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  1. Thanks Rick & Rabbit: I will check with groups from that area, and their websites. Appreciate the help Dick
  2. I prefer printing the cache page so there's no mistaking anything transposing info to another notepad. And I find there is a chance of missing a piece of vital info by just taking notes. This happened the other day, so for now I print 'em all out All I have is a basic GPSr anyway, so paperless caching isn't even an option.
  3. no need to apologize unless mods are getting punchy on the button I'm glad nobody wiped this one out; I'm new also and learn so much from posts like this.
  4. Thanks for the pics and info, Bill. I'm now quite sure I just found rebar, nothing else. Grass is sooo tall I sure could have missed it easily. Will try again after a hard freeze.
  5. I believe you are correct, tosborn. Man, I'm just beginning to learn this Benchmark thing & know it won't be my first question. Thanks for responding. We'll be RVing in NW Arkansas in October; love the area
  6. Today I found a piece of rebar in the ground at the correct coords in a ditch at an intersection. Benchmark # NL0720. I assume it had the plastic or metal pipe cover on it originally, but its now gone. Should I log this as found, with an explanation or not found?? Thanks, I'm a Newbie at this.
  7. The RV'n Iowans at Niagara Falls
  8. Grats on your first Benchmark find, Tracy; and welcome to the fascinating world of BM Hunting. I'm new to geocaching (just a few weeks). We've been deluged with heavy rains recently so a lot of the caches around here are inaccessible. So I decided to try Benchmark hunting, since many are easier to access than caches, and as a result I'm hooked. Another advantage, with the price of fuel today, one can geocache and BM hunt, reducing the travel distances. My next outing, for example, has one cache and about 10 BMarks in a small area to search for. Good Luck.
  9. In mid September I'll be visiting my Mom in Port St. Lucie, and of course will have the GPS along with some basic GPSing supplies (Flying so can't bring the whole arsenal) I've been to Florida many times, and am always cognisant of this advice: Be careful in Florida around lakes and streams, swamps, wooded areas and bushes. There are critters that slither & prowl & hiss & growl all over the place I want to do some caching and will be alone, most likely, so what precautions should I take & what types of caches should I look for (or avoid)?? Any advice will sure be appreciated from experienced Florida cachers. Thanks!!!!! Dick
  10. Was thinking Garmin myself, then found an eXplorist 100 at a close out price of $35 at Wal Mart. Couldn't resist that for a starter GPS, and so far I'm delighted with its' performance. Manual loading of coords and no maps, but that's OK for now; gives me a back up unit whenever I upgrade. Might want to check your local Wal Mart! Dick
  11. I was in your dilemna just a few weeks ago, nova, not knowing whether to go basic or one with B's & W's. My indecision was solved by good 'ol Wally World. Checked their inventory of GPSrs one day recently, and "Voila", an eXplorist 100 for $35 new in the box with warranty. Couldn't believe it; was informed they are closing out this model, so you might check your local Wal Mart. No, it doesn't connect with the 'puter and it's a black & white screen, but for now I'm loading the coords by hand and enjoying the heck out of it, while I learn the basics. There's plenty of time to upgrade in time, but for now this 100 is "spot on" for performance.
  12. Congrats to you & the pup on your first find, Geo. I'm still a Newbie myself, with just a couple of finds + some BenchMarks. Looking forward to hearing about your future progress.
  13. That's how I took it as well, that he means he won't be posting every find in the forum. Congrats on your first day out Dick. It is quite addicting, fun, frustrating, and all that. You are correct, Archer & GPSTrucker; I don't intend to post about every single outing on the forum; only ones I feel would be interesting and/or helpful to others. I belong to some Metal Detecting forums where a handful of people post virtually everyday about their hunts, and then they wonder why not many respond; the reason being most of the posts are much the same from day to day; responders run out of responses I will, of course, log all finds, DNFs at the proper places here at Geocaching.Com After all, this is my track record and the best way to remember where I been, what I've done! And it lets those who wish to view my profile know what I've been accomplishing (or not). It was a fun first day; looking forward to the next time out
  14. I picked up an eXplorist 100 at Wal Mart for a close out price of $35. No, it doesn't hook up to your computer and you manually load in coords, but "dang" it works just great. All of the computer tech stuff gets my head spinning, so I'm glad I started with a basic unit. I do plan to upgrade in time, but for now I'm enjoying learning the hobby "one baby step at a time".
  15. At my first cache find ever yesterday, retrieved a traveling Geocoin which commemorates 1000 caches placed by the owner in just a five year period. Now that's a bunch of caches to maintain, I'd say
  16. Just curious as to why you don't want to post all your cache finds. I think the cache hiders would like to know that every cacher has had a good experience in others finding their caches and if you happen to not find a cache it also gives a head up to the cache hider that their might be a problem with it and it indeed might be missing so they like to know that as well. Enjoy the activity and have fun. That's what it is all about. I didn't mean I would never post any more cache finds, Haffy. I will definitely enjoy posting about significant finds, and also significant DNF's and silly mistakes I'll make. I want people to enjoy my posts, but not laden them with every little detail, if ya know what I mean. I will, of course, log in to the website every find and DNF I encounter, plus Benchmarks & Travelbugs found, too. Dick
  17. OK, I am Hooked, Already After waiting out the floods of '07 here in North Central Iowa, I was finally able to get out for my first official Geocache hunt. Hit two spots, finding both caches, with one having a really nice Geocoin Travel Bug that I retrieved and will move along to a new home. The first stop took just 15 minutes to find the cache (thought I was pretty cool ) but alas the second one, seeming no more difficult than the first, took 1 1/2 hours to find.(and then I think it was blind luck) What I did learn today is that Ground Zero has a way of relocating itself, particularly when under a heavy canopy of trees. I can see this is going to be a sport, like any other, where there will be good days and bad. Today was one of "beginner's luck", I believe. Time will tell. BTW, We have no intentions of posting every cache we find; Just wanted to share the news that we're underway and looking forward to the next outing. Dick
  18. Lol, it's a whole different kind of obsession. It's a money tracking hobby. With the money in your wallet you go to www.WheresGeorge.com and enter in the series number and serial number. Once you do that you mark on your money www.wheresgeorge.com and then spend it. When someone else finds your bill they enter it and you get an e-mail notification of where your money is. It's interesting to see where all your money shows up. If you get really obsessed like me you'll end up buying stamps and going to the bank and getting 100 ones a week. Check out the forums at Where's George, there are some really friendly people who can help you get started. Tell them Goat sent ya! OK, Sure, Greg; thanks; I've heard of George.Com and have had some of the bills that I've spent. I can definitely see where this could become yet another obsession, particularly for those cold winter days when it's impossible to get outside here in the good 'ol Midwest!!
  19. Welcome Greg; I'm new here, too! Question: What is a Georger??
  20. I think having a metal detector along to help find those tough to locate caches would be an asset, particularly one with a small 4" coil that would filter through a lot of the iron junk that seems to be about everywhere. But darn, it's just another thing to drag along, and on long walking hikes it would be a pain I will always have one along in the truck, since I'm an avid MDer. If I can't locate a cache on an occassion, I can come back again with the MDer and try again. Dick
  21. Can't really say I'm hooked on geocaching yet, but over the past three weeks I'm thinking it's going to happen. Been researching this site daily, bought a GPSr, have some coords loaded into it & am ready to go. Except right now most of the cache locations around here are in flooded or at least mud laden areas due to the record rainfalls of the past week. So I'm patiently waiting What actually got me interested is this: I'm very active in a metal detecting forum; the adminstrator added a sub-forum on geocaching, and to my surprise there were several members already geocaching. Since then other MDers on the forum have become geocachers, so I figured "Why not at least look in to it?" I did look in to it and now am ready to go out and see if this hobby is really for me. Time will tell
  22. Welcome simonp50; New here, too! I'm starting out with a Magellan eXplorist 100, a very basic and easy to learn GPSr. As I go along, then I'll decide what features I want and don't want. Good Luck.
  23. North Iowa, too!! Noticed one cache in my area that has been crossed off the list.The cache owner says it is now under 6 feet of water and probably on its' way to the Gulf of Mexico. Good suggestion, js10176
  24. Youngsters seem to know computers way better than us older folks, because it's part of their play and educational processes. So I'd think one in at least the mid-range of capabilities would be the best. A basic Etrex or eXplorist 100 would probably bore her in no time, and she'd want one with more B's & W's. Dick
  25. Thanks, poppoppig for the welcome; Cache #1 is really a problem at this time. I've loaded five caches into my GPSr to locate, but the problem is all are either under water or I'd be ankle deep in mud going after them. Have had daily rain totals of 8.5", 1.5" & 5.5" over the past three days. Spent two all nighters at my daughter's home trying to help get water from her basement, and it's still coming in strong. These storms are remnants of Tropical Storm Erin & are to move out Friday. Then a 3 day reprieve and supposedly the effects of Hurricane Dean will take over where Erin left off. Hard to believe that a month ago the grass "crackled" when walking on it. Thanks again for the Welcome. Dick & Pat
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