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  1. I'm no expert here, but I DO remember that the instructions for my GPS V said that the first time I powered it up, it would take a lot longer, basically because it wouldn't know what part of the world it was in, and would have to go through a lot more possibilities in order to find the sattelites.


    Is it possible that yours, after your move, is now looking for sattelites that are in the US first, then eventually finding the ones in Germany, because you first started it HERE, so it thinks of the US as its default location on startup?



  2. When I first heard about this, I figured it was a small, delicate preserve. Now that I've read all of this, it's beginning to look different. It now sounds more like some two faced, career climber blaming the cachers for everything anyone has done in her park.


    In general Geocachers are fairly responsible, it's endemic. It the sport was full of irresponsible idiots, there would be far too many plundered and vandalized caches for us to enjoy the sport. I think we just have someone here that likes to get a lot of press, and is using geocaching as her vehicle to the local paper.


    For crying out loud, if Bush can let those dadgum loud, obnoxious, dirty snowmobiles and off-road-vehicles into the parks I'm trying to enjoy, then this place can stand a cacher taking a few steps off the path on occassion.



  3. I've been thinking about this. Obviously, park wardens are people, and there will be some jerks, and some that are TOO nice... As a Geocaching fan, what would YOUR policy be if you were responsible for maintaining a park for everyone's enjoyment?


    I think mine would be as follows:


    1) If I think it will cause too much traffic in a delicate area, it's gone.


    2) If I find it accidentally, it's probably not well placed. In this case, I'll think about it, but if it is too obvious it looks like trash, and I will probably remove it.


    3) I will keep a record of who placed what where, and if you repeatedly place a cache poorly, I will politely ask you to stop completely.


    4) If I ask you to stop, and you continue, I will begin hitting you with fines.


    5) All removed caches will be held one month, then thrown away. If possible, an e-mail will be sent notifying you of the removal. I would expect (and require) you to take care of having the cache archived. If you make ME request its archival, then I won't be kindly disposed to you.


    A lot of times, if a group like ours comes up with a fair policy, it gets adopted by those in charge, so I think it would be wise of us to discuss it.



  4. Personally, I like the odd stuff, it doesn't have to be expensive. I would love the arrowheads, or homemade jewelry, but would be a bit afraid of it if it looked expensive. If a cache was filled with expensive stuff, I would be dissapointed, since I like unusual dimestore items that I don't feel guilty about trading for.


    On the other hand, stickers and McDonalds Happy Meal toys are garbage, not trade items. There are far too many of them for them to make good trophies, and that's what I want. I like something unusual to put on a collection on my mantle.


    For me, little toys and interesting gadgets are the best way to go.



  5. quote:
    Originally posted by Turtle3863:

    I noticed that you have only did that one cache in that park. You need to go over to the stairway that goes to the top of that knob and do the other caches in that park. You will really enjoy them, they were created by the local master of caches: Show Me The Cache, Get out there and enjoy.



    Oh, don't worry about me! This one cache was my trial run, to make sure I knew how to run my GPS.


    The stairs are planned for tomorrow, at noon. I'm hoping to hit all four of SMTC's Iroquois Park sites. (Going with a co-worker). After that, I have printouts, I'm set up with EasyGPS, and I have a WEEK off next week. I'm going to be hitting Waverly Park HARD. (I've never been there, but my mother used to go to the Tuberculosis Hospital as a child while HER mother was in there. There's some family history in that park)


    I intend to have SMTC's technique down pat after next week!



  6. quote:
    Originally posted by Turtle3863:

    I did this cache back in Feb/March time frame and it was soaked then. I too like the location. I have e-mailed the owner on other subjects and got a response in a couple of days. I think he lives in the east end and would proably like it if you would fix it for him. Your idea for a plastic container to hold the tin sounds like a good one. After doing that cache myself, I think it would be best if you replace everything, logbook, and tin. Then you can ask the owner if he wants the old logbook (or whats left of it). I would ask the permision of the owner 1st.


    Well, I went to pick up some tupperware for my first cache (Sometime over the next few weeks I figure...) and couldn't resist picking up supplies to revamp this one. This morning, I dropped by with the tupperware. One wouldn't fit, and it was the one that the Altoids can would fit into. The second WOULD fit, and fit quite well, but it's a "bottle" style container with a screw top lid, and I wouldn't be able to get the Altoids tin into it, just the contents.


    As a stop-gap, I put my new Altoids container into the baggie, with a new set of log sheets, and took the old one to work with me. (Your note is flattened out on my desk right now, in front of a fan. Interesting that you have paper with a picture of a green turtle on it! icon_wink.gif


    As long as the baggie is wrapped properly, and is replaced now and then, this may be enough. In any event, I'll drop all the old logs and notes off there on the way home today. If the owner wants me to, I'll put my tupperware in the place of the altoids tin and he can change the name if he wants.


    Quiddler, if you read this... Your card was in the bottom and was the most damaged. It's still legible, but it's torn, and has rust marks all over it.



  7. quote:
    Originally posted by Kite & Hawkeye:

    If the cache container is no longer an Altoids tin, the cache name won't make sense... amphitheatric ex-altoid?


    I may have the solution here. I found a tupperware that was about double the size of an Altoids tin, and is about the same shape. I THINK it will fit where the Altoid's tin is. (I'll have to try it to make sure.) If it does, I have an Altoids tin of my own, nice and new, I can put this inside the tupperware, and store it in the old one's place.



  8. quote:
    Originally posted by timberlane74 & pumpkin:

    Why not e-mail the owner with your generous offer? If it was mine, I would welcome the assistance!


    Thank you gentlemen, for reminding me of the obvious! I hadn't realized until you posted this that the system had e-mail capabilities!



  9. I did my first cache last night, after work. Here is the link to it:


    Amphitheatric Altoids


    As you can see, this cache has been wet, frozen, or completely soaked since December. It's in a damp location, and the hiding place tends to collect water.


    I think that if the cache isn't shoved deeply into the hiding place, it won't get submerged, so a more airtite container could fix it, but it will have to be taken home for a day or two to dry it out, since once it is soaked, airtight containers will only keep it that way.


    I consider this an important cache. It's one that can be done in just a few minutes, and was the perfect one for me to try out my equipment and make sure all my GPSr settings were right, before going on a more extended trip with a coworker this weekend. In addition, I pass right by this one every day on the way home from work, and live very near it.


    I'd love to fix this cache up. It wouldn't take long, just cart it home, dry it out, and pop it into a new container that will fit the hiding place. I could also drop in some new sheets of paper, and maybe a small trade item or two for a mini.


    What worries me is that to do this I'll have to REMOVE the cache for about a day, and I would want to post that it was going to be gone in advance. Should I do this, without permission of the owner? I don't want to offend him/her, but I might live closer, so it might be easier for me to fix this one up.


    What do you folks think I should do?



  10. quote:
    Originally posted by Desert_Warrior:

    Like it or not, and argue as you will, but Microsloth has the software support to make it the obvious, if not the best, choice for most users. And along with that, with the above statement still... the PC is the obvious choice for most users.


    Absolutely true. I'm a Net Admin, a professional geek. I LIKE computer games, and have played several. (One of the reasons I jumped on Geocaching was to get my too large and white flesh out in the sun once in awhile!) For these purposes, I have my main box, either bought or built, running Win98.


    All of my OLD boxes though, my old p133 laptop, my p200, my p75, my pII-350, THEY run Linux.


    Microsloth's market share is based on faith. As long as people BELIEVE they are the only option, then software companies will compile for them and them only, and they WILL be the only option.


    Therefore, we must do our best to get an established base of alternatives out there. I will buy ONE Win system, the rest will be Linux.


    We're making headway in the corporate market. With all of Microsoft's posturing about XP, it STILL isn't as stable as Linux, and the companies know it. Those that have enough local expertise are starting to use Linux.


    In any event, I've found that Linux is like the old DOS. It may take more work to get it to do what you want (since the software for it isn't commercial, and so isn't advertised, you have to LOOK for it), but it WILL do everything you need it to do.



  11. quote:
    Originally posted by Acaro:


    Yes, there's (at least) one very good (my opinion, clearly) mapping soft running under Linux, is a Tcl/TK code called gpsman, written by a guy of the University of Porto, look at the homepage:



    Excellent! Thanks!


    That's the beauty of Linux. Although you are likely to miss out on BIG mainstream game packages, when it comes to simple utility software, almost every time some geek somewhere has recognized the need and written something to do it.


    And it's free too.



  12. quote:
    Originally posted by 1911:

    DUDE! You really need to hire a maid! icon_eek.gif


    ...why is your deoderant laying on the floor? The dirty socks need to go in the laundry too.I give you an _F_ for house keeping. icon_razz.gificon_wink.gif


    Now ya see, I came away with a completely different impression. Look at the Dust and dirt on the floor, the unfinished wood. Now, look at the bin of lacy, pretty things there that no man would buy.


    I see evidence of a woman's presence nearby, but I also see evidence that she doesn't come to this place often. This is an area used for storage. I would say it was a garage or basement, but the wooden floors would be unusual in those cases. I'd say it's an unfinished attic, but that's just a guess.


    Now, witness the various working items. There's an empty bowl, and a partly used bag of chips. There's a backpack, some printouts, a small stapler, and lots of cables along with a working computer setup. Note that IMPORTANT stuff, the equipment and a few cushions to keep the dog comfortable, has been take care of, albeit with no consideration given to how it looks.


    This is some guy's work area. It's one of those places that guys escape to when they want to be left alone to organize their equipment, or do a little tinkering. The Deoderant is there to be packed, the printouts are probably for geocaching. The dog is keeping the man company, while he plans their next outing.


    I LOVE places like this. After we men do everything to keep our families happy, we generally carve ourselves a little hole out in some gritty corner, where we won't be disturbed. There, surrounded by stored clutter, and accompanied by our dog, we do our tinkering, playing, and organizing, leaving the rest of the world to play in the finished areas we helped create for them.



  13. quote:
    Originally posted by Deckyon:

    First, let me introduce myself. I am Brad, from Louisville, KY.


    Hi Brad!


    I'm Chris, I'm also in Louisville, and I just did my first cache today. This thread has some great advice, so I won't bother repeating it.


    I'm planning on going on a 4 cache round-up this weekend with a coworker, and since it's my job to supply the GPS and the knowledge of how to work it, I wanted to make sure I had set everything up ok.


    I did the "Amphitheatric Altoids". This is a good, quick cache, if you need to do something relatively fast to check your technique.



  14. quote:
    Originally posted by MiTuCats:

    It's a little bit like the old "Dos" vs "Windows" and "Mac" vs "PC" issues.




    Speaking of which, does anyone know of good mapping software that will run on Redhat? I'd love to use my laptop with my Garmin GPS V, but my laptop is running Redhat, and I AINT gonna change it!



  15. Go to the store for more gear? Possibly, you never know until you do it... Still, I'm fairly well equipped, I've been a camper/hiker, I've read about three threads about what to carry, and these aren't country caches...


    I'm going to SMTC's Iroquois spots first. When I was in High School, I worked there cutting grass, picking up trash, etc., so I know the park fairly well.


    I wish I had time to go NOW, I've been playing with my new Gps V since yesterday evening, and I WANNA GO!!


    dadgum job.

  16. I know I must look like a kid that has to go to the bathroom right now. After hearing about Geocaching a few times in the news, I finally made it to Geocaching.com about a month ago. Since then I've been researching GPSr's and trying to find the proper combination of features/price.


    I finally found a Garmin Deluxe GPS V on Amazon for $395 with a $75 rebate, and that got me to order. I've spent the last five days packing an old army courier bag with Geocaching supplies (mostly on recomendations here in the "What's in your backpack" thread) and today my GPS is supposed to arrive. I'm off on vacation next week, so I get to spend this week after work learning how to use it, and next week finding caches in the Louisville area.


    In any event, I want the work day to end so bad I can't stand it, so I can go home and start learning about my new toy. I feel like a kid waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive...



  17. Ok, I'm even newer than a beginner, so my suggestion might not be worth much. I just joined in anticipation of my Garmin GPS V arriving next week, but I haven't done ANY geocaching yet.


    Still, I live in Kentucky, and I used to do a lot of caving. There were standard kits we made to take along, and it was very important to keep everything dry, especially since Kentucky caves are full of streams, rivers, and mud.


    For items that were important and absolutely HAD to stay dry (like matches), we all used baby bottles. Sounds silly, but you can buy them at a any variety store for just a few cents, and I've never, never, never seen one leak. They come in a variety of colors and sizes as well.

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