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  1. That's great, but of course it doesn't really solve the issue. There are multiple reasons you might want to see archived caches, yet not know who hid them, and whether you found them should not matter if the goal is to see what archived caches might be worth resurrecting with new owners/containers/etc. I guess I'll have to try this out when the time comes. Thanks for the info!
  2. I have not gone through 6 pages of comments, so forgive me if this has already been answered. I notice that now I can't see "archived" caches in the search, nor can I search by a word in the cache name or description. I'm also not seeing archived caches on any of my lists (map view, etc.) as I did before. I think this is a major deficiency in the new search (in addition to the other cachers' comments about design and white space; it would have been easily possible to revamp the search code yet retain the same results display format). I know of some puzzle caches that will be impacted by this change, and it will also impact the ability of users to place new caches to replace older archived caches that they might have liked. If there is some search option that I am missing, I would like to find out about it. Thanks for any help/assistance.
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