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  1. Thank You, Mitch. This is awesome; You've made my day!!!!! Dick
  2. This works for me, too; Not that I won't upgrade some day, But for now the K.I.S.S. approach works just fine Dick
  3. Got one guy in our neighborhood who likes posting a find each revisit; guess he needs an ego boost!! If you revisit & want to Write A Note about it, that's OK.
  4. 62 & 60; Retired & enjoy caching at various RV destinations!
  5. 3M Automotive Glue=available at auto parts stores and J-B Weld.
  6. Are new Virtuals subject to the 528 Rule??
  7. Yikes!! Dats A Bunch!! Congrats!!
  8. Some retailers are closing out various Magellan units, probably in anticipation of adding the new Triton series. I picked up an eXplorist 100 for $35 at Wal-Mart in August. Darn good GPSr for the price, but it's hand enter coords only Dick
  9. Welcome to a great hobby, camgiff! Spent a week in the Niagara ON region last summer; had a great time But was it ever expensive-paid $575 for a week of camping at Fonthill; not even a full hookup Dick
  10. If a Micro is in a secluded area without Muggles hanging around, I really don't mind it. But tromping 2 miles to sign a piece of rolled up paper?? No Way!! Dick
  11. Being new I haven't hidden a cache yet, but I have experienced some moldy ones like you're describing. I'm planning to get some cheap latex gloves for handling those types of caches, because you're right, they do stink
  12. Our screen name is an easy one: Our first love is enjoying our RV lifestyle; and we are from the Great State of Iowa. Though we don't really have a long term goal, it will be interesting to see how many different states we can locate caches in. Right now it's just three, Iowa, Missouri and Florida; that list should grow a bit over the next year Dick & Pat RV'n Iowans
  13. Best reason I've seen yet; Done Deal; Joining Today Thanks Sputnik for putting it in perspective. For the price of 1/3 tank of diesel a full year of Premium Membership; Now that's a bargain
  14. Oh yea, entering coords by hand is time consuming, but not that big of a hang up, IMO. Dick
  15. The eXplorist 100 is a dandy beginner unit; easy to use, accurate and not a major investment in case you decide Geocaching is not your thing. Got ours for $35 at Wal Mart=close out price; think they're making room for the Triton series. Plan to upgrade someday but for now I'm very satisfied with the 100! Dick
  16. Some areas are heavily saturated with caches, many being poorly maintained but still visited often; while in our area there is a very low saturation with need for more, but still a lot are poorly maintained or visited. Seems it would be a difficult job for Moderators to monitor all of this without offending someone. Interesting subject to follow, anyway Dick
  17. I've been wanting to buy some TB's & Coins to move along, but keep hesitating when posts about the high percentage of MIA's appear time & again. So for now I just retrieve and then send along the ones I find, and keep 'em on my Watchlist to follow their progress Maybe that's the wrong attitude, but I know I'm not alone in this thinking Dick
  18. About all I wish to add is: Man Oh Man, am I ever glad this thread materialized; I've learned a lot from some pretty smart and experienced people about Benchmark hunting. I've found a few Disks and Landmarks, but have been holding back recently, being somewhat intimidated by all the details involved, and thinking it was almost my duty to report to the NGS to be considered a true Benchmark hunter. Now I realize there is really no pressure whatsoever to report to the NGS, unless I choose to. Now I can resume my BM hunting, enjoy it, and decide later if the "NGS thing" is for me. Thanks everyone; learned a lot today! Dick
  19. Thanks Urbanscrounger for your honesty and help to the Geocache Cause With the help of things like Google Maps, you can sometimes pin a Cache down close enough to find it without a GPSr, depending on the terrain, type of Cache, etc. Some folks have begun the hobby this way and add a GPSr when they can. Now go log your find; you earned it!!
  20. And I bought an Explorist 100 for $35 in August at a close out price. Yup, I'd say the 500 at $150 is a close out price, too; making room for new models; Roll Back Prices are a theme they use for about any reason Instead of calling it a close out, they use Roll Back to make you think they're really being nice to you
  21. Not only that, but Cache owners, who are notified that a Listed Travel Bug is no longer in the Cache, need to do something about changing the listing. Only have 27 finds so far, and have run into this at least four times Dick
  22. I agree. Bugs and Geocoins were designed to travel, and since the cache is somewhat disabled right now, it's even more incentive to get 'em out and on their way to a new home. Dick
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