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  1. My wife and I have been geocaching for many years and have our own separate accounts.  we both have 2550+ finds and probably 99% of them are common.  We would like to make a common account, but GCHQ says there is no way to merge but give a couple of options.  We are both premium members and we use GSAK.  If we made up a new user name,  can we just change our individual user names to the new name and have all the caches get listed under it?    If so, will all the common caches be double listed, or will they  be recognized as common and only be listed once under the new name?  I just hate thinking we will have to relog all 2550 caches.  


    I was thinking that maybe the best way to do it is to just make a new account for caches going forward and keeping the old accounts.   Has anyone run into this problem?  



    Ken (darth k)

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