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  1. Here is my Tara taking in some sun on the window sill.
  2. That is awesome, I've gotten so many good ideas from this thread.
  3. Went to a friend's party and a nightclub as Bruno! It was a little chilly.
  4. I use the Palm Centro on Verizon with no data plan. It runs Cachemate great.
  5. Great article. I read the IndyStar online and probably would have missed that. Thanks for posting.
  6. My 2 coins will be in the mail tomorrow.
  7. My Palm Centro runs CacheMate very well. I don't currently run vista but I haven't heard of any problems.
  8. I totally have to have a few of these. My buddy and I have been wanting a Bear Grylls flint forever.
  9. For us procrastinators out there. "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
  10. 1. Email sent: Yes 2. Names received: Yes 3. Missions sent: 13 Dec 2008 4. Missions received: Yes, I received both Penguin missions. One from a mystery Penguin and 2 coins from Germany. I'll try to post pics later. Thanks for a great first time mission experience.
  11. 1. Email sent 2. Names received 3. Missions sent 13 Dec 2008 (sorry for delay, couldn't decide what to send) 4. Missions received:
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