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  1. I recently finsished "AWOL." I enjoy all AT type books, but I found this one passed up the many opportunities to add meat to the story. Having a family and being in that mid-life area I always wonder about picking up and leaving the family for 6 months or more. The author touched on them but I'd love to read more about the backstory there. There was a lot of point-to-point commentary and less about what the author was thinking along the way. Just my two cents. But a reasonable read anyway.
  2. Don't get me started about the school systems. Let's just say I live in GA and they seem proud to bring up the rear in regard to test scores. The last guy that asked me my opinion of the local system (after a parents meeting) had to set aside an hour for me!
  3. Oh, Oh, Oh, me. Just kidding, though I just want to make sure it finds it;s way to me at some point. I can always dream. And reading about it is about as far as I've gotten.
  4. Probably to late but here's a bunch of info. Might have something helpful. http://www.aldha.org/comp_pdf.htm
  5. I've asked this question in other (appropriate) threads but I'll ask here as well. What are some good sources for a beginner to learn about navigation using a map and compass? Thanks.
  6. I've collected a combination of books, some the story as told by a hiker after the trip and some field guides with maps. I love the stories and often pick a hiker on whiteblaze and follow from start to finish. The guides are interesting, but not as much unless you plan on getting out there yourself. I started in the library just reading everything. Now I stop by the hiking center at Neel's gap, GA (the AT goes right through the building) and look through their collection. And the web is full of stuff.
  7. Obviously this is a knowledgeable crowd since all of this went over my head - that may not mean much. Just got into geocashing and being the analyst I am I have to over do things instead of just enjoying. So, I've been wanting to educate myself on navigation using a map and compass. Any suggests on reference material, books, etc? If I can learn this stuff I can pass it on to my sons and feel I've taught them something fun and worthwhile. Thanks.
  8. Having grown up there I don't know many of the "proper" names to places in the area. But I do recall that name. I think I have a book! Someday I will get back there and really have a good look around. Funny, how after years you want to go home again and see all there is to see. Missed the foundry the town was founded on - now a park I understand. But I do like the cannon down at the river, much better than the water fountain they had planned.
  9. I love reading AT books. Can I get on the list for a future read? No hurry here. And I will send along when I'm through. I grew up across the river from Harriman in Cold Spring NY. But I had to move to Georgia before I ever stepped foot on it. I've done a few sections and I would like to do the entire 75 miles in state. I here they are some of the toughest! Anyone down in the Gainesville, GA area. Fall is here. It's the perfect time.
  10. I bought the NT version on Amazon for $115 including shipping. I loaded the Continental US using less then 1 gig of the 2 gig card. That left plenty of room for other stuff.
  11. Forget the hardware, it's all about software. The computer model all over again.
  12. What pops out to me is whether this technology goes the way of the computer hardware/software question. Years ago IBM passed on buying the operating system from MS because it was the hardware stupid. Wrong answer, software rules. Is the same thing to happen here as well? Sure it's a smaller market but it's still a hardware/software issue. What will differentiate units in the future? Will hardware become generic while difference in application (maps) be the deciding factor for the consumer? I don't know, but that's what my mind immediately went to.
  13. I did the same from Amazon, but bought the NT version.
  14. I agree with all of the above. But I haven't had any issues except for the time my son and I sank in the muck. After getting him out and gently tossing him to a harder surface I was up to my knees in muck and could not move either leg. Long story short I was happy to find a stick that barely, and I mean barely held up as a support after I dug out one leg. It was cracking under my 150 lbs while I dug the other leg out. I was pleasently surprised I left there with both shoes. Somehow when I downloaded the location from the web site the numbers were incorrect and it was pointing up a quarter mile the wrong way. An easy find could have been fatal. This occured in Georgia. We'll see you here real soon! Watch out for semi-dry lake beds!
  15. While the all-in-one concept sounds nice given the lack of quality these days I hate the idea of having to replace EVERY gadget when one goes on the fritz. That's what would happen since they are all in one box, right? Otherwise, I'd rather cut back to basics for a bit. I'm experiencing sensory overload around here and loosing my mind as a result. Seriously, the old memory is failing.
  16. I asked the same question Thursday night. Yes it will work. To load it I used a 2 gig card so I could just load it all one time and go. I opened the software on the computer. I zoomed out so I could see the entire US. I clicked on every state (you could select just the ones you want). The names transfered to the left column. Then I clicked along the top chioces (file, etc.) until I found transfer. I slipped the card into the adaptor and int othe card reader and off it went. The entire process from opening software to putting the card in the unit took about 45 minutes. If you do not have a card reader connect the GPS and transfer directly. THat will take longer. Check Thursday night. I ask how to load all of CN NT to card.
  17. I just loaded City Nav NT last night so what do I know? But I think if you do off road it will simply point the way, in a straight line, between your location and your destination. If you set to on road it follows the roads. I would think on road is the best choice if you are using the unit to get to the general area. Then click find>geocache and select the cache you're looking for. Thinking about it, my question is this. Does the aut0-routing work in geocaching mode? After checking just now it does. I'll have to try it with on road and see if it stop on the road or continues to the correct location. I like these basic, but important questions!
  18. ML, I've only been at this a couple weeks and, as you may have guessed, like to ask questions before reading directions. I went with the easy option. Sign into the Garmin site and select go geocaching. After inputing the area you want to check it will list caches from nearest on out. Simply select the ones you want and download them directly. The data come straight from he geocaching site so I think you're getting the same thing. Well, I know you get the name and location. No hint so I read the description before I leave home. I'd imagine I could get more info with further investigation and work. But I said "work" and that's bad.
  19. If you have a garmin go to geocaching.com through the garmin site. YOu log in and select go geocaching. Put in you town or zip and it will find the local caches. Select the ones you want and hit download. Of course you had already plugged in your unit and turned it on. Works for me and takes the data straight off the geocaching site. That's how I've been doing it, but I've been at it for onl;y a few weeks and have yet to read any directions.
  20. I didn't do anything but put the card in the adaptor (for card readers) and plug that straight into the computer. I figured that would be faster than going into the GPS unit. When I loaded the card and powered up the GPS it started using the map set all by itself. No errors or messages. No formatting. Unfortunately I don't know enough to help other to say it should go smoothly.
  21. I spoke to them last week about this and they said they would upgrade for free. They also suggested not waiting long before contacting them about it. I believe I've read the same several times across several threads here.
  22. From start ot finish in less then 45 minutes - that's from opening the software and figuring out how to select the maps. Easy transfer to card. Now, how do I use it? Auto-routing for example?
  23. I manually selected all the States and PR. I'm loading it it to the card using the computers on-board card reader. It would not let me check the auto-routing box. Is that bad? Waiting for the card to load. It's moving along slowly. I'm at about 30 minutes and the transfer to the card is just over half way.
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