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  1. I've never lost it yet... However, my wife seems to have quite the grasp on it right now. Too busy doing other things in life. Oh well, once the holidays are over and I'm back from Florida, I'll be back to hiking & caching full tilt.
  2. Torn muscle fibers in my back (left shoulder, by shoulder blade). I was limited to doing 1/1 caches for a week and a half. Yay for parking lot caches!
  3. I'm curious... Why exactly does one need to carry a gun while Geocaching? Hopefully incase you run into an animal that is a threat and not to remove any FTF competition.
  4. I just got back from Canadian Tire with a 60Cx. I went to the store with the printed product page from Radio World, showed it to the cashier and she ran it through for $359.00 and I got 10% back in Canadian Tire money. Pretty sweet!
  5. Canadavey


    I've been getting PQ's on schedule since I set them up earlier in September, then all of a sudden I'm not getting them anymore. I have several scheduled for Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. The last time I had a PQ sent to my inbox was on the 10th of this month. I tried to create one earlier today to be sent to me after I requested it, the PQ page says it was generated, but I still haven't received anything. Nothing on my end has changed, I'm still able to receive e-mails. Anyone else having problems?
  6. Sign Shop Technician I make all the orange signs that advise people that road construction is ahead. We also make custom vinyl signs and so forth. Not a bad gig - CAD, screen printing, electrical work. All it's missing is a Geocaching recess.
  7. I've had the exact same problem. A cacher visited one of my caches with my first TB in it, took the TB, logged that he grabbed it, but didn't log the cache find. A month went by and I e-mailed him to ask him if he still had the bug and he responded that he didn't, it is now in a cache up north from here some where which again he never logged. So now I have to wait for my TB to be discovered or picked up again to view it's progress. Very annoying.
  8. You might have come across something that is in transit via the "geo-post office" system. Search for that while looking for caches on the site and see what comes up around you.
  9. What's the cache? PM me if you don't want it publicly announced...
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