guess that's what you're talking about?) wouldn't give you the option at install.
  22. yes, otherwise you'd be unchecking each map itself. I have 1500, it would take awhile!
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