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  1. There's a big difference between easy and flat out lame. A cache can still be easy and at the very least have some other benefit to visiting it other then just having another cache under your belt.
  2. Ok, I for one am tired of seeing caches being published that resemble this; "A quick micro located in a spot 25m away from the parking area!" WTH? That and people that release batches of these things, 5 or 7 of them every couple of days... ugh! Is there some sort of "crappy cache race" happening that I'm not aware of? Stop it and be friggin' creative! Thank you.
  3. Hm... ...and next week on the Soap Opera. I for one am satisfied with how things are run here. Rules are rules. Sure maybe things were a little more slack a couple years ago, but things change. I'm pretty sure the rules are in place so that Groundspeak as a company has a method of covering their arse. I don't see the need for all the drama... As long as rules are followed, caches get published and we can all do what we originally came here to do. GEOCACHE.
  4. I'm sorry, what was the name of the event? And are there any burgers?
  5. For the first time ever, someone in the IT field told me something I didn't know... And it was true! When my wife and I got the Touch we asked the sales guy at Bell World if it was completely unlimited and he said that it was... He then went on about this "tethering" feature which I thought sounded great as sometimes I'm in the middle of no where and it would be nice to have normal internet access. The sales guy said that it fell under the unlimited plan too, hey, sweet! Then your post of reality came and ended the fantasy. I just got off the blower with Bell Tech Support and after being put on hold several times while they "checked for information" they said that yes, tethering does cost extra and that you'd be charge their normal data rate. Seeing how I've used tethering a couple of times now I'm sure I'll get extra charges on my next bill, which I will be fighting as I was mid-lead by the sales guy. We'll see what happens... Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Another awesome feature of this phone is that it can be used as a modem. So if you didn't want to use the small browser on the phone, you could use your laptop. Just plug the phone into your laptop via USB, start the program on the phone to use it as a modem and viola, high speed internet access anywhere you get a cell signal! Of course you need the browser feature (best if it's unlimited).
  7. Not to change the topic or anything... Just a quick comment on what you just said... I was saying to my wife the other day that since all this snow has started to fly, I haven't heard of anyone crying about global warming or any other of the whining rigamorol that goes on during the Summer months.
  8. Really now? I'm sure I've come across quite a few "seasonal" caches that allow the cache to be disabled from whenever the snow flies until March 20. Oh well, I don't make the rules... I just break them. (kidding - I'm a good boy)
  9. Ok, I'll start... To whom it may concern, I'm a Canadian geocacher who sometimes goes out in the Winter and attempts to find a few caches. In the past few weeks the snow has piled up in a significant manor to the point where I can't find a cache. Why can't I find it? It's buried in 30 centimeters of snow, that's why. However, I'm pretty sure that the cache page said it was "Available in Winter". Judging on a "poll" taken by a few of my fellow Canadian cachers, we feel that this tag is misleading. To us, "Available in Winter" means that one shouldn't have to equip themselves with a shovel, blow torch or other tools to excavate and chisel the cache from it's hiding spot. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to trek two kilometers to a cache and not be able to find it due to it being submerged in what feels like an extension of the polar ice cap? And then there's the whole ordeal of grumbling all the way back to the car, going home, and posting a DNF. It's not fair and it makes me want to whine, kick and scream until something gets done. I pay $30 per year to this site... Fix this problem... Fix it now. We, the Geocachers of the Great White North would like to see the tag "Available in Winter" changed to "Accessible in Winter" and by that we mean by not needing special tools or digging. Thank you! P.S. - Did I do good?
  10. I think the AIW tag in a round about way means "easily accessible in Winter". Scouring around in 40 some odd centimeters of snow isn't my idea of easily accessible and therefore isn't all that "available". If any cache could be found during any season, there's really no point in specifying that it's available during a specific season. That's my opinion on your opinion.
  11. It doesn't? Strange... Mine does.
  12. When attempting to make a new PQ, I can't select individual cache attributes. When I click on them nothing happens... Previously you would know they're selected as they'd go black and white from grey and white. I've tried this on 3 different computers within my house and no joy. Using IE 6 & IE 7, latest version of Java (from Java.com). Even tried dumping my cache and history... Still nothing. Boo hoo.
  13. From what I understand, TOPO has all the street data that CN has. Topo just doesn't have all the waypoints for Food, Gas, Lodging, etc. And TOPO doesn't give you the ability to punch in an address and have the route mapped out for you. You have to select a manually entered waypoint or point and click your destination on your map screen, then it'll map out a route for you. TOPO is well worth the money.
  14. Hahaha... Comedy Gold!! ------ re: the environmental question... I'm more concerned about the pollution created to power your computer & monitor for you to create this thread.
  15. When you're at the main GPX Sonar window (the cache listing page) if you hold your stylus on a cache long enough for the menu to come up you'll see a "field notes" option. From there you can choose whether or not you found it, and add notes. To save your work just close the "field notes" window and a little icon will appear in the cache row (green note for found, red note for not found). Hope this helps you out.
  16. Not to be a jerk or anything but if someone doesn't have a GPS, what the hell are they doing on gc.com website??
  17. Wow, quite the soap opera here in the Canadian forums. Here I thought Canadians were known to just let stuff roll off their backs and say, "Oh well, whatever!" My take on this is... I don't care. Groundspeak makes the rules, and rules are rules. If the cache page has a lack of information (no menu) or a dumb nickname (Wally World, Crappy Tire, Future Scrap, Taco Hell, McChoke & Puke's, Burger Thing, etc.) the co-ordinates are still going to take me to this place that has a fake name and I could find out for myself what they have on the menu or what the place is actually called when I get there. But that's just me and I'm a "Oh well, whatever!" kind of guy, so... whatever! My vote on the menu ordeal: Reviewers, do your job. *prepares to get flamed* K bye!
  18. Another possible way is to find the TB logo on the web (a good quality one) and take it to a sign shop and have them cut it in vinyl. Hm... Anyone have a good TB logo image file? 'Cause I have access to a vinyl cutter.
  19. I don't have a tale of woe, but I know if I did lose my ring while out caching I'd die. And my wife would confirm that after I told her about it!
  20. I second that. It's all about the hunt!
  21. It's such a nice idea... I wish I had been into Geocaching a couple of years earlier then I had been because I would have used the idea. I ran across this youtube video a couple of months ago... Ironically they choose the same song as my wife & I's first dance. Good luck!
  22. I just went through the TSA checkpoint at Tampa International yesterday and I had in my carry-on; - GPSr (w/rechargeables installed in it) - 2 iPods (1 shuffle, 1 nano) - iPaq (rechargeable) - Gameboy (battery built in) - 6 spare fully charged rechargeables (4 AA, 2 AAA) - digital camara (2 AA rechargeables) All they asked was that every electronic device was out of it's carrying case. Everything went through the scan with no problems at all, they never asked me any questions about anything. My wife on the other hand had to take her sweatshirt off as it was "too baggy" and could be used to conceal "things". All in all, the people doing their job for the TSA were nice and pleasant. Don't give them any problems, and they won't give you any problems. As the saying goes, "what you give is what you get."
  23. True Statement. I double coated it overlapping the seams, and then went over top the seams of the first "coat" and water still seeps through.
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